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December 11, 2017

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Welcome to the world of affiliate TV, ERIN MCCAHILL. Ms. Erin is the new Head of Marketing and Brand in Washington DC at WUSA, the CBS affil. Ms. Erin has a very interesting resume that includes writing and producing promos for Nat Geo as well as for BBC America, both in the DC market. She knows her capital city. Most recently, Erin has been involved in the education side of the coin as VP of Marketing and Communications for Envision Experience. Also along the way, she’s helped brand Vocus, the PR person’s ‘go to’ resource as well as Rosetta Stone. Well Dunne!


Job Alert – writer producer WTHR Indianapolis


You need to check out the wonderful spot done in Sacramento. It’s the holiday greeting from CBS13/CW31, which is KOVR. A friend of mine’s father signed that station on and operated it…then the one and only JOHN TISCHENDORF headed up their marketing. Lots of feels for them. And lots of feels is what you’ll get when you click to watch their yule effort. All done in-house. I’ll have a list of the folks who put it together tomorrow…enjoy yourself now.


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February 18, 2015

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Somewhere in the Sacramento environs there is a neighborhood of pyramid houses. Yes, houses shaped like pyramids in California’s capital. JOHN TISCHENDORF, who at the time was CSD at KOVR there, lived in one. Probably why he stayed so young (see pyramid power). Finding that neighborhood is just one of the activities that L SCOTT WELLS can pursue when he isn’t unpacking boxes or producing promos for FOX, KTXL. Mr. Scott has been in the pacific northwest doing all kinds of creative TV pursuits. He’s gonna love Sacto, what with it being so perfectly situated between Lake Tahoe and San Francisco. Well Dunne! Mr. Wells.

Job Alert – Promo Producer WJAX/WFOX Jacksonville FL

You know how hard it is to find the right creative people…here’s how you can keep them. 

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May 20, 2014

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Not only does he have one of those fabulous names that underscores his creativity, but DUSTY SCHMIDT also has how own bar and beer making operation. Does it get more intriguing? Not without government interference.  The former Syracuse Orangeman is now part owner of Boise’s Grind Modern Burger / Woodland Empire AleCraft. Tasting on-site, too. Dusty has a history of making things happen through marketing and advertising, and he’ll draw on his past to make his The Place in the entire Northwest. His past includes work for NatGeo, Speed Network, Tribune, and Veria TV as well as his tenure as SVP of Creative Affairs at HGTV in Knoxville and Manager of On-Air Promos for Fox. Best of all, Dusty had the pleasure of working with the one and only JOHN TISCHENDORF back when the two of them were just getting started in the Gem State. (Note..gem and not potato?) No, his new venture does NOT rule out his project work. Make a note of that and he might even bring some extra burgers and beer with him. Well Dunne! Dusty.

Job Alert – Promotion Supervisor KAAL Rochester MN

Want to read a simple but direct article on what it really means o manage? Then click here and don’t hesitate to share. 


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July 7, 2011

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Some folks get all the luck. Like getting to live and work in Oceanside markets. Such is the case with ED TUDOR, who is a Jacksonville, FL guy and was part of WJXT and WTLV/WJXX along the first coast. Then he made stops at Belo’s KHOU in Houston (on the Gulf) and WWSB in beloved Sarasota, FL. America’s Monaco, imo. I didn’t mention the Little Rock Promo Manager gig, since their water is bottled. Now Mr. Ed is doing promo magic at WVEC in Norfolk. WVEC’s building sits right on the water, so Mr. Tudor’s streak of being waterside is not only unbroken, but amazing. Great news, Ed…Well Dunne! And great news for CSD CHUCK SPRUILL.

Speaking of WVEC, job alert! They need yet another super promo pro writer producer. Super shop. Behave accordingly.

Happy Birthday, one day late, to Well Dunne! Talent’s JOE CALI. Hated to miss that celebration. Also a belated birthday to the one and only SHORTY BACON.

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