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June 6, 2019

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What fun to hear about ELIZABETH HAMM and her new job. Before we go further….alas no, she is not any relation to John Hamm, the uber handsome actor, but more importantly, the St. Louis Cardinals fan. Yes, he has a ton of class. And taste. Back to Elizabeth who is the new Creative Services Director of Red River Broadcast’s KVRR in Fargo. It’s Fox in Fargo, which is fun to say. She began last week and came from Nexstar’s CBS operation in Minot, KXMC. She’s a happily self-professed Minot lady who worked at an ad agency there (Results Unlimited) as her first job after studying at Minot State. A big Well Dunne! Elizabeth.

D-Day was 75 years ago. So many brave American men stormed those beaches in France to eradicate the hateful Nazi ideas that had taken form and brought so much sorrow – so much.  It seems that 75 years is a long time – and yet it isn’t. The men who gave their all on those beaches not only need our thanks – our humble remembrances – but they need our strength to ensure the darkness of hate and repression never rise again. My father was already in France on D-Day…building bridges for the Allied forces to use. If you’ve seen Saving Private Ryan, my father was that guy…already there doing his job. He would no doubt like all you readers to remember the men who got us through that time. Carry on.

Think About This:  “Advertising used to track customers (viewers), not we stalk them.”  ~  Professor of Advertising at major western educational institution

October 20, 2012

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 Just had to post a Go CARDINALS, and to make it about TV Marketing, please see the JON HAMM picture with his Cardinals baseball cap. 

July 12, 2012

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WBTV CSD JOHN RICE is riding to raise funds for cancer again this year. He’s dedicated and this event is his third year (I’m pretty sure…could be 4th).  Check out John’s page – and if you have a few extra dollars that need a good place to go…well….

ANN EPSTEIN is the newest member of BE the Creative Source, JEFF BOORTZ’s NYC-based design focused company. Well Dunne! 

Clockwork VFX used The Force to introduce a new toy line that was on The Hub as webisodes. Very cool. Well Dunne! to the Dubai-based creatives and JASON TOMLINS, the Clockworks founder.

Talk about thinking outside the box (or coffin) check out the Walking Dead Escape, a hands-on (or actually you want to NOT have hands on you) experience at Comic Con. It’s not cheap to dodge real dead zombies ($75) but for $15 you can watch. All info is here.  Everything but the AMC logo….hmmmm….

NOBODY is more of a fan of JON HAMM’s looks than this writer. He’s even from St. Louis, which is more bonus points to add to that chiseled chin. However, those who hire him to do voiceover only really need to think again. His VO work is just barely adequate. The opinions expressed are mine and this is my blog, so deal with it. Kisses anyway, Jon.


Think About This: "Faith does not rely on knowing anything with certainty. It requires only the courage to accept that whatever happens is for the highest good.”   ~  Dan Millman


March 3, 2010

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First day of March was the first day that MICHAEL LEACH was in his new job. Timing is such a nice thing. Mr. Michael had been Ass’t Creative Services Director at  Hearst’s Winston-Salem NC NBC affil, WXII under MARK STRAND. Now Michael is heading the department and has all the enthusiasm you can imagine. The native New Yorker has worked in Rochester as a writer producer for WROC/WUHF before heading to the beautiful mid-NC market which includes the world famous furniture mart. He loves the NC environ, but still isn’t sure about how to be less than an enthusiastic basketball fan in an area where basketball is just short of religion. Well Dunne! Michael.

HGTV’s Design Star seems to have had a very successful promo campaign…totally online.

Luis Vitton has always been overly proud of that logo. Now, that brand protection is going to court and taking on Hyundai’s Super Bowl commercial where they put the Vitton look on a basketball. Silly lawsuit or good brand practice?

In LA? Buy an LA Times this am…check out page 3 of the Biz Section. Oh, look. Well Dunne! Talent.

Mercedes Benz has a new voice for their brand. Mad Men’s JON HAMM.

Duh – Oscars are coming up. Friday AM, don’t forget to tune into Well Dunne! Talent’s MITCH PHILLIPS radio show and hear an hour of fun and talk about entertainment. His sidekick on Fridays is a lady with a great laugh who calls herself McGEE. Hmmmm…she sounds a lot like KATE BACON.

Think About This: “When you cease trying to control and manipulate your experience, meditation spontaneously happens.” ~ Adyashanti