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January 18, 2016

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Hitting Sarasota Sunday – tornadoes. Starting at Sarasota’s WWSB Monday – GAYLE BEATTY. No need to guess what major story will be the focus of her first day’s promo efforts. Ms. Gayle is heading up the marketing for the Calkins-owned ABC in one of America’s most gorgeous cities. Yes, despite the tornado problem, which is extremely rare, Sarasota sits on the Gulf of Mexico and reminds one of Monte Carlo. After a stint as Promo Manager for Scripps’ WFTS, ABC in Tampa-St Pete, Gayle is taking the Sunshine Skyway south, maintaining her desire to keep palm trees in her life. The Benton Illinois native has a degree from SIU Carbondale and her first ‘real’ TV job was at KSNW in Wichita. She headed south to Houston after that, working and producing at KHOU, KHBW, and KIAH.  Gayle is creative and persistent. Excellent. A very well deserved Well Dunne! Ms. Beatty.

Viva Jose! From the Creative suite to the Executive suite…it’s a wonderful journey. One that JOSE SUAREZ is on. He’s the newly named General Manager of KDVA, Telemundo in San Antonio. He’s coming over from Miami where he’s been Director of Creative Services and Programming for WTVJ, the network-owned NBC station in The Magic City. He’s no stranger to Texas, having worked in San Angelo at KSAN. Along the way, he’s honed his TV knowledge and skills at WSFL and WFOR in Miami, WUPW in Toledo and as Director of Digital Programs for the Telemundo Station Group. Well Dunne! Jose. Just in time to get ready for Fiesta!

Mistake that needs fixing – KSTP is looking for a CSD. Not what was posted. Sorry for that. Here’s the link. http://kstp.com/jobs/

Think About This:  “And it’s a human need to be told stories. The more we’re governed by idiots and have no control over our destinies, the more we need to tell stories to each other about who we are, why we are, where we come from, and what might be possible.”  ~ Alan Rickman

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September 25, 2012

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What is it about driving across the country that always captures our imagination? The idea of wheeling down Route 66 from Chicago to LA…seeing the Atlantic and then Pacific with all that’s in between….well, it’s part of the American psyche. JIM GRAVINA is going to enmesh himself in the open road when he departs Fresno, CA and ambles across the country to his new job in Miami. Jim has been CSD at Granite’s KSEE and has decided that what he really loves is the hands-on creative process itself, and is going to work for NBC in South Florida, where he’ll be editing and making creative gold for CSD and Programming head JOSE SUAREZ. Stops on the trip will be Indiana, where he once worked in Ft Wayne. Jim is a professional magician (this is his YouTube post), so he’ll no doubt be finding out how magic his new city will be. Well Dunne! Jim.

Think About This:  "Reality is not that you are weak, and dream of becoming strong – Poor, and dream of becoming rich – Alone, and dream of having friends. But that you’re already strong, rich, and among friends…yet, at times, dream that you’re not.”  ~ Notes from the Universe

July 23, 2012

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Miami is a hot town in more ways than one. The NBC station has added extra heat by promoting JOSE SUAREZ whose official title is Director of Creative Services and Programming.  Jose knows his way around Miami and environs – he’s from there.  Jose was Director of Local Programming before the new job and before that was EP of Miami NonStop, the 24 hour lifestyle and info channel. He’s currently wears many hats and wears them well. He’s been in front of the camera as a reporter in New Mexico, been News Director in San Angelo and Toledo, and has even been in charge of all the media platforms and digital media for Telemundo in the aforementioned Miami. Sounds like he’s got more energy than South Beach on a Saturday night. He’s even EPing the new Six in the Mix show at his station. I wonder if he’s a fan of Cuban coffee. A gigante Well Dunne! Jose.

Job Alert – writer producer at KING Seattle

Job Alert – Creative Services Writer/Producer/Editor KREM Spokane

Job Alert – Three Artists needed at Comcast SportsNet Houston: Graphic Designer, Sales, Designer/Animator and Junior Graphic Designer.

Ever notice how we describe those who have died? We talk about how they laughed, smiled and treated others. We never talk about how efficient they were with paperwork or if they paid their phone bill on time.

Think About This:  “Each of us is one lunatic away from death. Try to do something positive for someone else today.” ~ Mike Redding