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August 10, 2017

Aug 9, 2017 by     Comments Off on August 10, 2017    Posted under: Featured

Just because one isn’t involved in TV marketing daily doesn’t mean their talents go to waste. Take KATHRYN BURROW COLLETT, who tore things up when she headed the creative marketing for KTVI and KPLR in St. Louis. (Pause a moment to say Rah!) She’s an author now having written Phoebe’s Journey, available via Amazon as an eBook. If you want the paperback, got to wait a bit. Well Dunne!

Job Alert – Creative Services Director WSYX/WTTE/WWHO Columbus, Ohio

Job Alert – Creative Services Director KDAF Dallas

What a response to the graph on Monday about creative ‘try out’ assignments. So, with that in mind, passing along some of the input from you: 1-Do GM’s ask possible News Directors to produce a half hour newscast? 2-Do GM’s ask possible Engineers to rewire or design a new electrical grid? 3-Do GM’s ask possible Business Managers to do an end of year audit? Yeah…no. No they do not. When does a job interview become a request for a whole marketing plan? For  free. SOooo – why are creative professionals asked to do a ‘try out’ assignment? You know you can respectfully decline.

Think About This: “The problem with the world today is that intelligent people are full of doubts, while the stupid ones are full of confidence.”  ~  Charles Bukowski

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