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March 1, 2017

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Remember reading about people going from shore to mountains…well, here is the second example, and a handsome one at that. BYRON PFORDTE has traded Myrtle Beach on the Atlantic for Boise’s foothills, which are foothills to the Rocky Mountains so they’re drawn with a broad brush. Gorgeous. And that air he’s breathing…clean. He’s a southern man who is giving the west a go, heading up the creative at Sinclair’s CBS/CW duop  KBOI/KYUU. He started out in front of the camera as a reporter at WEAR in Pensacola before producing commercials and directing at WXLV in Winston-Salem. He got into web development in that area before being named Art Director back at WXLV.  Their GM must be a peach. He headed down to Greenville, SC (not to be confused with Greensboro NC or Greenville NC…whew!) to write and produce promos for FOX Carolina before taking the CSD slot in Myrtle Beach.  He’s gonna bring a lot to the table in Boise…gonna be great to watch.  Well Dunne! Byron.

Ouch…did the ABC announcer for the post-spech last night have a cold or….something….ouch! Just terrible.

Think About This:  "May I be medicine for those who are sick, a partner for those who are lonely, a bridge for those who need to cross over, and a light for those who are blind."   ~  A prayer of the Bodhisattva

July 16, 2015

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 Idaho is just gorgeous, mountains, clean air, seasonally, there’s a real spring and fall plus a summer that doesn’t melt you (like other places which will remain nameless but you know about them).  The state has so much more than just potatoes. For instance, it’s the new home for JOANY D’AGOSTINO, the new CSD at Sinclair’s CBS affil, KBOI. Joany is trading the southern Rocky Mountains around Colorado Springs for the Boise foothills; Pikes Peak for Boise Peak. Joany has an impressive background that includes creative leadership at FOX21 and KOAA , both Colorado Springs, Promo Manager for CBS in Philly and Inside Edition as well as writing for CNN. Well Dunne!  Joany.

Job Alert – Promotion Manager KPRC Houston.

Cancer blows. Help end it by helping the wonderful (and creative) JOHN RICE when he climbs on his bike for 24 Hours of Booty (a name that just needs to be polished and updated, right?). Check it out here and be generous.

What a brilliant idea. How will it play in Peoria is now how will they like it in Portland. SamplingLab is a retail store designed for Millennial consumers to try new products for free in exchange for their product feedback. Show of hands…wish it had been your idea first.

Oh my….something to ponder. “The amount of money that was given out in bonuses on Wall Street last year is twice the amount all minimum-wage workers earned in the country combined.”


Think About This: “"A bird doesn’t sing because it has an answer, it sings because it has a song."  Maya Angelou


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