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May 4, 2018

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Lots going on in Kansas City, especially this time of year. Tornado watches and warnings were afoot when this post was being compiled, and we can say, luckily, it did not hurt people, just some signs and such. Scared them and all, yes. With half their market being on the Kansas side of the state line, a tornado is not all that rare. Think Dorothy and Toto. Bad weather finds the TV meteorologists in high demand; their skills and information essential. Lots of TV sets tuned in. One station in the market has two new promo helpers for the no doubt de rigueur POP. CSD MIKE STEWART has brought JILL BALLARD on board as his Assistant Creative Services Director and welcomed first-time-TV-job producer CHANCE PARSONS. Oh, the station is CBS affil KCTV, owned by Meredith.  Jill has come to to KC from Springfield, MO, where she got her degree from Missouri State U before she was a Producer and Director for KOLR. Bonus points if you know the former name of  Missouri State. Jill of late has been Digital Content Director at KRBK in Brad Pitt’s hometown. More on Chance when the weather is better…he’s been tied up. Let’s all give these two a big Well Dunne!

May the 4th be with you.

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October 27, 2017

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There’s no place like home…and with the holidays coming up, that sentiment is all the more real. And it’s the reason that MIKE STEWART is going to Kansas City as the new CSD of the Meredith CBS affil KCTV. He’ll be decamping the CSD slot in San Diego at another CBS affil KFMB. Mike and his wife are going to be way closer to family. Mike’s a grad of Kansas University (go Jayhawks) who got his start in TV at KJRH in Tulsa, where he manned the Assignment Desk before jumping to their promotion department. He then went to do promo in Houston at KPRC before heading up I-45 to be Promo Manager for DAVID HERSHEY at CBS’ KTVT. Gonna love having the seasons again and paved roads that aren’t so bumpy they’re nearly undrivable. (Yes, talking to you San Diego Street Department!). A great big Midwest Well Dunne! to Mike!


Job Alert – CSD WUCW The Twin Cities


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December 13, 2016

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The powers of ESP. Some believe…some don’t. Perhaps it was ESP that found DOUG DONAHOO written up back in late June as the new CSD of Kansas City’s KCTV. At the time, it wasn’t accurate. Apologies were made – forgiveness bestowed. However, all the signs were there. For instance, Doug’s a KU Jayhawk and the station is not all that far from his alma mater. Yes, he worked at KCTV, the CBS affil, as a Promo Producer before heading to The Duke City and taking on the title of Multi Media Production Supervisor for Hearst’s KOAT. So the ties to KC are deep. The CSD slot has been open a very long time and Doug was a candidate that knew the market, knew the station and had the enthusiastic talent to nail it. Like all good things that are awaited, it’s now official that Mr. D is beginning this very day (if you read this Monday). A wonderful end to a tale of ESP and talent that never gives up. A very sincere and fervent Well Dunne! Doug.

Was watching for MANNY DELA ROSA at the Critics Choice Awards, but didn’t glimpse him. Did anybody?

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June 22, 2016

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Albuquerque to Austin to hometown KC…it’s DOUG DONAHOO’s story, and he sounds like he’s thrilled to be home. Doug was at Hearst’s KOAT in The Duke City before taking the Brand Manager slot at Media General’s KXAN in the Texas capital (and all round great town). But a Jayhawk is a Jayhawk and, as Kansas’ own Dorothy said, “There’s no place like home.” Doug is now hanging his creative hat at KCTV, the CBS affil in Missouri’s western city which is shared with, what else, Kansas. He’ll have great bar-b-q and is a scant 40 miles from Lawrene, where his Jayhawks play. Happy endings…the best kind. Well Dunne! Doug!


Yes, that is the Oishii Dare To Make poster as our visual today boys and girls. Why? Because its adorable. Carry on.

Think About This“We leave something of ourselves behind when we leave a place, we stay there, even though we go away. And there are things in us that we can find again only by going back there.”  ~ Pascal Mercier (Night Train to Lisbon)

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September 8, 2015

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Summer isn’t over, people.  The days do grow shorter and people are focusing more on their jobs than in the last three months. You’ll find offices aren’t emptying out Friday afternoons now. But summer isn’t over. Keep enjoying that summer excitement.

Things get so accelerated right before a holiday. Like KARA MCNEELY getting her well-deserved promotion to the head marketing slot at KABC in LaLa Land. The Huntington, Indiana lady came west after her first jobs in TV in the Midwest – at WCPO in Minneapolis and then two stations in Indianapolis, WISH and WXIN, where she had her first management slot. From there she went to Granite and overall Creative Services Managing Director then on to Miami where she head up Brand and Marketing. We said it before, but here it is again…Well Dunne!

Do they still make chocolate cigars? If so, TYE MURPHY, CSD at Meredith’s KCTV in Kansas City might be passing them out…he and his lovely wife have welcomed a darling little daughter to the family. So delightful to hear. 

Thanks to former promo pro and TV GM LEE ARMSTRONG LUMPKIN for bringing us today’s Think About This.


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