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November 17, 2016

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 It’s the perfect…no the most perfect… time to be in New York City. Christmas tree going up at 30 Rock, ice skating, window shopping, more lights than ever. When KEITH MORAN shared that he was the new writer producer for VP MISSY CRAWFORD’s creative team at WNBC, the idea of how lucky he is was the first thing that popped to mind. Keith is going to be promoting the largest local TV investigative unit in NYC while working with Missy and Promo Manager PHYLLIS OHNEMUS. He calls it hitting the promo home run. His first spot dealt with their chief investigative reporter going to Europe to follow the NYPD anti-terror program.  As if he needs more to be ideal, his hometown of Schenectady is just two plus hours north. Keith has moved from Chicago, where he was a promo producer at the FOX/CW duop for VP STEVE DONALD, who Keith says gave him his first big market. Niiiice. Mr. Moran has also worked doing promo and production in St. Louis, Indianapolis, his hometown at WRGB and in Albany. Can’t wait to see you soon, KM. Til then a big Well Dunne! Keith!

Job Alert – Promotions Coordinator WFLD Chicago

As we approach the Thanksgiving holiday, it’s time to enjoy what might be the funniest TV episode – ever – the Turkey Promotion epi of WKRP in Cincinnati. “As God is my witness, I thought turkeys could fly,” is a line so classic, nothing more needs to be added. We all have stories about promos, events, shoots, people that did something silly…and it’s time to wrangle them in one place. Enter the brains of Topical Boot Camp, SYDNEY RUBIN, who is collecting antedotes, stories, and even folk tales of promo mishaps. What Fun! Share with her and we’ll all have some great laughs. Yes, names will be changed if requested to protect the guilty or easily embarrassed. 

Time to rethink your voices for your stations…lots of contracts expire end of December. The only choice is Well Dunne! Don’t think otherwise. 

Think About This: “The electric light did not come from the continuous improvement of candles.”  ~ Oren Haran

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December 12, 2014

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Still in catch up mode…late but sincere wishes for a Well Dunne! Chicago experience to KEITH MORAN, who has been writing and producing ever so creatively at FOX in Chicago, WFLD. Keith had been CSD in Albany at WTEN/WXXA, the ABC/FOX duop. Before that he honed the creative at WRGB in Schenectady, was in St. Louis (RAH) editing at a production company, and he includes WTTV in Indy and WLNE in Providence among his stops. Well Dunne! Keith.

Speaking of Chicago, promo pro CARRIE KING, who counts Trib and WFLD as two places she kept the creative fresh and on time, has a fabulous ‘out of TV’ endeavour. She and her hubby have thrown in with one of the Pritzkers and their Evanston B&B is super fab. Elegant and exciting (words that can be used for Mrs. King as well). Check it out and for heavens sakes, stay here when you go to the Windy City!


Job Alert – VP Marketing truTV NYC

Job Alert – Writer Producer [adult swim] Burbank (or NYC) 144337BR

Job Alert – Executive Director, Marketing Branding & Communication NPR Washington DC

Job Alert  – Commercial Producer  KHBS/KHOG St Smith AR

Reports To: KHBS/KHOG Creative Services Director and The Arkansas CW Promotion Manager
Job Description: KHBS/KHOG-TV and The Arkansas CW, Hearst Television’s ABC and CW affiliates in Fayetteville-Fort Smith, Arkansas, are looking for a driven, creative Commercial Producer to conceptualize write, shoot, design and edit impactful advertising for local clients and businesses. This position is located in Rogers, Arkansas.

Job Responsibilities:
•       Producing – from concept to completion – commercial campaigns by working directly with the sales team to develop impactful messaging and branding campaign for the clients’ needs.
•       Adhere to a standard operating procedure for commercial production, including scheduling, weekly and monthly reports for projects.
•       Assist the ABC and CW creative teams by conceptualizing, writing and producing marketing materials for sales promotion, public service announcements, station sponsored events and syndicated promotion.
•       Will assist promotion teams in the writing/producing of news, weather and sports promotion when necessary.

Experience Requirements:
•       Prefer two years of experience as a multi-media  Writer/Producer
•       Prefer two years of experience shooting, lighting and non-linear editing.
•       Demonstrated proficiency with Adobe Creative Suite.  Working knowledge of After Effects and Photoshop a plus.

Qualifications Requirements:
•       Work well under extreme deadlines and be a self-starter
•       Must be able to shoot and edit their own projects
•       Graphic design skills are preferred
•       Strong writing skills
•       Ability to work a flexible schedule

•       High School diploma
•       Bachelor’s Degree or some college preferred
•       Relevant work experience in lieu of college is acceptable

Think About This: "Tomorrow is the most important thing in life. Comes in to us at midnight very clean. It’s perfect when it arrives and it puts itself in our hands, and hopes we’ve learned something from yesterday."  ~  John Wayne, Actor

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June 7, 2011

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KEITH MORAN has walked across the street in Albany. The former FOX WXXA Promotion Director now has the same title at NBC affiliate WTEN, the Young-owned station in New York’s capital. Well Dunne! Keith. Give me a buzz when you get a minute…need a jpg of you for PROMAX Brief magazine’s Shuffle page.

Starz’ ERIC BECKER is out of pocket this week. Extremely limited phone, email, text…you get the idea. Seems that Harvard is rather strict on keeping one’s attention and Eric is in Cambridge attending CTAM U select leadership program. Very impressive. Eric is Executive Dir of Corporate Communications for Starz and loves Denver. Well Dunne! Eric.

WHO did the breathtakingly amazing spots for FX’s Rescue Me The Final Season? Seriously, let me know so we can direct the spotlight to this major talent.

Think About This: "Most of the time we place our main value on the outer form of a situation. This means that we are really placing value on how well that form can please our egos. Instead, we must value the inner side, which consists of our own growth and awakening, and that of everyone else involved. That is all that matters."  ~ Robert Perry