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June 24, 2015

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There’s the adage that goes something like this: a company can only show it values you through credit and or compensation. Very true in Hollywood, and not far from the mark everywhere else. It’s no wonder that stations are having a very difficult time keeping creative people when other lines of work offer more compensation. Makes sense actually (reference grocery prices). KELLI JONES is leaving the creative department of WTSP in the Tampa-St Pete market (CBS affil owned by Gannett) and is going to become involved in a new fulltime gig that will put a lot more green in her bank account, sans the stress and repetition. These stories are happening all the time. Kelli will be missed for sure. Well Dunne!


Job Alert – Promotion Manager KSBW Salinas, CA

He’s OK. The car accident that Well Dunne! Talent’s JEFF O’NEIL’s son was involved in has resulted in no serious injuries. Every parent sighs in relief. 

Not everything that happens in Vegas says in Vegas. Thus the picture of Well Dunne!’s KELLY PIDEON and those crazy fun folks who do promos at KLAS. HENRY, GREG and the lovely lady..Well Dunne!


Think About This: “The only true measure of success is the amount of joy we are feeling.”  ~ Abraham-Hicks


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