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Thursday September 29, 2011

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 It’s the perfect situation. Getting a great new job, more money and NOT having to shove your stuff into boxes while looking for a new place to live. That’s the situation for Central Florida’s STEVE RIFKIN, who has been promoted by the Hearst folks and is now the Creative Services Director at NBC affiliate WESH in Orlando. Steve has been at the CW there, WKCF, so he’s on top of the market, etc. The upper NY state native is an Indiana State U grad who has worked at Meredith’s WNEM in Michigan and CBS in Knoxville (where he became a Tennessee Vols football fan). Yep, he sounds just thrilled by the new slot and that, as they say, is a very good thing. Well Dunne! Steve.

Heading to Vegas is KEVIN O’NEAL and family. Kevin is the newly named Sr. Writer Producer for CSD JIM KOONCE at  ABC affil KNTV in Las Vegas. He’s making the switch from being CSD at FOX28 (WSJV for those into calls) in South Bend, Indiana. Mr Kevin has also managed the creative efforts of the CBS/FOX duop KMEG/KPTH Sioux City, Iowa and CBS affil KRCG in Columbia, MO.  Yes, he’s never had a job in the lovely Southwest, but he did study at University of Houston, which Texans say is in the Southwest but really isn’t, since their humidity is rather, well, high. Know Kevin will love desert living. He’ll be there about mid-October. Great big Well Dunne! Kevin.

OH RATZ…I made a mistake. You know yesterday when I told you about NICK ALLARD looking for a newscast director for KCCI in Des Moines? Well, it’s a CBS affil. Yep, Columbia Broadcasting System station. Part of the Eye network.  Not affiliated with any other network. So keep saying KCCI is CBS…KCCI is CBS…KCCI is CBS….carry on.

Job Alert – Promotion Manager needed at WNCN in Raleigh. STEVE PATRICK is the man making the choice….

Job Alert – Promotion Manager at WESH. I bet you figured that out by the story on Steve, eh?

Job Alert – Promo Producer needed at FOX Austin, KTBC.

Wish I had thought of this…http://baconery.com/

Think About This: "The power of losing control is about learning how to let go of trying to control the uncontrollable outcomes and circumstances in our lives. To do anything else is a blueprint for living a life that is driven by stress, fear, and disappointment. I’m not suggesting that we shouldn’t do everything we can to make our dreams and desires come true. But letting go of the illusion that we have complete control over our outcomes will free us from our fears, allow us to bring more of ourselves to the work we need to do, and enable us to find happiness and power no matter what life brings our way."
~Joe Caruso


March 8, 2010

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Northern Indiana has a new resident. KEVIN O’NEAL is the new Creative Services Manager at South Bend’s WSJV, the Quincy Newspaper-owned FOX affiliate. How did this New Orleans native land in the home of the College Football Hall of Fame (and nearby Notre Dame)? He paddled up the river, of course. He’s worked in Cape Girardeau, that lovely river town in Missouri, then for CBS in Jefferson City, another pretty river town and the Capital of the Show Me State. He makes the switch to his new job from being at FOX affiliate KPTH in Sioux City, Iowa. Yes, it’s another river town. Kevin, who loves the apostrophe in his name like all good Irishmen, and family are happy with the new digs. Well Dunne! all you O’Neals.

Last Call For PromaxBDA Awards Entries! ! Tuesday, March 9, is the last day to submit your awards entries for the PromaxBDA Promotion, Marketing and Design Competitions. All physical entries must be received at the PromaxBDA offices by March 11.

JOHN LENNON is hawking Citroens. Really, he is.

Great fun live blogging the Oscars. Thanks to ALISON WOO for all her brilliant input and technical know-how. She has a book on how to use new media, just in case you need more info.

Think About This: "There is no greater agony than bearing an untold story inside of you." ~ Maya Angelou