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July 11, 2017

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We all know a picture is worth a thousand words…and the whole ‘art’ of TV relies heavily on pictures. So when your station photogs win an award for them, it’s time to break out the gold stars and pats on the back. Such is the case at KGTV, the Scripps ABC in San Diego which calls itself 10 News. They were recently tapped as the National Press Photographers Association (NPPA) West Station of the Year. STEVE FEDORISKA, Chief Photographer there, calls his very talented crew storytellers, which they definitely are. Love seeing people who are dedicated get recognized for what they so adore. Thanks JILLIAN OPPEGARD and sorry for the delay. Jillian is Marketing Manager there. Well Dunne! photogs.


Traveling and having a blast. Don’t be surprised if I dial you up and invite you to lunch. It’s a version of Where’s Bacon….


Job Alert – Creative Services Supervisor WKBT La Crosse WI


Job Alert – Promotions Manager KIVI Boise


Job Alert – Assistant CSD WLKY Louisville


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July 6, 2017

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We all hear about ‘keep at it’ and ‘persistence’ and ‘never give up’…almost ad naseum. But the truth is…the fact is…it works. And the best example of this tenacity is CURTIS MILES. For a very long time, the General Manager slot has been what his heart desired. Yes, he loves the world of TV promo/marketing/creative, but the ability to be the GM, to truly steer the station…that’s been what the Iowa native has focused on. It wasn’t easy. There’s a very wrong concept amongst many hiring entities that creative are far inferior to be a GM than sales people. Good thing the folks at Quincy Media know a thing or two…they’ve announced that Curtis is starting as GM at their ABC affil WAOW in Wausau, Wisconsin. He’ll being the end of July and will be saying good-bye to 13 years with ABC Television. He’s currently Vice President of Creative Services and Local Programming for Chicago’s WLS-TV. Curtis has been CSD at ABC’s WTVD in Raleigh as well as then-Belo’s WVEC in Norfolk. He was Promo Manager at Hearst’s WTAE in Pittsburgh and consulted for Magid. His first job in TV – photog for KGAN in Cedar Rapids. Nobody could be as happy for him as the person writing this. Well Dunne! Curtis.


Tomorrow, news about San Diego’s KGTV.


Job Alert – Writer/Producer/Editor GSN TV Santa Monica


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February 2, 2017

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Denver and San Diego seem like very different places with little in common. Where Denver, the Mile High city, boasts winter sports and incredible mountains, San Diego is Oceanside with the best climate in the country. Yet both are vibrant, young-people towns swimming in high tech and entrepreneurs. They’re also two markets that JILLIAN OPPEGARD has on her resume, what with her new job and all.  The end of February, Jillian is going to KGTV, the Scripps ABC operation in SD to be the Marketing Manager. She’s been in Denver at CBS’s KCNC as Senior Creative Services Producer and considers Centennial, Colorado home, even though she was born in Lake Charles, Louisiana. She is gonna love working with KGTV’s PHIL KRAFT – they both report to LEILA STILLWELL. Thanks to Marshall Advertising’s LAUREN RIDGLEY for the scoop. Big Well Dunne! Jillian.

Well Dunne! to the entire WDAM TV family who did Pine Belt Strong, a full day telethon to raise money for the victims of the devastating tornadoes that hit the Hattisburg, Laurel Mississippi area.  Marketing Director ERIK SNELL announced they raised $200,000 as of 8 pm (when this was written) but there’s still three hours to go. Well Dunne! generous and caring Mississippi citizens. 

It’s Groundhog Day as you know, so, if you haven’t decided to make it a great day, then at least muddle through and watch Bill Murray so you can lighten up.

Job Opening – News Brand Producer WPBF West Palm Beach (HEATH MYRICK is a great boss!)  http://careers.hearsttelevision.com/ShowJob/Id/996765/News-Brand-Producer/

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When a job finds you, it’s meant to be. It’s what happened to DAVE TRAYLOR, who was surprised, flattered and excited when ESPN called to offer him a job. He hadn’t been on the hunt and hadn’t even talked to anybody at ESPN for three years. But they remembered him…and now he’s going to be their Lead Designer Motion Graphics when he begins in early December. He and his wife (and Chocolate Lab) will go from one end of the US to the other, via Prius, when they depart San Diego. Dave is an animator and editor for KGTV in San Diego, and he’ll miss the California lifestyle. He’s a Denver native (and massive Broncos fan…ask him the name of the lab) who got his first job in TV at KDVR in The Mile High City. He started as a weekend graphics guy, working nights and really got into TV graphics, teaching himself editing and animation. He’ll be using Cinema 4D and After Effects when he gets to Connecticut. Dave didn’t even look for the San Diego gig…his former KDVR colleague SHIRTSIE GAYLORD, Marketing Manager, called him. Keep your eye on this guy…he’s got ‘IT’ and will definitely add to the already great look ESPN has going on. Well Dunne! Dave.

Job Alert – Graphic Designer KGTV San Diego

Job Alert – Creative Content Producer WBNS Columbus O

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May 2, 2016

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Taking a step into management is SHIRSTIE GAYLORD newly named Promotion Manager at Scripps’ KGTV in San Diego. She’s been at the ABC affil as promo video editor and knows how to shoot, which she did for newsrooms in Austin and Colorado Springs. Well Dunne! 

Job Alert – VP Communications Sprout NYC

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December 9, 2016

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If you read yesterday’s post, you know that Scripps’ KGTV in San Diego has a fabulous new animator/editor. Well, they also have a new Marketing Director, who is equally as talented and fun as the aforementioned animator.  Who did they find? She was right there at the station all along – they named Promotions Brand Manager LEILA STILWELL to the post. Hurray – a promotion!  She began at the ABC affil as a Writer Producer and worked her way up, successfully handling being a Sr. Writer/Producer, Supervising Producer and the title she had. A California girl down to the blonde hair and attention-getting smile, Ms. Leila also worked  for Hearst’s KSBW in Salinas. Yes, she also went to school in the Golden State. Let’s hear it for a very happy-sunshine creative. Well Dunne! Leila.


Think About This:  “America was not built on fear. America was built on courage, on imagination and an unbeatable determination to do the job at hand.”  ~ Harry S. Truman

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December 8, 2015

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Non-TV people call promos trailers. So it makes perfect sense that DAVID TRAYLOR would be doing TV promos (and more). He’s the new animator and art person and editor at Scripps’ KGTV in gorgeous San Diego. Being beach adjacent will be a switch for him – he’s been in the Denver market, where he most recently was Motion Graphics Designer for AXS TV, Mark Cuban’s cable channel. He’s done some great creative for Altitude Sports and Entertainment (think Denver Nuggets, Colorado Avalanche, etc), and has been Motion Graphics for KDVR/KWGN Denver. He studied at the Art Institute of Colorado so he’s going to bring his A Game to sea level. Well Dunne! David.

All those good thoughts you sent to JIM WINDSOR paid off. He’s in ICU but all went well with his surgery. Actually, it went better than anyone expected. Get Well, Jim. 

Job Alert – Social Media Director A&E Networks NYC

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October 12, 2015

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San Diego is just a few miles down I-5 from LA, so the same palm trees, ocean side living and California laid back lifestyle remains the same. So its all good for ANDREW BIDWELL, the new nightside Topical Producer at Scripps’ ABC affil KGTV. His first day is today, if you read this October 12.  Up in LA Andrew was involved in lots of fun entertainment producing for E!, where he hit red carpets as well as edited, researched and handled social media. He spent time doing talent relations for Oprah and even did some things with TMZ. Andrew will be welcomed heartily by Promo Manager LEILA STILWELL who’s wrangling the creative now that STAN MELTON is back in DC. It’s all great. And with that we say Well Dunne! Andrew.

Job Alert – Digital Content Manager WLBT Jackson MS

ESSENTIAL DUTIES AND RESPONSIBILITIES include the following. Other related duties may be assigned.

  • Requires strong news judgment; news writing and editing experience, familiarity with AP style. 
  • Experience with & knowledge of video & photo editing; knowledge of website & newsroom production applications; creative background with working knowledge of Photoshop.
  • Strong organizational skills and detail oriented; familiarity with HTML & CSS.
  • Portfolio required with emphasis on website design and multimedia presentation. 
  • Knowledge of Flash a plus.

Daily responsibilities:  hands-on web journalist and producer who writes, compiles, and edits copy, graphics, and video for web. 

  • Oversee daily administrative, production, and content duties for station’s website; page layout, timely updates including breaking news, daily outbound emails, streaming video updates, and other applications. 
  • Coordinate daily contributions from news staff; coordinate with sales and marketing departments on posting of content and advertising material as well as website maintenance.  
  • Work with outside vendors and content providers.
  • Supervisory responsibilities:  supervise a staff of content producers and work closely with reporters and photographers to get their stories published with unique digital elements.

EDUCATION and/or EXPERIENCE Bachelor’s degree from four-year College or University.  Minimum two years experience required. CONTACT: Wilson Stribling News Director 715 South Jefferson Street Jackson, MS 39201 wstribling@wlbt.com


This is a first – taken from an actual job description of a station looking for a promo producer. The station call letters are blocked out . Assist in maintaining XXXX vehicles: Creative Services Producers will assist the Corporate Creative Services and Promotions Director in maintaining XXXX’s production vehicle. This includes making sure all vehicles are taken in for oil changes and any other appropriate upkeep that is necessary.


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September 28, 2015

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“I’m leaving paradise.” STAN MELTON JR sure knows how to perk up a person’s ears – starting a phone call with a very good promo line. The paradise of which he speaks is San Diego and his slot as Creative Services Director of Scripps’ KGTV, the ABC affiliate in a market with the beach, mountains, desert, perfect weather, foreign access and La Jolla, among other things. What would lure Stan away from such perfection? The call of home and the desire to make his family happy. Contrary to what Tom Wolfe has to say, Stan et familia are going home to Washington DC. Not just to their city home, but Stan is going to be Creative Services Director at WJLA. Yes, he had that job at one time. Wonder if they kept the business card template. He’ll be working with Promo Manager BONNIE WOOD as well as a few new creative faces. Stan’s son is growing up fast and all his friends as well as extended family will be welcoming the Meltons. He sounded happy about DC but hates leaving the station and the beach. Yes, his house on the beach is up for grabs, as is his old job. A great big Well Dunne! for the uber-creative and ever charming Stan.


Think About This: "How to stop time: Kiss. How to travel in time: Read. How to escape time: music. How to feel time: write. How to release time: breathe.”  ~ Matt Haig


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September 26, 2015

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All KINDS of things are going on at KGTV out in San Diego, the city of perfect weather. The Scripps ABC affil has hired a fascinating Senior Producer Commercial Production who’s already hard at work.  And (hush hush) a Topical who is about to be announced. Let’s start with BILL ROLAND, the Sr. Prod Comm’l Prod, who’s returning to KGTV after a few years gone. He was doing his own thing, which included starting up online concerns as well as directing and freelancing the video creative side of him. He was KGTV’s Marketing Manager at one time. Bill graduated from the Brooks Institute of Photography (man has an eye). Coolest thing…he was part of Carsey-Warner’s Cybill TV series as a camera production assistant. Know he’s making a sham of Thomas Wolfe’s ‘you can never go home again’ concept. Well Dunne! Bill.

New Topical will be announced when all the ducks are in a row. However, it should be noted that KGTV CSD STAN MELTON JR has some gigantic news of his own…. 


Think About This: "You can never be overdressed or overeducated.”  ~ Oscar Wilde

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August 5, 2015

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If one is good, and two is twice as good, then three is over the moon. Three is the magic number for WJXT’s CSD SHERRY CARPENTER, who has added some fab talent to her team in Jacksonville. We’ll let her and her new hires take over (I’ll put my feet up and fix a margarita today…bonus!): 


BRANDON LINK: “I hail from WVVA! A station tucked away in Southern WV. I went from Master control, Commercial producer to Promotion manager in a little under 2 years. Before I stumbled into TV, I played football for the Pittsburgh Power in the AFL (Arena football league). I am originally from Cumberland, MD. I’ve been playing guitar for 12 years, and I have a 4 yr old black lab/pit mix named Nina! I’m probably the biggest/scariest looking Promotion Producer in the country!”  (Take what you like from that. Haha.) 


STUART BOSLOW is the new Executive Producer of a daily talk and entertainment show on WJXT, launching later this year. Stuart joined the station from Dallas, where he launched a talk and lifestyle show at KTXD. Previously he was Senior Special Projects Producer at KTVT. 


Just hired today, as in Tuesday! RYAN DOLBY was our intern, and was hired to help support production of 3 weekly Jacksonville Jaguars shows. As the official station of our NFL Franchise team, folks in creative services help produce the coaches show, Everbank Jaguars Gameday, and Jaguars All Access.  Ryan has a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication, Concentration in production from University of North Florida. 


Job Alert – Sherry and Stuart are working frantically to hire 7 more people– co-hosts, MMJ’s, producers, bookers and tech support. Check out Graham Media’s WJXT’s job postings. 


Sincere condolences to PHIL KRAFT, Senior Creative Producer for KGTV in San Diego, on the loss of his Grandmother. 

EXCELLENT read…BILL HARTNETT’s blog entitled Social TV Grows Up and Gets Real.



Changes are as hot as the temps…tomorrow we tell about the new CSD at WNCN in Raleigh and have great news about a favorite with a syndicated show. And the already promised details on the lovely new KXAN CSD will be forthcoming. Plus a real find for DAVID HERSHEY at KTVT. Come back – bring salt.


Oh, this is the 1625th post of WDT’s focus on the people of TV marketing. How fast the children grow…


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