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March 23, 2017

Mar 22, 2017 by     Comments Off on March 23, 2017    Posted under: Featured

 Kudos to Gray Television for elevating SHANNON BOOTH (BIEBERDORF) to GM at their Lincoln, Nebraska property, KOLN, CBS in the state capital and KNOP/KNPL/KIIT in North Platte. She’s more than prepared to wow them all…she’s been the Director of Brand Marketing and Creative Services Director for Cedar Rapids’ KCRG, NBC. As a matter of fact, the Iowa State grad has held several titles with the station and the newspaper, The Gazette, including Director of KCRG Products and Director of Broadcast Products. Now she’s taking I-80 west for the five hour drive to her new assignment. Way to go! Again, let’s restate that the marketing pros are far better choices to manage a station than most sales types (sorry sales folks…truth is truth but we love you anyway). Well Dunne! Shannon!

All the American marketing types who are in London checked in as OK yesterday after the violence at Parliament. Amazing that seems rather normal…as shocking as that is in itself…

Job Alert – Multimedia Marketing Producer WEWS Cleveland

Think About This:  “The most profound personal growth does not happen while reading a book or meditating on a mat. It happens in the throes of conflict – when you are angry, afraid, frustreated. It happens when you are doing the same old thing and you suddenly realize that you have a choice.”  ~  Vironika Tugaleva

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