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May 25, 2017

May 24, 2017 by     Comments Off on May 25, 2017    Posted under: Featured

The road from Austin to Houston is one every UT student knows like the back of their hand.  In the spring it’s lined with bluebonnets…in the fall it’s crowded with avid Longhorn fans. Along the way you pass through Blue Bell Ice Cream’s Brenham. Must check to see if they upgraded the route, but it was a lovely trip. Making the Austin to Houston drive will be NATALIA EGAN, who is trading in her slot as Marketing Director of NBC affil KXAN in the Texas capital for the CSD slot at Graham Media’s KPRC, NBC. Natalia will be the newest member in the newest building…they just rebuilt KPRC and they will have only been in for about 2 months when she arrives June 5. Wanna bet they’ll still have boxes in closets? The Hartford, CT lady, who was born in Mexico City and is bilingual, got her start at WVIT and has been at KXAN for several promotions. Let’s hear it for Natalie…a Texas-sized Well Dunne!

If you read this on Thursday, May 25, don’t miss out on NBC’s Red Nose Day, a project from the most wonderful RICHARD CURTIS and Walgreen’s which follows up on the fabulous characters from my favorite movie, Love Actually. Open your wallets and your hearts – help put a dent in child poverty (God knows we need to all pitch in together now more than ever).  It will be a lark! Dibs on Bill Nighy. Well Dunne Walgreens, Richard and NBC!

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October 15, 2015

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When someone is a great writer, there just isn’t any higher compliment other than ‘sculptor rivaling Michelangelo’. Lots of promo pros are good writers. Some are great, and one of those great ones is MARIAH GARDNER. Her Twitter postings are so worth typing the word tweet. She has news that is a long time coming…she’s heading to a Top 10 market. Ms. Mariah is the new Promotion Manager at KPRC in Houston, and she’s thrilled. They should be as well. KPRC, aka Local 2, is the Graham NBC affiliate and she’ll be working with VP of Creative MIKE GUERRIERI. Mariah’s an NYU grad with a film degree, which in itself is impressive. She’s been in Augusta at WAGT, the Media General NBC in the home of The Masters, doing great work. Not only that, she’s been on stage acting in any number of roles – told you she was a talent with a capital “T”. Let’s wish Mariah a Texas sized Well Dunne!

Job Alert – Community Relations and PR Manager WTVJ Miami


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