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August 16, 2017

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The yin and yang of life…balance always seeking to right itself. Up-down. High-low. Hot-cold. One talented writer producer is doing the yin and yang to perfection, and it’s a wonderful thing. KRISTEN TWELE is heading to Orlando where she’ll be adding her talent to the creative services pool headed by CSD KYM PEOPLES at WKMG, the Graham CBS in the Big O. That’s the hot part. The cold part is Denver, where she has been promoting at KDVR, the Fox affil. The Memphis bred Kristen has worked in the south before – at Fox affil WBRC in Birmingham. She interned at WMC in her hometown. Best of luck to Kristen on her new adventure. Let’s all give her a Well Dunne!


STEPHEN ARNOLD not only has the best hair in the business (he’s been told that in person – he shyly smiles…) but now the music man working with his CSD CHAD COOK has a new campaign called Ready. Pictures are worth a thousand words….check it out yourself.


Tuesday was a great day for KTVU’s ERIK CANDIANI. He loves films…loves writing even more. And Tuesday his screenplay Tribal got not one but two kudos…it was just named a Quarterfinalist in the 2017 BlueCat Screenplay contest and a Semifinalist in the PAGE Awards. Well Dunne! Erik. You can ask him about the script…it sounds very exciting. And we thought Tuesday was only exciting because of the tacos…


Think About This: “A well developed sense of humor is the pole that adds balance to your steps as you walk the tightrope of life.”  ~  William Arthur Ward


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December 5, 2014

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This is definitely the time of year that skiers are scoping out the slopes, and there’s no better locale for the skier than Denver, where some of the most impressive runs are literally just around the next mountain. I wonder if KRISTEN TWELE will grab a pair of Rossignols when she arrives Monday at KDVR, the Sinclair FOX affil in The Mile High City. She’ll be doing her creative producing for them. A Southern girl by birth (Memphis) and location, Kristen is making the switch from Raycom’s WBRC, also FOX, in Birmingham. Ms. Kristen won a First Place Annie Award for best social media campaign while there. She’s got her degree in Media Production from The University of Southern Mississippi in Hattiesburg and she interned at WMC in Memphis. KDVR CSD MAIA BRUSSEAU confesses to hiring quite a few Southerners over the last two year. Interesting…! My guess is that Kristen will ask Santa for some warm clothes. A very big Well Dunne! Kristen.

Clip Art…an ode to the once ubiquitous art form.



The holiday season always brings such lovely shows and films about the holiday season. Take the quiz from Radio Times and see if you can match dialogue with title.


Think About This: “Acceptance doesn’t mean resignation. It means understanding that something is what it is and there’s got to be a way through it.”  ~ Michael J. Fox

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