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May 3, 2019

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Sure, you know that DEILIA RAY WILLIAMS is headed to KTRK, ABC in Houston. Sure, it’s a top 10 market. Sure it’s a step up from her current spot heading up creative for KOAT in Albuquerque. But let’s focus on the aspects of Deilia that make her special and wonderful. She’s a Southern lady by birth and probably by choice. Thank you notes. And she makes a mean pimento cheese, if we’re to believe her, which I’m sure she does. A lover of shoes and Frida Kalho, Ms. Deilia loves pretty things. A mom and wife, she’s raising children that are encouraged to be adventuresome and confident. Not spoiled or timid. She’s a fabulous boss and a creative mastermind. And a nerd girl, a title she happily owns. She is leaving Hearst where she’s been at their stations in the aforementioned Albuquerque, KSBW in Monterrey, CA and WLKY in Louisville. She’ll bring a Ray of sunshine (see what I did there?) to Houston. I hope she’ll ask them about the swimming pool the station once had. Well Dunne! Deilia.

Job Alert – CSD KVRR Fargo ND

Job Alert – Producer – Social Engagement WPVI Philadelphia

Don’t forget that Saturday is Star Wars Day. May the 4th be with you.

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July 11, 2018

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Smart move in Houston. Naming ART SOBARZO to be Vice President of Audience Development for ABC’s O&O KTRK. Art has been Director of Creative Services at Telemundo up in Dallas. In more and more markets, Spanish language news is beating out or giving traditional newscasts a run for the money. Art will be able to blend the two. He’s also worked for Telemundo in Houston, KTMD. He’s a grad of Texas A&M, making him an Aggie. Texans get it. Let’s give Art a big Well Dunne!

Job Alert – Director of Marketing for NBA @Turner Atlanta

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December 3, 2015

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Keeping it in the family, the new head of creative at ABC’s Houston operation is coming from their Fresno operation. DAVID LEE is headed to KTRK in the Bayou City where his official title will be VP of Creative Services. He hates leaving Fresno and the folks at KFSN, but Houston will be an exciting new city to conquer. The Gulf Coast will be a real change for David, who hails from Great Falls, Montana and has worked in Macon, GA, KMSP in Minneapolis and Spokane, Washington. Fresh seafood and trips to the beach are now possible and going to be great fun. KTRK is in suburban Houston (now considered close in) and at one time, had a swimming pool in the front courtyard. Sadly, the pool is no more. A big Well Dunne! to David.


Job Alert – Director Creative Services and Public Affairs KFSN Fresno

Job Alert – Creative Services Producer WBZ Boston

If you like Home Alone (the first one, of course) and are in the Los Feliz area this weekend, you can catch The Unauthorized Musical Parody of Home Alone at the Rockwell Table & Stage. Only in LA.

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September 14, 2015

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The Malay word “Sayang” has no equivalent word in English to describe a common emotion in Malaysia; affection, love, sorrow and pity all at the same time. It’s a word that we could use more often. It’s the word describing the news from Houston that TOM ASH is retiring. Tom is the Vice President and Director of Creative Services at ABC’s KTRK and has been for nearly 21 years. During that time, he’s been on top of bringing eyeballs to the sets from Galveston to Brenham and beyond; watching the city explode growth-wise. He even worked with the (infamous) Marvin Zindler, a legendary character whose antics inspired Best Little Whorehouse in Texas. Tom deserves to retire and answer to only himself and family, but TV marketing will be the less for it. As he put it: After 20 years at KTRK-TV and nearly 10 more at KPRC-TV…(and a few years at other TV stations along the way)…I’m retiring at the end of the month!  It has been a great ride.  I’m the luckiest promo guy ever to have worked in a great city, Houston, and at KTRK, the best TV station in the world.  And to have been a part of ABC/Disney, the greatest media  company ever.  I have no plans…been too darn busy to think that far ahead! Honestly talented creatives with a sense of humor, wit and generosity are not that easy to come by. Well Dunne! to an exciting new path, Tom.


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