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August 3, 2017

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Austin, Texas is about to welcome back the 50,950 students (!) who attend the University there. Yeah, a lot of students, surpassed only the University of Central Florida in Orlando. But we digress. Back to Austin, the city of Longhorns, SXSW, and the one and only Willie Nelson. It’s also home to DAX DOBBS, who’s been named Director of Marketing at Nexstar’s NBC affil there, KXAN. Dax has a sheepskin from University of Southern California in LA….in Film of course. He has some interesting gigs in the film world, including working with the coolest producer, Lynda Obst.  He produced for Pilgrim Films and then went to Austin to produce for the Sinclair station there. He held down the Brand Manager then the Creative Director slot at Tegna’s KVUE before joining KXAN. Sounds like the creativity will keep bubbling in the Texas state capital. Well Dunne! Dax.


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August 11, 2015

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Austin, Texas is one of those really great markets. It acts like a major city but has a lot of the easiness of a smaller town. Great combo. Most people, once they live in Austin, don’t want to leave. And if you’re lucky, you don’t have to. Yes, most there ignore the Texas politicians, and that’s a good thing. I believe one can’t ignore the Texas Longhorns, but that’s not the point. The point is it’s a super place, and NATALIA EGAN looks like she’s found the ideal spot for a long and happy stay. The lady in question hales from the Hartford, Connecticut area, and came to Austin about seven years ago. After getting a start in TV promo at WVIT, NBC in Hartford, she came south to be Senior Promo Producer for Austin’s CW and NBC there, KXAN. First promotion was to Brand Manager and now, just a few weeks ago,  she was named Creative Services Director. Since it’s Texas, let’s add a big YeeHaw to the Well Dunne! Natalia.

ED ROTH is getting new biz cards with Content Brand Manager as his new title. Yes, it means he’s wrangling the brand across all and every platform for Scripps’ syndie show The List. Bravo and Well Dunne! Ed


Job Alert – Promotions Director WSBT Mishawaka IN

Job Alert – On-Air Promo Producer NBC Miami 


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July 31, 2015

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Let’s end the firecracker month of July with a lot going on all at once. First, we turn our attention to the elegant Palm Beach market and news the Sinclair stations there, WPEC/WTVX/WTCN, have a new Commercial Production Manager. Enter LARRY DOYLE come August 10. Give the GM there, MICHAEL PUMO, a gold star for recognizing talent. Larry will be part of the station team that includes CSD JAMES GRIFFEL so the excitement level is going to be very high. Anyway, the writer here has worked for and with Larry and he’s utterly creative. Palm Beach clients are in for a treat. Mr. Doyle of the Irish name and visage has been CSD at Tampa’s WFLA as well as WTSP in addition to leading creative at WCNC in Charlotte plus writing and producing for KHOU in Houston. He’s from New Hampshire which adds to his elan. Best part of the new gig is he’ll be close to his college bound daughter, soon to be a freshman in the Sunshine State. Well Dunne! Larry.


Next up, another fave is DAVID HERSHEY heading up CBS’ KTVT in Dallas. He’s filled a critical slot and with that, we’ll let him take over:  I’m happy to announce that RHETT SCHWARTZKOPF has been promoted to Senior Promotion Producer for CBS 11, TXA 21 and Me-TV.  I first met Rhett almost 10 years ago when he was a student at UNT.  I was speaking to his class about this crazy, little known department of misfits called ‘Creative Services’.  He came up to me afterwards and said ‘THAT is exactly what I want to do.’  From there, he earned an internship in our department.  Eventually, he moved up to being part of our UPN 21 ‘U-Crew’ street team  (remember that?).  He worked his way up to producing promo spots for us full-time and that’s what he’s been doing for us ever since.  Recently, he was also our station Employee of the Month.  Rhett’s incredible skills, creativity, can-do attitude and work ethic make him a tremendous asset to our stations and I’m thrilled to have him on my team in this new role.  Well Dunne! Rhett. PS – not related to General S that we know of….


Finally, last but not least, KXAN in Austin has promoted NATALIA EGAN to CSD. More info on her Monday. Watch this space.


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