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November 12, 2015

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So many TV marketing people have a deep yearning to do a film. Come on…you know you do. Some of you have moved forward on that desire through different venues, like the 48 Hour Film Festival. ERIK CANDIANI was involved in that a few times and it seems he had a blast. Well, one TV marketer has blown the doors off the desire and jumped in full blast. KYLE KLEINECKE is doing the southern film festival circuit with a short called The Pickle. Kyle did TV promo in Wichita Falls, TX as well as Shreveport, LA before getting onboard at an agency and then directing the film. You can read about it (and Like it) on Facebook. As Nike says – do it! Well Dunne! Kyle.


Think About This:  “The gem could not be polished without friction, nor man perfected without trials.”  ~ Chinese proverb

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April 9, 2015

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Got stellar news about CHAD MALLAM. Really stellar. Mr. Chad has launched the Space Channel LLC. We turn the pixels over to Mr. C: The first non-linear television network dedicated to Space with a unique programming line up that covers every aspect of the industry. From news to movies, web content, live event coverage and eventually a network of cameras streaming live, real time HD footage from interplanetary space. Giving viewers an unprecedented look at the cosmos and our home planet from any device, anywhere in the world. Chad knows a thing or two about getting eyeballs…he was most recently VP of On-Air at GSN. He honed his chops at such great operations as KPIX in San Fran, NBC Universal, WGCL in Atlanta and ABC Entertainment. At heart, he’s quite the artist who not only paints eye-popping canvases today, but has been an Animation Assistant at the Cartoon Network. Chad will help us all see more stars and open the universe’s marvels. Well Dunne! Mr Mallam. Regards to Boots.

Talk about community service. Let’s hear it for TIM SANDERS in Terre Haute, who was elected an Alderman in Marshall, Indiana on Tuesday. Enthusiastic and smart as a whip, not to mention creative, Marshall is one lucky town. By day, Tim’s Promotion Director of WTWO/WAWV in the Wabash Valley. Well Dunne! Tim.


Former promo pro KYLE KLEINECKE is not letting any creative grass grow under his feet. Mr. K has a fab short film on the burner and here’s your chance to support the arts. Visit this site and spend a few bucks to help get the project up and running. Go on….any little bit helps. And visit his facebook page to give it your thumbs up. Love the title…The Pickle Film or something equally tasty. Well Dunne! Kyle.

Job Alert – Graphic Designer WRAL Raleigh

 3-5 yrs experience working in TV required Great opportunity for someone ready to move up in market size. We value creativity, innovation, and teamwork!  Here’s a short link: http://ht.ly/Ljqd6

If you don’t know the work of STAN FREBERG, and are in the marketing/ad world, well, now is the perfect time to get with it and discover what a genius he was. The man was a writer, a voice, an ad man, a comedian…the list goes on…and was a puppeteer. His work is as fresh today as it was 50, 40, 30 years ago. He passed away earlier this week making the world a much more somber place .

Think About This: “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” ~ Robin Jones Gunn

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August 1, 2011

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Shreveport, LA is the new home for Tulsa-born KYLE KLEINECKE. He’s taking leave of Texas and moving one state east. No, he won’t be escaping the record-shattering heat that Texas is experiencing, but it’s an exciting adventure for him. His new title is Creative Services Director at FOX affiliate KMSS in Shreveport, Louisiana. Yes, he’ll miss Wichita Falls, where he’s been doing marketing and promotion for Nexstar’s KFDX. But he’s going to be with his fiancé so all is well. All is super good, actually. Well Dunne! Kyle.

Job Alert – Promo producer at  Columbia, SC’s WLTX.

Job Alert – Promo writer/producer at WHIO in Dayton, O.

Job Alert – Creative Services Manager KVII AMarillo

Hands-free phones that send email and such? Yep, and you save your thumbs, if not bumpers.

Speaking of smartphones, here’s a nice bit of info on how to get the most from your mobile device. 


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September 13, 2010

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What a weekend. All kinds of firsts and life steps happening all around. It was a romantic one for KYLE KLEINECKE, who is the Creative Services Director at Nexstar’s KFDX in Wichita Falls, TX (shout out to Hollywood Reporter’s SUE RAYMER). Kyle popped The Question and is now an engaged man. He picked a most fabulous locale for the proposal…atop Dallas’ iconic Runion Tower at Wolfgang Puck’s Five Sixty.

It was an achieveing weekend for both SHELLY LESLIE and ANDREA LAIGN, who competed in athletic competitions in North Carolina and New Jersey respectively. Shelly heads up the creative efforts at legendary WRAL in NC’s capital and Andrea wrangles promoting news at WJLA in DC. These two are a-maz-ing. Well Dunne!

It’s now officially Fall with the syndicated shows kicking off. Children are back in school. Former WSOC GM (with a promo background) LEE ARMSTRONG reports a tinge of autumn in her mountain locale. Monday Night Football. Let’s roll up  our sleeves and focus on work. Jobs that I know to be open (things do change, so one better get a move on) are:  Marketing Manager at KVOA in Tucson,  CSD at KOIN in Portland, CSD at WKXT in Jacksonville, Director of Marketing at  KAAL in Austin, MN, CSD at KFSN in Fresno, Promotion Manager at WCAV in Charlottesville, VA, Marketing Director at WNCN in Raleigh, CSD at WISN in Milwaukee, Ass’t CSD at WDSU in New Orleans, and Promo Mgr in Omaha at KPTM.

Think About This: "When you feel inspired, more than ordinary thinking is involved. There is a sense of being uplifted, of suddenly breaking through. Old boundaries fall away, and one feels, if only for a moment, a rush of liberation" ~ Deepak Chopra

January 25, 2010

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Caught up with Tulsan now turned Texan KYLE KLEINECKE, who is heading up the creative efforts at the NBC Fox duopoly in Wichita Falls, TX. He’s been there a bit…slid in under the radar. Well Dunne! Kyle.

Betting on the joy of creating great shows is RYAN LOETSCHER, who spent his last day as CSD at KRNV Reno this last Friday. Ryan said adieu to the Sunbelt-owned NBC affil and is going to start producing content for web-based viewing. He’s very excited about it and that enthusiasm was catchy. Sounds like he’s following his passion, and that’s really the best way to live. Stay in touch, Ryan, and best of luck!

Anybody else wonder about the cost of the Mass Effect 2 game spot during the playoffs yesterday? A 2 minute commercial with voiceover by MARTIN SHEEN. Wow.

Blogging the commercials at SuperBowl…yep, that’s what Well Dunne! is going to do. For the last five years, promo pros have been asked to share their “Favorite Spot” on the Big Game. So shall it be this year, but with a modern twist. During the game, updates on great spots will appear on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Then  a summary will be put on the blog. Want to play? Let me know. Grab me on any of the social media. My invites are going out this week and it will be a good blend of volunteers who really know what makes great spots.

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