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August 22, 2016

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When the email from former CSD LAUREN RIDGLEY popped into the Inbox, it seemed like it would be about her adventures as a new mom to an adorable little one. Well, it kinda was, in a way. Lauren sounded like a proud parent of sorts in sharing the news that LACY LEVASSEUR got named Promotion Manager at ABC affil WSOC in Charlotte. Lauren hired Lacy out of a Palm Springs station to come work at Hearst’s WISN in Milwaukee and the rest is, as the old expression goes, history. From Milwaukee, Lacy was off to the Queen City where she wrote and produced and now has been named to her first management title. Isn’t it great to hear a ‘former boss’ (or better yet let’s say mentor) call you brilliant?! Ms. Lacy is on a well deserved vacay at the moment, with her two adorable little ones who pop up on WSOC promos now and then) but would tell us she’s a Michigan State grad. All happiness and a sweet Well Dunne! 

One little one who used to be in WCNC promos left for college this weekend. How is that even possible? Well Dunne! Rose Vermette, whose father GREG VERMETTE is my all time favorite and is holding down the creative fort in Philadelphia at Center City Film and Video.

Think About This:  “Parents rarely let go of their children, so children let go of them.
They move on. They move away.
The moments that used to define them are covered by
moments of their own accomplishments.

It is not until much later, that children understand;
their stories and all their accomplishments, sit atop the stories
of their mothers and fathers, stones upon stones,
beneath the water of their lives.”  ~ Paulo Coelho

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August 19, 2016

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In between his travels and workload, we’re thrilled to get to spend Five Minutes With a PROMAX Board member and industry leader CHRIS SLOAN. Chris is the co-founder of 2C Creative, the Miami-based production entity that produces TV programming as well as attention-garnering promos for just about every network. Chris work-life balance is remarkable; his love of aviation has turned into a business that he loves as well. Doubly happy and well deserving. Let’s hear from Chris: 

2C Creative is going strong. How did you get it started?

After enjoying careers on the network side of the business, my wife, Carla, and I founded 2C Creative (then known as 2C Media) in 2005. This was really a turning point for us in recognizing the best way to play to our strengths and, frankly, do it in a place we loved. We had straddled both coasts for some time, working in LA and NY, and 2C brought us to Miami. The weather is great. The people are great. The city has incredible energy.  It’s a world city that doubles as a resort. As hard as we work during the week, we play hard on the weekends in this resort town. I always tell people, when you work at 2C – You do high-end work like you live in NYC, DC, LA, or Atlanta, but you don’t have to endure the traffic, subways, high cost of living, or most importantly – WINTER!

Most exciting project you have been involved with.

On the promo side, we’ve been elated to get the opportunity to work on spots for the past two NBC Olympics broadcasts, which had tremendous, high-profile visibility. Our “Mayweather-Pacquiao” campaign for HBO was also quite exciting.

On the original content side, we’ve gotten a thrill out of creating/producing every single one of our 6 series so far, but we’re particularly pumped for our upcoming reality series, “Dr. Miami,” which we just sold to WE tv.

My first big break was …when I was hired at 16 to produce, shoot and edit a fishing show – “Jimmy Houston Outdoors” and it’s still on the air to this day. I had to clean and dive into 2,000-gallon fish tanks.

Favorite way to jumpstart a stalled creative streak

I head out on my kayak into the Ocean. Being on the water allows me to achieve a clear mental state. Manatees and Dolphins are affable creatures to bounce ideas off. 

Best quick office-type energy boost is

I just gaze out the window of our offices which overlook the Ocean and beautiful Biscayne Bay.

You love aviation. And write about it. How did that start?

I’ve considered myself an “avgeek” for as long as I can remember, my interest in aviation growing out of a fascination of the inner-workings of Miami International Airport. This interest became a hobby that I pursued through plane spotting, collecting memorabilia and securing seats on the first flights of newly launching aircraft.

In 2003, I founded the aviation history/memorabilia site Airchive.com and have, since then, expanded its focus to include commercial airline industry news and analysis, with a staff of reporters stationed around the world. The news site—now known as AirwaysMag.com—has become a leading industry resource with stories and reporters often cited by major news organizations like Forbes, Business Insider, CNN and others. It’s very nerdy but allows me to exercise my journalism passion and go on some very exotic, unsusual trips – often for free. For me, getting there by plane is most of the fun. Weird I know…

Latest campaign or spot you worked on and for whom

Two of our latest projects include the NBC Olympics Rio 2016 Opening Ceremony promo and the graphics package for CNN’s coverage of the presidential elections. Ask me in 2 months and our tremendous 2C Creative Team will have created new magic that I’ll be just as enthused by.

Favorite commercial or promo of all time

MTV’s “The State,” where the critics basically crapped on the show with bad reviews & quotes, and it ends with a quote that “The executive who greenlit this piece of shit should be given a urine exam.” It got my attention to tune in and you know what? The critics were right.

You made the switch from local marketing to more…how did you do that? 

I actually began in national marketing and promo. I made the switch to local (that I still love) for 3 ½ run years to run marketing for a very innovative group of stations at the time known best for WAMI in Miami where we produced 10 hours of local programming a day from a store front glass studio in Miami Beach. The work I did and people I worked with made it my most enjoyable creative experience.

Best part of being on the PROMAX Board.

Who wouldn’t love the opportunity to not only surround themselves with the brightest minds in the business, but also work together to positively influence the future of the marketing, promotion and design industry? I love this re-energized organization. It has been very good to me and to many others. I felt I needed to give back. I encourage people out there to get involved. 

You have 10 minutes to kill online. What sites do you visit?

Aviation websites clearly top that list, but also Twitter, Bring a Trailer, Jalopnik, Funny or Die, and any website to do with the Florida Keys.

Who would you like to spend “Five Minutes With”?

I would say my idol – TED Turner. Are you listening, TED? I know you like bison. I am buying. We can eat at one of your Ted’s Montana Grills.  #

Monday, we’ll tell you about WSOC’s new Promo Manager, a lovely talent who has been called brilliant by her former boss. Yeah. Brilliant. Well Dunne! LACY LEVASSEUR. Details coming…

Think About This:  “If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional, wait til you see what it costs to hire an amateur.”  ~ favorite new LinkedIn post

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January 28, 2016

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Things are hot in Charlotte at the moment. You have the Panthers ready to take their nearly perfect season to the Super Bowl…and you have a new Promotion Manager and Senior Producer over at Cox’s ABC affil WSOC.  TIM RICE is the man with the Promo plan having come out of NBC’s KXAS in DFW where he was Sr. Producer. The Washington State grad, now on the east side of the Mississippi, has worked all over the country so he must have adventure in his blood. From Columbia, SC (so close to Charlotte) to Yakima, Washington, he’s been creative and technical at the same time. Well Dunne! Tim. 

Besides being mom to two absolutely adorable little ones, LACY LEVASSSEUR has been promoted to Senior Producer for WSOC. Yes, that’s her in the helicopter on a recent shoot. The Michigan State Spartan learned her craft at KESQ out in Palm Springs and then under the lovely LAUREN RIDGLEY at WISN in Milwaukee. Well Dunne! Lacy.

Job AlertDirector of Marketing KAUZ/KSWO Lawton OK/Wichita Falls TX


Think About This: “It is to our own detriment that we underestimate the might of small and simple things.”  ~ Richelle E. Goodrich

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February 26, 2013

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Scooting through the Midwest between blizzards (sidebar – get apology from that nasty little groundhog up in Pennsylvania who promised spring) is the relatively daunting task facing a TV creative who’s “one to watch”.  LACY LEVASSEUR is the traveler in question. She has traversed a route from Hearst’s WISN in Milwaukee to Cox’s WSOC in Charlotte. Along for the journey is Lacy’s hubby and her 7 month old daughter, Perry. Ms. Lacy will continue to do her fab creative promo writing and producing in The Queen City but will miss WISN CSD LAUREN RIDGLEY like mad. Ms. Lacy is a California girl as well as a Michigan State grad who has worked in Palm Springs, and I bet she’s missing those perfect desert temps. A big Well Dunne! to Lacy. Call when you are safe in Charlotte. We need to make sure she’s not stuck in all that snow. 

Think About This: "Our concern must be to live while we’re alive… to release our inner selves from the spiritual death that comes with living behind a facade designed to conform to external definitions of who and what we are."  ~  Elizabeth Kubler-Ross


Friday, January 7, 2011

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Sorry for the delay in getting the posts up. Seems there was a technical glitch and now it’s all fixed. The wonderful BRANDON ANJELENO is the IT Go-To Guy. He’s also a great voice who is signed with Well Dunne!

Isn’t this the prettiest name – LACY LeVASSEUR. She’s the newest member of the Creative Services Team at WISN, Hearst’s ABC affil in Milwaukee. Her official first day was December 27, and she’s been freelancing for CSD LAUREN RIDGLEY since October. Lacy is coming from Palm Springs, CA where she was Sr. Producer at KESQ, the ABC affiliate in the high desert. Yeah, there is definitely a difference in climate, but fear not. Lacy attended school at Michigan State where she played NCAA Women’s Softball. While in Michigan she also interned in the Creative Services Department of FOX Detroit, WJBK, writing topicals and learning her way around a newsroom. And keeping warm in the winter months. She’s a winner and will love writing and producing for the lovely Lauren. Well Dunne! Lacy.

WPHL in Philly is looking for a Creative Services coordinator. Yeah, it’s all on the website.

You sitting in a comfortable spot, feeling pretty good? Got a little extra cash that can go to a VERY good cause? Then click here and help out a super photog who had a horrible thing happen.

Show of hands…anyone here been to Lithuania? I have to Google it myself, but for those who are in the know, you can now carry the scent of the country with you in the form of a new perfume. Imagine the possibilities for some of your favorite (or the shrill of the unfavorite) places that might follow suit. Eau de East St. Louis? 

Of course you want to read an article entitled How To Sell Like A Porn Star.

Think About This:
“Be aware of wonder. Live a balanced life–learn some and think some and draw and paint and sing and dance and play and work every day some.” ~ Robert Fulghum