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June 11, 2019

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Watz goin’ on? Been waiting to use that line and today it’s happening. The Watz in question is LARRY WATZMAN, the highly creative promo pro who is moving to the desert. Yes, he’s going to enjoy the no humidity warmth that makes you feel so good…never sticky…that Las Vegas offers. He’s headed to Scripps to head up the marketing efforts of KNTV, ABC in Sin City. He’s leaving behind the head job at WBNS in Columbus, Ohio, where his lovely #2 JENNY DOLPH has been tapped as Interim CSD.  Actually, Larry’s title at WBNS was Director of Marketing, Design and Creative Services. I didn’t ask the official title at the new place. He’s worked with my favorite editor when he was VP of Creative Services in Philly at Comcast. Other titles along the way include VP of Marketing and Brand Development at NBC’s KXAS in DFW, and Marketing Director for Tegna’s Buffalo and Atlanta operations. He’s gonna love Vegas and gonna heat up the marketing even more than the summer temps. Well Dunne! Larry.

Job Alert – Promotions Manager KMID Odessa TX

Job Alert – Creative Services Producer/Artist WKMG Orlando (work with a GREAT TEAM)

In one of the most dynamic television markets, you’ll have the opportunity to design and create visually engaging graphics and promotions to appear in newscasts, on-air promotions, commercials, print, billboards, the list goes on!  Do you know 3D, After Effects, can edit and are uber-creative?  Then this could be the job for you!

Qualified candidate must be a strong designer, creative thinker and editor with eye for layout.  The position requires a person who can conceptualize and edit promos, create, design, animate graphics and create print and animated ads for all platforms.

Mastery of non linear editing, preferably, Premiere and the Adobe Creative Cloud (including Photoshop, Illustrator, After Effects).  Strong proficiency in Cinema 4D a must.

  • Responsibilities Must be available to work evenings, weekends and holidays as assigned.
  • Expertise on social media platforms including Facebook, Twitter and Instagram.
  • Ability to communicate effectively.
  • Ability to meet tight deadlines under pressure and manage multiple projects.
  • Key qualities are the ability to create, edit, apply creative direction, animate, work well with other people and contribute to a team effort.
  • Must possess valid driver’s license with a driving record acceptable to the Company.


  • At least 2 years of experience that includes non-linear editing and videography at a local television station or equivalent experience.
  • Experience creating motion, web and print graphics.
  • Conceptualize, write, produce and edit news/station image, entertainment and community service project promos as assigned for platforms including radio and digital/social media.
  • Photoshop, Illustrator and After Effects
  • Writing for television a plus.

To Apply   Reel of work is required.  Qualified applicants submit cover/resume to: kpeoples@wkmg.com or clickorlando.com    No Phone Calls Please   Any offer of employment is conditional on successful completion of pre-employment drug screen, investigative background check, employment/education verifications and reference checks.

Think About This: “You are all the places you have been, the sights you have seen, the marvels you have achieved and every soul you have touched. Each passing moment is another brushstroke on the canvas. So rise, live always with passion and heart, and someday you will look back on your life and see a work of art.”  ~  Beau Taplin, The Masterpiece

April 30, 2019

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Doing TV in Hawaii is a plumb job, despite any drawback one could encounter. Of course, their time difference makes it difficult to get hold of people so emailing has to be the only option. But that makes it harder to get the feel of folks, such as JESSE MACADANGDANG, who is helming the creative for Nexstar’s KHON at the moment. But whether he’s there for the duration or a fill-in was not made clear. Thought it would be too much fun not to mention it, so there you go. Jesse, give me the scoop.

When a station does an especially good job doing anything, it should be noted. So Well Dunne! to WFAA who has the Facebook news story posting down to a fine art. You should follow them and learn from the master(s).

Job Alert – work with LARRY WATZMAN and a great station WBNS Columbus, Ohio as a writer produder. It’s a rare opening and one that you’ll be amazed at….

Job Alert – Director, Affiliate Relations NBC U LA

Job Alert – Promo Producer WNTZ Alexandria La

Think About This: “This being human is a guest house. Every morning a new arrival. A joy, a depression, a meanness, some monetary awareness comes as an unexpected visitor. Welcome and entertain them all! Even if they are a crowd of sorrows, who violently sweep your house, empty it’s furniture, still treat each guest honorably. He may be clearing you out for some new delight. The dark thought, the shame, the malice. Meet them at the door laughing and invite them in. Be grateful for whatever comes, because each has been sent as a guide from beyond.”  ~  Rumi

April 20, 2018

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A this-and-that, how did the week fly by catch-all today. Let’s start with JENNY DOLPH, the very talented writer producer for LARRY WATZMAN at WBNS in Columbus. Now Jenny is the very engaged lady, having said yes while on a tropical vacation. SO excited. All happiness Jenny.

From the Best GM Ever side of the fence comes the nicest story about KMOV’s MIKE MURPHY. With a great Irish name like that, you know he’s got that special spark and to show it, Mr. M was the kind gentleman who stopped and changed a flat tire for a stranded motorist on the notorious Highway 44 in St. Louis. He could have motored by and hit his office overlooking the Arch, but he stopped and, despite the zooming traffic (St. Louis drivers are anything but slow) he did a good deed. The lady in question was an oncology nurse. And a die hard watcher of KMOV. She sent the nicest email to MEGAN HANNIGAN ORF who posted it. A huge Well Dunne! to Mike. Let’s all find a way to pay it forward this Friday.

Job Alert – Promotion Producer WRC Washington DC job40296BR

Anybody see that Bob Woodward of Deep Throat fame is teaching a Master Class on Investigative Reporting? Yeah that does sound interesting.

Think About This:  Kindness is an inner desire that makes us want to do good things even if we do not get anything in return. It is the joy of our life to do them. When we do good things from this inner desire, there is kindness in everything we think, say, want and do.”  ~ Emmanuel Swedenborg

February 27, 2018

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Heading to a new job and much better weather is one of the best around, J.R. VANWASSENHOVE. Unashamedly a favorite. He’s taking the Promo Manager slot at Graham Media’s WKMG, the CBS station in Orlando. Extra bonus points for those who know that WKMG stands for Katherine M Graham, the female media exec who really knew what leadership meant. She was amazing. If you don’t know about her…google it. Better, read a book about her or, if needs must, watch The Post and marvel at how much Meryl Streep looks like her. Back to our man J.R. who left a sweet slot at one of the best TV shops around, WBNS in Columbus. He had a great boss (talking to you LARRY WATZMAN) so why did J.R. leave? To take care of his dad who fought a very brave, very long cancer battle. As a matter of fact, J.R. has made several decisions based on family needs…and that makes him what Midwesterners call ‘good people.’  J.R. is one of those amazing Full Sail creative who has put the magic in work for Fox Sports South, WXIA in Atlanta, and WLWT in Cincinnati. WKMG CSD KYM PEOPLES has gotten tres lucky and all good things are going to happen. Shout out to HR person deluxe DONNA ANSLEY. BTW,  J.R., the Big O has grown like mad since you were last Winter Parking but you’ll know your basic way around.. . Well Dunne! J.R.

Job Alert – Promo Producer WMAQ Chicago

Job Alert – Promo Producer WTAE Pittsburgh (work with Tracy Acord Oliver!)

Think About This: “Teach them the quiet words of kindness, to live beyond themselves. Urge them toward excellence, drive them toward gentleness, pull them deep into yourself, pull them upward toward manhood, but softly like an angel arranging clouds. Let your spirit move through them softly.” ~ Pat Conroy, Prince of Tides

June 22, 2017

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Hope you’re reading this over your morning cup of (iced) coffee. That way, you can make sure to be at T-H-E session in Vegas. It’s happening at 4 in the afternoon over at Grand Ballroom F at the Mirage. It’s Battle of the Promo Superstars, hosted (moderated, emceed…) by the one and only DAVE BAUMANN. Dave is a man of taste and style who’s Marketing and Creative Director for Stephen Arnold Music. Stephen, btw, has the best hair in the business. Back to Dave, who’s wrangled five incredible CSD’s who’ll go head-to-head with the same story to see who rocks the ‘best’ promo. Competing are LARRY WATZMAN of WBNS/Columbus Ohio, JAMIE HOLMES of KPTV/Portland O, SCOTT ALTUS of KOMO/Seattle, ROBYN KEENEY of KOVR/Sacramento and KELLEN DARGLE of WKYT in Lexington. Robyn is a grad of our Topical Boot Camp, so the Vegas odds are on her (shameless self promotion) as the spot that ya’ll remember best. Right SYDNEY? Bet they’re all going to inspire. As the old radio drag race spots used to say, Be There!

Job Alert – Manager News and Digital Promotion WNBC NYC

Observations from SYDNEY RUBIN from PROMAX/Vegas: Well Dunne! to the Sony Distribution folks – talkin’ to you RACHEL MIZUNO– on The Goldbergs presentation: an 80’s classroom. Very clever and on theme with the show. They didn’t just phone it in. They topped it off with a clear plastic zip “pencil bag” from that era filled with the erasers of the time and Pop Rocks.

What’s with the tabloid-type shows? A trend? Did anybody think to have temp tattoos for the tabs as a promo? Washable…

Think About This:  “We make a living by what we get, we make a life by what we give.”
~ Sir Winston Churchill

December 2, 2016

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It’s so exciting when you spot talent when they just begin a career…then watch when they grow and hone that talent. It’s like watching a gorgeous flower bloom. Then when something great happens to them, its even more thrilling than normal. Let’s point to one up and coming talent named JENNY DOLPH, who TERRY KOWALSKI discovered when the two of the were doing that promo thing in South Bend Indiana. Not that she was a newbie…Ms. Jenny had gotten a degree from Purdue and had done production and promo and web editing at such places as WLFI, WSJV and Gray Interactive. She calls herself a ‘Jen of all trades’. When Jenny stepped up to Pittsburgh as News Brand Producer for WTAE in Steel Town, she was doing super work. CSD TRACY ACCORD OLIVER was a super boss, and Jenny hates saying goodbye, but she’s off to Columbus, Ohio to work for LARRY WATZMAN at WBNS. Love watching this flower bloom! Well Dunne! Jenny. She starts Dec12, beating Santa to the holiday punch.

Lovely to see ANNIE ROHRS get promoted. She’s now Director Public Relations at CBS Interactive, upped from her role as Sr. Manager. She’s done communications for NFL and Yahoo as well. Well Dunne! Annie.

Job Alert – Creative Services Producer WKBT La Crosse WI

Job Alert – Creative Services Director WFXT Ft Myers FL

Job Alert – VP Creative Services WTVJ Miami

Think About This:  “You don’t have to remind a flower when its time to bloom is near; it has been preparing for it all of its life.” ~  Matshona Dhliwayo


Copyright © 2016 Well Dunne! Talent/KD Bacon



May 10, 2016

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LARRY WATZMAN is always full of surprises – always doing that little unexpected thing that makes his work (and his life) ever so interesting. One such surprise is now public – he’s heading to the long-vacant WBNS Creative Services Director slot in Columbus. In Ohio…the most wonderful name to write. Go ahead…it’s really fun to write. Anyway…Larry is going to start in June at the Dispatch-owned NBC affil in Ohio’s capital. He’ll be departing Tegna’s NBC affil in Atlanta, WXIA, where they just got nominated for a boatload of Emmys. Must have been doing something right. The Boston U grad has worked at Comcast in Philly, where he impressed the best editor I know, as well as headed up creative for NBC in Dallas, WIBV in Buffalo and was part of a Stephen Arnold Music initiative called RevNu (which might not be spelled correctly…). Larry’s a rock star at heart and whenever he comes close to a guitar. Yes, he’s a great source for music knowledge (dibs on Larry should there be a spontaneous trivia game that breaks out with him nearby). So, for Larry, it’s Hello Columbus. Well Dunne!


Job Alert – Marketing Director WXIA Atlanta 



Sincere sympathy going out to PR man RAY ECKE, whose father made his transition.  He was no doubt proud of Ray, who is a super great guy.

Is this face red? Oh yeah, brilliantly red. Last week, you read about John Goodman and his new job at LA’s The Hit House as VP of Music Supervision. Well, as it’s not John but JESSE GOODMAN with that new music gig. I am SO sorry.  The actor John Goodman isn’t a very nice guy at all, and I know Jesse is. So it’s a double extra super uber apology and I owe Jesse a drink. You owe him your business. 

Think About This:  “All men make mistakes, but a good man yields when he knows his course is wrong, and repairs the evil. The only crime is pride.”  ~ Sophocles, Antigone

Copyright 2016 © Kate Bacon / Well Dunne! Talent

August 24, 2015

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Beautiful Downtown Burbank…any of you remember or have seen the Johnny Carson running gag about NBC’s location? Johnny would be amazed at how Burbank has come around. It’s quite the place to office, eat, shop and live. Home to all kinds of entertainment companies and studios, it’s also where ED TUDOR is heading and will be starting his new job September 14. He’s been tapped to be Director of Affiliate Marketing for ABC, which means he’ll be moving from the east coast all the way to the west. Ed is giving up his Director of Marketing and Programming job at WVEC in Norfolk, VA. The Florida gator has worked at some amazingly fab marketing shops, like WJXT in Jacksonville, KHOU in Houston and KARK in Little Rock. He’s multi-talented and this new gig is perfect for him. Well Dunne! Ed.

Is there any better place than Hawaii for people in love? No. This weekend, Hawaii was the site for the beautiful marriage of JEREMY CLAYPOOL, Promo Manager of Fox in LA, and his lovely bride LAUREN. They are the greatest couple! So much energy and so elegant. Hawaii also hosted Jeremy’s boss, JIM LADAS. No Keia La, No Keia Po, A Mau Loa.

LARRY WATZMAN who heads up creative at Atlanta’s WXIA  had a star-studded shoot last Friday. While taping LESTER HOLT of NBC Nightly News, who showed up but JEFF DANIELS, who plays main anchor Will McAvoy on HBO’s cable news operation series, The Newsroom. Well Dunne! Larry.

Job Alert – Sr. Writer Producer Fox Broadcasting Co Los Angeles Job 24792781

Think About This: “I have one life and one chance to make it count for something… My faith demands that I do whatever I can, wherever I am, whenever I can, for as long as I can with whatever I have to try to make a difference.”  ~ Jimmy Carter


Copyright 2015 © Kate Bacon / Well Dunne! Talent


January 30, 2014

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Well, at least you weren’t in Atlanta’s traffic nightmare. That’s something to be very thankful for, indeed. LARRY WATZMAN, Director of Marketing and Creative Services at Gannett’s WXIA in the Big A hunkered down for the night on an air mattress, which is a couple of hundred steps above freezing in your car sans salle de bain. 

Meanwhile, to the west, in Des Moines, IA, more used to ice, snow and resultant traffic, comes word that PETER ZEMANSKY is now the #2 man at Hearst’s KCCI. CSD NICK ALLARD is thrilled with him and promoted him from a writing and producing slot. Peter a Drake grad who’s interned at NBC News in DC as well as been a print reporter. Well Dunne! Peter.

Also at KCCI, taking the writer producer slot Peter left vacant is new-to-the-biz MARK PETERSON. Mark is an Iowa State U grad and an Iowa native. Love to see the start of a creative career. Well Dunne! Mr. P.

Job AlertAssistant Creative Services Director WRTV Indianapolis



Think About This:  "For me, I am driven by two main philosophies: know more today about the world than I knew yesterday and lessen the suffering of others. You’d be surprised how far that gets you.”  ~ Neil deGrasse Tyson


August 27, 2013

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Getting around Hot-lanta is not going to be any trouble at all for LARRY WATZMAN. Of course, traffic is going to be worse than he remembers it. He’s going back to the Georgia capital as the Director of Marketing and Creative Services at Gannett’s WXIA. The move is actually a promotion from within the Gannett family, since he has been the head creative at their Buffalo, NY NBC affil, WGRZ. Larry and family are going to love the hub of the South and he’ll be returning to a city he knows from the days of working for CNN. He’ll be back in Dixie by the middle of September. Well Dunne! Larry.

Job Alert – Promo Producer at Palm Beach for WPEC and TERRY MCFARLANE
CBS 12 in West Palm Beach is looking for the next news topical star. What’s it take to land this job? It all starts with great copy. Taking news stories and developing compelling, tightly written copy to sell them. The words come first. FCP skills and the ability to think beyond a topical news template are essential. Spreading the message via social media is also part of the job. Shooting skills are a plus.
As a bonus, you’ll have warm weather, beautiful beaches and an outstanding team to work with. Sound like you? Let us hear from you! 

Job Alert – Senior Graphic Designer KOVR Sacramento and DON SMITH 

Smart?  Talented?  A little “off-center”?  Read on! 1331Creative, the marketing team at KOVR/KMAX in Sacramento, CA is looking for a highly creative artist to join our award-winning group. This CBS-owned duopoly is not your typical(boring) TV station.  Nope.  We have fun.  We take chances.  We even make a few misatkes.  We do it all in the spirit of creativity.  Our goal is to produce smart work, exceed client/viewer expectations and have a blast doing it.

This position will work on high-end projects with the station’s commercial production team as well as the promotion and art peeps.  We’re a little weird.  A lot geeky.  And we love to laugh… often. Sounds like your kind of place?  Before you march into your boss’s office and quit… here’s what we need from you:

  • A killer reel! (you’d be surprised how many resumes we get without a reel… we need to see what you can do!) 
  • Expert knowledge of After Effects, Photoshop, Illustrator, Final Cut Pro and Star Wars 
  • A passion for producing motion graphics that break through the clutter 
  • You MUST be a team player who enjoys collaborating and brainstorming while discussing Sharknado 
  • C4D & compositing experience bumps you to the top of the list 
  • Ability to shoot video and still photography along with experience directing talent is a huge plus 
  • Sharp attention to detail and accuracy;  ability to make tight deadlines 
  • Agency or post house experience preferred

Listen up you runners, walkers and bikers – want to make that run/walk/ride even better? Then get the Charity Miles app   It’s marketing brilliance imo, and a free download which earns money for your hard workouts. Seriously, I want to hear from you when you do this. A real win-win.


On behalf of SHORTY BACON and the latest edition to the family PATCH, hope you had fun with your pup on NATIONAL DOG DAY!

Think About This: "The reason we struggle with insecurity is because we compare our behind-the-scenes with everyone else’s highlight reel."  ~  Steve Furtick



October 24, 2012

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JOHN NILSEN took I-90 West from Albany, where he was working at WTEN, Young Broadcasting’s ABC affil in New York’s capital, and is now happily working as a promo producer for CSD LARRY WATZMAN at Gannett’s WGRZ. Before joining the NBC affil, John was handling commercial production work at the station where he began his TV career as an intern.  He’s a grad of Vermont’s Lyndon State College in the maple syrup state. Did you know Vermont also is quite noted for their vodkas? Yes, they are indeed. Oh, John also ran camera and edited the Vermont Frost Heaves for Turner. That Larry…has a real eye for talent. Well Dunne! John.

Job Alert – Senior Art Director QVC in Pennsylvania

Job Alert – Sr. Manager VOD Marketing at Time Warner Cable NYC

Think About This: “I believe God knew exactly where you would be right now and exactly what you would be like. He knew about your passions and gifts and the platform you have. In fact, I believe He was very purposeful in designing your life. He made you to be uniquely significant and to have an eternal impact on the world around you.”  ~ Tony Dungy (thanks KEVIN KOLBE CSM of WRAZ in Raleigh)


May 26, 2011

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Uber talented LARRY WATZMAN is so much closer to his family, he’s already getting ready for those Sunday dinners where you catch up and overeat.  What got Larry into the family way, so to speak, is his new gig at Buffalo’s NBC affil, WGRZ. He’s now their Marketing Manager and he’s loving it. Larry has been doing that creative thing in Philly for Comcast, WFAA and KXAS in DFW as well as heading up ReVNew. But he’s putting family first and that makes for a happy man. Well Dunne! my friend.

Larry, you have to meet LISA SCOTT, one of Well Dunne! Talent’s super voices. She lives in Buffalo but you hear her everywhere.

Condolences to Well Dunne! Talent’s NICK SANABRIA who lost his beloved dog Annie to cancer. She was always at his feet in his studio, and that leaves a hole in the heart.

Open Creative Services Director slots as of today: WICS/Springfield IL, KPHO/Phoenix, WGNO/New Orleans, WGMB/Baton Rouge, WSWB/Monterrey, WESH/Orlando. More open slots tomorrow.

If any of you can…if any of you want…find a way to help the people who have had their lives touched so cruelly by the tornadoes.

Think About This: “Success lies in doing not what others consider to be great, but what you know to be right.”

November 23, 2010

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Former WCNC – NBC Charlotte Art Director DOUGLAS KARABASZ became a dad on November 22. Welcome to the world Miss Eashaa, who is going strong and healthy on her first 24 hours. Mom, baby and Dad are happy, well, and going to have a special Thanksgiving down in Houston, where Douglas is starting his own financial business. Well Dunne! Karabasz family.

Want or need one of the best, most creative promo writers/producers and all involved? Then you need NY-based BARRY FITZSIMMONS who just wrapped up the latest NBC News promo with Brian Williams.  Here’s the skinny on that. And he’s a novelist to boot! One day soon, I’ll get to tell you about his new book.

Great article about former station-side promo pro and favorite LARRY WATZMAN…he’s heading up Revnew. Check it out.

Colin Powell brilliantly lists the six factors he sees for anyone who wants to be a leader. Definitely worth the click…

Have pretty girls gone to the dogs? Well, yes. At least in the world of advertising. Sex sells, but so do schnauzers. Read about it here.

Think About This:
“As we express our gratitude, we must never forget that the highest appreciation is not to utter words, but to live by them.” ~ John F. Kennedy


May 7, 2010

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An exciting new job is in the future for LARRY WATZMAN. He’ll be stepping down from his current role of Creative Services Director at NBC’s KXAS in Dallas/Ft. Worth and stepping into a newly created slot with Stephen Arnold Music. Means he and the fam won’t have to pack any boxes at all. And his new office is going to be so close to his house (a rarity in DFW) that it’s almost like not having a commute at all. His new title is President of Revnew TV focusing on creative and sales marketing for TV stations and networks. He starts June 7. Kudos and Well Dunne! to you Mr. Larry!

Need a bright idea? Emphasis on the word bright. This is guaranteed to work.

For the hard to please man on your gift list…a White Castle scented candle…!!?

Think About This: "Love and compassion are necessities, not luxuries. Without them, humanity cannot survive." ~ The Dalai Lama