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June 15, 2018

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The one and only RAY ECKE, who is a PR man deluxe and writes so well, he writes for us. This is his take on the first two days of PROMAX NYC. You know, Big Kids PROAX. So thrilled he was able to catch up with CHRIS SLOAN and MIKE BENSON.

PromaxBDA 2018: New York – Reporter’s Notebook

By Ray Ecke, Well Dunne Talent correspondent

Day 1:

“Man that is a long line,” said one PromaxBDA attendee as the escalator delivered him to the 2nd floor of the New York Hilton and greeted him with a registration line that snaked seemingly the length of an entire city block.

Yes, lines suck, but the sessions and all around good vibes present here would made it all worth the wait.

Scott Rogowsky, the comic and host and creator of the groundbreaking mobile app game show HQ Trivia, began day one with a quick game of trivia and joked about how the Grand Ballroom here also the site of the Trump campaign’s victory party in 2016 and that we had to work hard to exercise those demons.

From there he introduced Dawn Ostroff, President of Conde Nast Entertainment for an in-depth talk about the state of the TV in the age OTTs like Netflix, YouTube, Hulu growing in dominance. She noted that while content is “queen” that good content not only makes an impact but also is memorable as evidenced by Architectural Digest Open House video series featuring DJ/Producer Zedd that not only got 14 million views but informal market research (she asked her kids) they not saw it but registered the magazine brand behind it.

From there, Ad Age Magazine’s media reporter Jeanine Poggi interviewed Angela Courtin, Global Head of Marketing, YouTube & Originals, followed by Mike Benson, Head of Marketing, Amazon Studios.

Benson, a former marketing executive for ABC, noted how interesting it was for him to be in the audience for the recent Upfronts as a media buyer rather than on stage presenting. “Linear TV still works,” Benson said noting that Amazon bought a Super Bowl ad for the first time to promote the upcoming series Jack Ryan, “but we need to figure out how to better use it.”

The highlight of the day was the conversation with actress Laura Dern and Me Too movement founder Tarana Burke, moderated by ABC’s 20/20 co-anchor Amy Robach.

“We slowly shift culture by shifting our narrative,” said Me Too founder Tarana Burke. “Entertainment industry folks are at the forefront of that.”

“It’s a much larger issue that we all need to consider for the next generation,” Dern added.

Day 2

Second day of PromaxBDA is always my favorite: everyone is settled in and acclimating to the pace, which for sessions at Promax this year has taken on more of a TED-like vibe with 3 mini sessions totaling 90 minutes wrapped under a unifying theme. Plus, Wednesday is always party night for attendees, with shindigs hosted by numerous Promax mainstays such as Stephen Arnold Music, Videohelper and IKA Collective.

One of the more effecting sessions was “Be The Change: Using Your Platform For Social Good” that featured Chris Sloan, Owner/President of 2C Creative; Lara Richardson, Group EVP, Discovery and Science Channel; and Kim Rosenbaum, EVP, Marketing and Chief Creative Officer, Nickelodeon Group.

Sloan, who is also Co-founder of Caleb & Calder Sloan’s Awesome Foundation, the non-profit he founded to honor his late son whose fundraisers and community outreach efforts have benefitted Lehrman Community Day School, Miami Children’s Museum, Centro Mater Child Care Services, #HashtagLunchBag, Operation Puerto Rico Care-Lift, Operation Puerto Rico Gift-Lift and others. Sloan highlighted the work the organization did bringing meals to Puerto Rico’s hurricane victim.

He’s also supporting Operation Backpack, which under the guidance of Rachel Weinstein, VP, Communications & External Relations, was enlisting help from PromaxBDA attendees to fill backpacks with school supplies for thousands of New York City’s homeless children. Weinstein told me she was deeply affected when she noticed many New York City school kids were heading to school without a backpack because they couldn’t afford one, or the school supplies to go inside it. She vowed then to make a difference, and she certainly has. For more information go to www.OperationBackpackNYC.org.

Of course one of the must-see’s was Lee Hunt’s Best Practice’s 2018, which focused media consolidation and the continued trend toward network’s creating their OTT apps and how their promo breaks directed viewers toward these emerging viewing platforms. His complete findings are available at http://leehunt.com/articles/LeeHunt_BestPractices2018_video.pdf.

As for the parties, Stephen Arnold Music’s rooftop soiree was a lot of fun with the music company of course giving away one of its prized guitars. Hanging out was Grammy-winning engineer Juan Cristobal Losada, whose credits include Santana, Jon Secada and Shakira among many others.

The picture is Noelle Alains, Tinsley Bone and Chad Cook of Stephen Arnold Music with lucky winner of their psychedelic guitar.

Think About This: “Great things are not accomplished by those who yield to trends and fads and popular opinion.”  ~  Jack Kerouac

June 17, 2016

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Kudos to the planning folks at PROMAX on the NY Conference. Seriously, it was clockwork. Ideas + perfect scheduling + excellent coffee = major hit. Especially fun was the SyFy futures area, where watching a 3-D printer at work was fascinating. All who did the virtual reality high wire walk loved it as well.

LEE HUNT, who looks a great deal like GRIFFIN DUNNE (!), told an SRO ballroom crowd about his latest Best Practices 2016. Netflix and the way they keep our eyeballs glued to their service was part of the presentation about why viewers really have stopped watching TV as we know it and are taking control of their viewing. So how can a marketer have impact on this disruptive movement? Lee had insight into what types of spots and promos work and don’t work, as well as how to improve commitment to shows via use of marketing tools. Don’t believe that once the show airs, the marketing for that show ends. Research proves it no longer works that way – viewers need post-show marketing pushes to commit to watching, and the post-debut spots are more effective than ever. Lee’s complete presentation is available here. Yes, it’s Must Download TV. And Lee has called for a moratorium on the word Disruptive.

They could have used a room twice the size for Going Off The Grid: TV Branding in a Future Without Channels. HBO’s SABRINA CALUORI (title: SVP Digital Media & Marketing) was charming and insightful sharing the growth of HBO’s digital performance. Facebook’s GWEN THROCKMORTON (title: Head of Industry, US Entertainment, Global Sales, Facebook) was roughly insistent (Only decaf for you from now on, Gwen) that innovative creative is obsolete and even showed a powerpoint slide of a tombstone. Hmm. Nobody else at the Conference held that view. Bottom line is that all new platforms call for creative to match each one. NO tombstones in the future of creative marketers and lots of new options.

New Technology of Storytelling was a major iPhone gold star, with panelists who have produced amazing shows and films using what is possibly in your possession right now. Sharing techniques and war stories from shoots they experienced, WFAA’s MIKE CASTELLUCCI and FILIPE DEANDRADE and a Photog/Director known as JOEY L made the audience want to immediately start their own iPhone productions. It was a highly entertaining session.

BEN SILVERMAN in a Keynote was very clear in differentiating how each platform is different but content always remains the reason for engagement. Content is king…some things never change. Ben’s Propagate Content, where he’s Co-CEO, has shows on traditional nets, streaming and OTTs. 

More tomorrow.

Winners were announced. Were there any surprises. See for yourself.



Think About This: “You can fail at what you don’t want to do, so may as well get on with what you want to do."  ~ John Taylor (thanks STEVE HOUCK)

Copyright 2016 © Kate Bacon / Well Dunne! Talent


June 13, 2013

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Dispatches from PromaxBDA Day 2 & 3   By Ray Ecke

For many creative professionals, the motto is ‘less is more,’ but don’t tell that to the organizers of this year’s PromaxBDA 2014. There were so many fascinating panels Wednesday it was impossible to see them all. Highlights included the State of Design featuring Stephen Price of Stash Magazine showcasing some of the best work of the last year; New Best Practices 2014, in which the always insightful Lee Hunt spoke in detail about measurement and how networks can better retain viewers; and leftchannel’s Alberto Scirocco’s Promo Bootcamp session Internet Killed The Promo Star that discussed new ways to inspire your creative soul and avoid ruts. Day 2 wrapped with an amazing discussion with filmmaker and founder of the El Rey Network Robert Rodriguez. His emphasis on living a full creative life was eye-opening. As he noted, “Ten percent of anything is understanding, the other ninety percent is being creative.” It was also fascinating to learn that he has a paint studio on all of his sets so actors when they are not shooting can go there and paint and “keep their creative juices flowing."

At the hotel bar, I had a chance to sit with voiceover artist and fellow “Jersey boy” Harry Legg (yes he swears that’s his real name). Over Diet Cokes (it was still a little early for drinks) we discussed his transition from radio to voiceovers, and the state of medium of radio in general. Are we the only two people who miss the classic DJs from the old WABC and WNEW New York radio stations? I hope not. If you get a chance to meet Harry, do get his business card, shaped like a hairy leg (get it, hairy leg/Harry Legg).

The night wrapped with a trip downtown to the Videohelper party. Inside their cool space with instruments hanging on every wall, guests were greeted with top shelf booze, a pool table and a free-for-all jam session in their soundproof studio. Spotted at the shindig were Steve Marino, director/CD at Nitrous Studio, master rep Stuart Sternbach of Pangea and design house The Goods’ EP Jason Sonner.

All of which led to the Day 3…

Highlights from the Thursday sessions were “Fresh & Flashy But Familiar: The Art of the Episodic Promo” featuring JD Currey of Fresh Cut Creative and Joe Tamanini of Studio City, who got into ways to liven up your promos; and “A Deep Dive Into The Rebranding of CCTV International” featuring Stephen Arnold and Chad Cook of Stephen Arnold Music, Tim Saunders and Caroline Aldridge of Broadcast Design International and Stefan Mueller of Flint Skallen, which went deep into their collective work for CCTV’s relaunch of 6 channels.

Before that session though, Stephen Arnold Music did its annual guitar giveaway. The winner this year of a Fender Strat signed by Tom Petty was Jon Fox, Executive Creative Director of Hothaus Creative, Atlanta. Later at pre-awards reception Jon wondered about the best way to get the guitar back to Atlanta (definitely on the ‘no’ list was the airline baggage check).

At the awards show, hosted by the very clever comic/actor Jeff Leach, some of the notable winners included Nickelodeon and 20th Century Fox’s Walking with Dinosaurs "Dino Rap"; Comedy Central — Franco Roast in the category of Entertainment Promo Spot; and CBS Television – "Under the Dome" Launch for Entertainment Program Campaign. The Agency of the Year Awards went to L.A.-based Stun Creative (North America), and The Corner London (Global Excellence).

The complete coverage and list of winners is here: (http://brief.promaxbda.org/content/fx-networks-wins-big-at-2014-promaxbda-north-america-awards

Bonnie’s cookin’ on Wednesday

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 BONNIE BARCLAY is cookin….sending all kinds of great pix. If you can’t get the pix via your email subscription, just click here and visit the blog site.

First picture is one of my favorite people… LEE HUNT.

June 30, 2011 .2

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Well Dunne!’s crackerjack stringer RAY ECKE is hard at work at PROMAX, writing up yesterday’s events as he attends today’s sessions. In the meantime, check out the frivolity on the faces of some Maxers on their way to the Intrepid party.  Here’s his WEDNESDAY REPORT

Wednesday report from PR and writer RAY ECKE

…Another amazing day at PromaxBDA here in sunny NYC…
The day began with some great writing insights from the great writer Elmore Leonard and a conversation with CNN’s Anderson Cooper who was interviewed by CBS Early Show co-host Erica Hill. Cooper revealed details about his forthcoming syndicated talk show. “This is not a news program, we think this year we will be the only show on the air that covers a broad spectrum of topics,” Cooper said. “From a big celebrity interview one day, to a hot-button social issue the next day, and the following day an interview with a real person who has a real-life challenge we can all learn from. And pop culture stuff, I am as big a student of pop culture as anyone out there.”
LEE HUNT (KB insert-Lee is one of  the smartest and most visionary…he’s amazing) is always informative “Best Practices” drew huge crowds as he unveiled his latest research into effective promo placement, cross channel promotion and the value of social network sharing apps to network promotion. Lee’s entire presentation is available on his website — http://leehunt.com/
Motionographer’s Justin Cone presented his always-popular State of Design, which focused on best creative design and motion graphics of the year. All of the work shown can be seen at www.motionographer.com/sod2011.
The day ended with the Marketing Genius panel in which 4 promo projects were presented to a panel of experts that included JOHN MILLER,  MO of NBC Universal; Susan Credle, CCO, Leo Burnett; and “30 Rock” co-star Judah Friedlander. The winner was design house Roger’s work on the Scream awards, with STEPHEN ARNOLD  Music’s work on the WGNO’s God Bless Louisiana’s promo campaign coming in a close second.
Looking forward to today’s session with Spike Lee interviewed by Charlie Rose and of course the big Awards extravaganza hosted by my old college buddy Jay Mohr.
Merci Ray!

Job Alert: Manager of Consumer Marketing at Comcast Entertainment in LA – includes on-air, off-air, online, paid media and viral/social media marketing.

Forbes has some unhappy stats to share about the impact of technology and a bad economy on our business: “Broadcast news analysts and advertising and promotions managers experienced five-year declines of 16% and 33% respectively. The adjustment follows a wide-spread media transition to online content and shrinking advertising revenue and budgets”

Think About This: “Sometimes you’ve got to let everything go – purge yourself. If you are unhappy with anything…whatever it is bringing you down, get rid of it. Because you’ll find that when you’re free, your true creativity, your true self comes out.” ~ Tina Turner


April 14, 2010

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PROMAX announced some of the great speakers coming up for the June conference. So glad to see JOHN MILLER of NBC on the list. He’s the most entertaining and interesting presenter. And for those who need an extra reminder, LEE HUNT always blows you away. For the list, click here. http://prod.promaxbda.org/conference/speakers.aspx

Job Alert.  NATPE is looking for a Marketing Assistant. Temp part time… in LA. Info here

Not one of the 88,000 at NAB? Then you missed the session Ad Impressions No Longer Impress. Read about it here.

Hey you graphics and art folks. The Communications Arts Design competition has kicked off. Details here.

We love Betty White. And it’s with great fanfare that Pink’s Hot Dogs, an LA food tradition, is naming a new dog after her when they open their first Valley locale. Read about what makes a Betty dog a Betty dog here.

April 15, take in an empty travel  mug and Starbucks will fill it up – for free! Yep. Cool.

Quick reminder. KATE BACON is the author of the Well Dunne! blog. There’s been some confusion and I want to get you sorted out. Carry on.

Think About This: "Life is simple. Everything happens for you, not to you. Everything happens at exactly the right moment, neither too soon nor too late. You don’t have to like it… it’s just easier if you do." ~ Byron Katie