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July 28, 2014

Jul 27, 2014 by     Comments Off on July 28, 2014    Posted under: Featured

A lot of marketing creative types follow their hearts and either volunteer their time (and/or talents) or actually go to work for organizations making a difference. Not that TV can’t – it can make a difference…a huge difference. Actually, it  should do more of this outreach. But before we go off on a side track, let’s focus on the reason this whole subject is starting your Monday reading. It’s because AMANDA FORD has a generous background working at the Red Cross of North East New York. But the coup de grace – she spent a year teaching English in China. How fabulous is that! She was in Qinhuangdao which is about two hours directly east of Beijing – a gorgeous seaside city. Details must be gathered for such an adventure and will be shared. Meanwhile, Ms. Amanda is back in the states and is the new writer producer for CSD JAMES McKAY at Scripps’ WPTV in another seaside city, West Palm Beach. She’s honed her promo chops at WTEN , WXXA and WNYT, all in Albany, New York’s capital. I guess after a year in China, West Palm won’t be very exotic, but I know her creative will bring sparks. Well Dunne! Amanda.

Getting away from the day to day of a TV station but working the creative video aspects of the job is KEVIN MYERS. He’ now at Best Buy headquarters doing videos for the chain. He’s been CSD at FOX in Minneapolis-St. Paul. Well Dunne! Kevin

Have you seen the Amazing Motion spot for Lexus? Take a moment and check out how they combined art, technology, movement and motion. They shot it in Malaysia, btw. It makes one stop and watch attentively whenever it airs. Wow.

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