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August 12, 2016

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Ah, Friday. The portal to two days of fun, freedom, relaxation and catching up on sleep. Another Friday bene is Five Minutes With. Today, we have the wonderfully talented LORI PATE of Lori Pate +. She’s always on the cutting edge of marketing trends and actually is the instigator of many. The Colorado State alum began her TV marketing career in Denver where she was Design Director for KMGH. She went on to be  Design Director of Starz then was Exec Producer for Three Ring Circus (loved their work!) before joining Lee Hunt as EP where their clients were the top drawer entities. Yeah, she’s amazing..and here she is:

What does Lori Pate+ do exactly? We connect media clients and brands to gold standard strategic and creative resources. I’ve worked closely with Lee Hunt in media strategy for 16 years and have recently added working with creative agency Broadway Video in NYC and LA.

Favorite way to jumpstart a stalled creative streak Worry less. Answers come when you let it go and worry less. 

Best quick office-type energy boost is Get outside. Colorado sunshine and mountain air helps.

Best new tech innovation For what I do, I use LinkedIn every day. Helps me keep up with what people are doing and where they are.

My cell phone is (what is means to you or how you use it…) A great traveling partner

Favorite commercial or promo of all time I’d say the first three totally red and white, logo based Target spots that changed the way they advertise. They led the way in lifestyle image-based spots that weren’t just about showing retail product. They used a big piece of music (Sign of the Times) and focused on the Target logo on everything. Many brands have copied since then, but none had the impact that those first Target spots had on retailing. I’m a bit biased because my good friend and still creative partner Elaine Cantwell did them!

Personality trait you most admire Tactful honesty

Personality trait you wish you had, but don’t Patience

My first big break was : Getting an internship in college at the local television station. Until then, I thought my love of art and design would lead me to being a teacher, painter or interior designer. I had no idea that I could scratch the creative itch in something like television.

You have 10 minutes to kill online. What sites do you visit? houzz.com – we’ve been reinventing a MidCentury house for a couple of years, that’s where all of my spare time goes! 

Who would you like to spend “Five Minutes With”? My parents again. They’re no longer living and now that I’m all grown up, I’ve so many questions I’d love to ask them.

Job Alert – Director of Marketing WTLV/WJXX Jacksonville


Think About This:  "Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn’t go away."  ~ Phillip K. Dick

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