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December 13, 2016

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The powers of ESP. Some believe…some don’t. Perhaps it was ESP that found DOUG DONAHOO written up back in late June as the new CSD of Kansas City’s KCTV. At the time, it wasn’t accurate. Apologies were made – forgiveness bestowed. However, all the signs were there. For instance, Doug’s a KU Jayhawk and the station is not all that far from his alma mater. Yes, he worked at KCTV, the CBS affil, as a Promo Producer before heading to The Duke City and taking on the title of Multi Media Production Supervisor for Hearst’s KOAT. So the ties to KC are deep. The CSD slot has been open a very long time and Doug was a candidate that knew the market, knew the station and had the enthusiastic talent to nail it. Like all good things that are awaited, it’s now official that Mr. D is beginning this very day (if you read this Monday). A wonderful end to a tale of ESP and talent that never gives up. A very sincere and fervent Well Dunne! Doug.

Was watching for MANNY DELA ROSA at the Critics Choice Awards, but didn’t glimpse him. Did anybody?

Think About This:  “The priviledge of a lifetime is being who you are.”  ~ Viola Davis

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December 18, 2015

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Following your heart. It’s what we all yearn to do; it’s on all the HR feel-good posters. But the pursuit of your heart’s desire is not easy; what if we’re not sure what it is we’re to follow? So, like Dorothy in Oz, we experience adventures and misadventures which, in the long run to our surprise, reveal our true longings.  When MANNY DELA ROSA clocks out today (Friday 18th) as Creative Services Director of Palm Springs’ KMIR, he’ll be giving 100% of his attention to his heart’s desire – being Manny The Movie Guy. He’s been the movie reviewer and entertainment reporter at the NBC affiliate, building a major following. Ratings came along too. His reviews have been picked up by news operations who see the fun and attention-garnering segments as a great addition to many newscasts. Taking that leap shows Mr. DLR is following his dream. We all wish him the best and will soon be asking if your station is a good fit for Manny’s marvelous movie coverage. Well Dunne! Manny!

BRAD CRUM of FOX in DC has a very ideal Star Wars experience ahead of him. He’s got tix for Monday at DC’s Uptown Theatre in the Cleveland Park area. It’s where the Force originally showed up. Very cool. Well Dunne! Brad. 

Job Alert – Promo Producer KNXV Phoenix

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December 20, 2013

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MANNY DELA ROSA has his hands full as Marketing Director of KMIR, the NBC affiliate in the Palm Springs market. (Note: who isn’t in love with Palm Springs? OMG…the gorgeous desert and all the twinkly white lights you can envision, with the panache of The Rat Pack lingering in the best of places). But the demands of TV marketing doesn’t stop him from doing so much more. The Purdue grad is making a name for himself as “Manny the Movie Guy”…he reviews films in his own style and bubbles with enthusiasm while doing it. Check out the website. And he’s syndicated…seen on stations coast to coast and the Filipino Channel, too. Did we mention he also does radio appearances? Whew…he must take some powerfully good vitamins! Well Dunne! Mannie.


Job Alert – Marketing Manager WTEN/WXXA Albany NY

Job Alert  – Creative Services Sr Producer NBC Hartford

Job Alert  – Marketing Coordinator/Producer WBRZ Baton Rouge

Job Alert  – Designer KOMO Seatle

For fun – a cute WaPo article on “What I learned from Christmas Commercials”.

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