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January 25, 2010

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Caught up with Tulsan now turned Texan KYLE KLEINECKE, who is heading up the creative efforts at the NBC Fox duopoly in Wichita Falls, TX. He’s been there a bit…slid in under the radar. Well Dunne! Kyle.

Betting on the joy of creating great shows is RYAN LOETSCHER, who spent his last day as CSD at KRNV Reno this last Friday. Ryan said adieu to the Sunbelt-owned NBC affil and is going to start producing content for web-based viewing. He’s very excited about it and that enthusiasm was catchy. Sounds like he’s following his passion, and that’s really the best way to live. Stay in touch, Ryan, and best of luck!

Anybody else wonder about the cost of the Mass Effect 2 game spot during the playoffs yesterday? A 2 minute commercial with voiceover by MARTIN SHEEN. Wow.

Blogging the commercials at SuperBowl…yep, that’s what Well Dunne! is going to do. For the last five years, promo pros have been asked to share their “Favorite Spot” on the Big Game. So shall it be this year, but with a modern twist. During the game, updates on great spots will appear on Twitter, Facebook and LinkedIn. Then  a summary will be put on the blog. Want to play? Let me know. Grab me on any of the social media. My invites are going out this week and it will be a good blend of volunteers who really know what makes great spots.

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