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March 22, 2018

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Way out in the Pacific Northwest, there’s the Yakima Valley, home of wineries and apple orchards and KNDO TV. Yeah, it’s a stretch but work with us here…KNDO has a new Marketing Manager. Welcome WENDY LARLEE to the Cowles owned station. She has a background in product management and we’ll have to catch up with her later this week…busy calendar – no time.

MARYANN BALBO (her picture) is adding VP to her title and heading west to pick up those biz cards. With an impressive background in marketing, she’ll be in Wichita at Cox Media. Her old slot as GM in Huntsville at the CW is gonna miss her! Well Dunne! friend!

Job Alert – Creative Services Manager KSNT Topeka

Job Alert – Art Director Trailer Park Hollywood

Job Alert – Programming and Marketing Strategy Manager KSTU Salt Lake City

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November 13, 2017

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Being a long time advocate that TV marketing and promo people make the best GMs…let’s stop by Huntsville, AL and see what former sales promo pro MARYANN BALBO has been up to. Maryann knocked ‘em dead at WNCN in Raleigh and WTVD, ABC in the same market where she handled marketing for clients that was always spot on. The New York native is now GM at WHDF. Despite the time crunch such a job imposes, she and her son, Mason, have written a book together. How cool is that! Entitled Date Night With Mom, the story is a delightful tale that emphasizes being present and spending time with your children – it’s the best thing a parent can do. Order it as a gift – or for yourself. Let’s hear it for the amazing Maryann! Well Dunne! to you and Mason.


While you have your credit card out…click on your generous switch and hear what 2C Media’s up to now. As you remember, 2C’s CHRIS SLOAN AND CARLA KAUFMAN-SLOAN made a world of differnce for the storm ravaged people of Puerto Rico with their Operation Care-Lift. With the holidays fast upon us, they’ve begun Operation Puerto Rico Gift-Lift for Hurricane Relief. He’s got three Spirit Airlines A20 jets ready to load up with holiday cheer. Help them ensure the children of Puerto Rico have a wonderful holiday, no matter what. If you feel so inclined, click here and let the holiday generosity flow.

Job Alert – CSD WSYM Lansing MI


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August 1, 2017

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A new month – the perfect time to consider something afresh. How about the concept of paying it forward. The marvelously talented GM MARYANN BALBO of WHDF in Huntsville recently did a LinkedIn post asking who in your past gave you a break, citing that none of us are born into the jobs we do to bring home the bacon (so to speak). Apologies to any royalty reading this. Once in LA, a producer was challenged on this point, not wanting to give a writer a project. The writer snapped “Tell me how to spell your name again…Oprah might want you on the show, seeing as you’re the only producer ever born to the role.” The concept of seeing something in someone, sensing that they have abilities and talents they aren’t currently using is one of the marks of a leader. MIKE STEWART, CSD of KFMB in San Diego just sent his, as if on cue: “I love giving opportunities to people who have that “something” inside of them that transcends a résumé. Trust me, I’ve been there… time to pay it forward!” Since there are no mistakes – it’s pretty obvious that paying it forward is the theme of August. Mike has hired CASEY NAKAMURA. If you read this on Tuesday, it’s his first as producer at the CBS affil. More from Mike: “He’s a really bright, multi-talented producer who was recently freelancing for corporate videos. He had produced for KUSI a few years ago and he does a lot of work editing videos for competitive video game tournaments.” I sense that it’s all good from here on our for Casey, and Mike, and KFMB…Well Dunne! Casey.

Are you paying it forward?


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April 22, 2015

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One of the most amazing discoveries about life is that there’s a synchronicity to events that defy explanation. Like when there’s a lot of news happening in one specific market at one time. Like today….that market is Raleigh, where two cool events are transpiring. First, there’s WTVD’s MARYANN BALBO. She’s a dynamo who has a real knack for marketing in the true sense of the word, always coming up with Win-Win situations for clients and the station needs. She’s been the Director of Marketing and Digital at the ABC owned station in North Carolina’s capital. She honed those chops at NBC affil WNCN where she held a series of increasing responsibility jobs. She even took a Florida slot at the Tampa Bay Times as Senior Digital Advertising Manager. Got tapped as finalist for Tampa Bay Business Woman of the Year, too. Now Ms. Maryann is stepping up to a slot she’s long coveted – GM. She’s headed to Huntsville where she’ll be GM of CW affil WHDF. Adding to the patina of ‘dream job’ is Mr. Balbo who will be LSM at the station. Well Dunne! and never stop smiling Maryann!

Kudos to WNCN, NBC in Raleigh, and ROBBY THOMAS’ creative team for the recently bestowed Silver Telly for their PSA Brake For Buses. Sweet….Well Dunne!


BERT SHIPP has passed.  He was the assignment editor at WFAA…more than that really. He was an amazing teacher and someone who made WFAA the best. He taught the following lesson, which is, to this day, the one that has left the biggest impression on this writer: Never spit in the wastebasket. What looks like a throwaway at 10 in the morning might be the story that saves the day at 5. Excellent advice, Bert. Condolences to Bart Shipp, his son, and the rest of the Shipp family.

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March 6, 2013

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MARK STRAND has never lived as far south as Huntsville, AL, him being a Wisconsin boy and all. His degree is from University of Wisconsin Oshkosh. But he’s liking the weather so far and his new job, too. He’s Marketing Manager for WAFF, NBC in Rocket City. Mark has headed up and contributed to creative efforts at WXII in Greensboro, NC, KMBC in KC and WLUK in Green Bay. Let’s send Mark a big Well Dunne!

Welcome Katherine Balbo, the newest little pink-capped bundle of joy who debuted March 4 in Tampa. Her mom is former WNCN Sales Promotion guru, MARYANN BALBO, who is now Digital Advertising Manager at Tampa Bay Times. Well Dunne Balbo family!

Job Alert – Creative Services Director WIAT Birmingham

Job Alert – Promotion Manager KAMR Amarillo

Job Alert – Creative Services w/p WMBC Peoria 

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Tuesday, January 19, 2010

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KEVIN GORYL is heading back to the Midwest…to Cincinnati actually. He’ll take his first shot at running a Creative Services Department when he steps behind the desk at Raycom’s FOX affil, WXIX. Kevin has spent time at KTVI in St. Louis (hometown high five), as well as two DC stations – WTTG and W*USA. Well Dunne! Kevin. Remember, the folks in Cincy put cinnamon in their chile, so be on the lookout for that.

The sudden, tragic death of 27 yr old JOHN BILLINGSLEY, who worked as a news photog at WLOS in Asheville, hit close to home – he was a friend of my son MATTHEW. A grad of Appalachian  State University in Boone, NC, John had worked at WLOS as well as a short stint as a photog in Memphis. But the Delta wasn’t the mountains, and John returned to the area that made him happy. He is greatly missed by those he worked with as well as his many, many friends.

Those of you who are so inclined, please remember KDKA CSD TINA VEON’s father as well as former WNCN Special Sales MARYANN BALBO’s father. Both are struggling with major health challenges.

Is your station doing Haiti relief outreach? If so, please share. Good ideas for a common cause is what networking is about, n’est-ce pas?

Think About This: Go out and embrace life to the max today. “No one can confidently say that he will still be living tomorrow.”  ~ Euripides