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December 5, 2011

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Let’s catch up with a little of this and a little of that….

MEGAN HANNIGAN left WSPA in Spartanburg last March to follow her heart and now we have a “happily ever after” moment to report. She married that wonderful man and Megan is now Mrs. Orf. The Troy, MO native is living outside St. Louis and was a gorgeous bride. All our best Megan!

The lovely Mrs. MIKE HENRY is resting well after a medical procedure in DC, where her hubby is VP at FOX’s WTTG. Sending her healing thoughts and energy. 

And cigars all round – WROC’s ED CRONY is going to be a dad – again! Another little girl is going to join the Rochester, NY family. Now this one gets  double entendre Well Dunne!

Job Alert – Marketing Planner at NBC in Philly. It’s really a sales promotion gig with a new name. Job #3684BR

Job Alert – Also in Phily at WCAU, a promo news writer producer editor who also does Topicals. Job #2361BR

For those who are always unsure whether the HR department is worth their salt, here’s an article about possible reasons you don’t get call backs when you apply for a job. Good stuff this. 

Leadership lessons from Tim Tebow – or why keeping it real is the only way to go. Thanks WaPo

OK, talking to a lawyer today so in hopes of making every moment and dollar count – all material that appears on the Well Dunne! blog is the property of Well Dunne! and this lawyer would love to make money if you misuse it. There. 


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Monday February 28, 2011

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The Greenville-Spartanburg SC Visitor and Convention Bureau isn’t doing a very good job. Imho. Nobody knows where these two cities are or that they constitute Nielsen market #36 when you throw in Asheville, NC. BMW calls it their US home…the European bound flights out of the airport can’t be matched by another airport of that size. And, among other things,  they have the best onion rings in the continental USA. Yeah, there’s more. So the opening for a Marketing Manager should be like a bright light drawing attention. That, my friends, is a Job Alert on steroids. Call letters involved are WSPA, the Media General CBS affil.

Why the opening? The current CSD is following her heart…leaving the market to join her fiancé. Isn’t that just lovely?! MEGAN HANNIGAN is engaged and her fiancé lives in the St. Louis area. So Ms. H, a personal favorite who is also a Mizzou grad, will be heading to St. Louis in early March. She’s no stranger to the Gateway City, having worked at KMOV TV hard on the banks of the Mississippi. She’s also been in Tulsa and Columbus, GA. Bubbly Megan doesn’t have a job lined up yet, but I’m sure the smartest people under the Arch will grab her fast. Well Dunne! and best wishes Megan!

BECKY SMITH and EMILY ABRAHAM will miss here. Both creatives are hard at work at WSPA, writing and producing promos. Becky is a local lady who landed a great job right out of college. Her diploma is from Furman. Emily, described as a ‘real go-getter’ makes the transition to TV from radio, where she was learning about promotions and sales. She holds a degree from Winthrope U, where they turn out a lot of very talented and skilled TV types.

Think About This: “Be bold and mighty forces will come to your aid.” ~ Basil King