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December 28, 2017

Dec 27, 2017 by     Comments Off on December 28, 2017    Posted under: Featured

The year’s winding down, and between us all, good riddance. This has been one nasty slog – what a tough 365 days. We all lost people we love…said goodbye to talented people who made the world better. Watched as truth was turned on its head and the idea that we had fallen down a rabbit hole kept popping to mind. Some of us were doing two – three – jobs combined into one with no bump in pay and absolutely no respect for the amazing job so well done. Hopping off the soapbox…but first….declaring 2018 the year when creativity will stop being the Rodney Dangerfield of business. More to come. Hang on…


MICHAEL LEVER is getting 2018 off to a great start…getting used to his new job, which is a promotion. Michel has been over at FOX and is now Senior Manager Affiliate Marketing for FBC. Let’s send him great happy wishes for continued fun. The LaSalle grad is  on the west coast. All you folks out east…stay warm…but Well Dunne! Michael.


Job Alert:  Brand Manager KXTV Sacramento

Job Alert: Creative Director KSLA Shreveport


Think About This:  “if we lose love and self respect for each other, this is how we finally die.”  ~ Maya Angelou