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October 15, 2015

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When someone is a great writer, there just isn’t any higher compliment other than ‘sculptor rivaling Michelangelo’. Lots of promo pros are good writers. Some are great, and one of those great ones is MARIAH GARDNER. Her Twitter postings are so worth typing the word tweet. She has news that is a long time coming…she’s heading to a Top 10 market. Ms. Mariah is the new Promotion Manager at KPRC in Houston, and she’s thrilled. They should be as well. KPRC, aka Local 2, is the Graham NBC affiliate and she’ll be working with VP of Creative MIKE GUERRIERI. Mariah’s an NYU grad with a film degree, which in itself is impressive. She’s been in Augusta at WAGT, the Media General NBC in the home of The Masters, doing great work. Not only that, she’s been on stage acting in any number of roles – told you she was a talent with a capital “T”. Let’s wish Mariah a Texas sized Well Dunne!

Job Alert – Community Relations and PR Manager WTVJ Miami


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April 5, 2013

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Talk about a change in scenery. KELLY LAMBERT is trading Boston for Houston. She’s staying in TV marketing, of course, but lobster is being replaced by Gulf Coast shrimp as a menu item. For Kelly, Hearst’s ABC affil in Bean Town WCVB is being replaced by Post Newsweek’s KPRC as employer. And Ms. Kelly is stepping into management with the post of Brand Manager over on the Southwest Freeway for her new job. It’s not her first  Post Newsweek slot…she was down in Jacksonville at WJXT, where her new boss MIKE GUERRIERI once worked as well. Thanks to WCVB’s CSD RUSS NELLIGAN for the update. He’s, of course, looking to replace her. And a Well Dunne! to you Kelly. 

Job Alert – Topical w/p for WTVJ Miami


I shall miss ROGER EBERT very much. He was an excellent writer. I hope to see him at the movies in the great beyond….

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August 20, 2010

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Ever driven I-10 from Jacksonville to LA? Amazing journey. MIKE GUERRIERI is going to make half the trip when he departs his job at WJXT in Jacksonville, FL and arrives at KPRC in Houston. The Uconn grad has been Director of Creative Services and Local Programming at the independent Post Newsweek operation along the First Coast. He’s official title at Post Newsweek in Houston is about the same. Need verification and Friday afternoons don’t lend themselves to that. Mike has also worked at WDIV in Detroit as well as Meredith’s WFSB in Hartford. Well Dunne! Mike.

So, that leaves the open slots to be:

  1. CSD at KFSN in Fresno,
  2. CSD at WJXT in Jax,
  3. Dir of Marketing at KAAL in Austin, MN,
  4. Promo Manager at WCAV in Charlottesville, VA,
  5. #2 in Albuquerque at KOAT
  6. #2 at WDSU in New Orleans,
  7. Promo Mgr at KPTM/KXVO in Omaha, and that about wraps up the field.

Please join me in wishing my mother a very happy 92nd birthday. Big party planned for Sunday for a woman who has not only watched a young pilot named Lindberg practice landing and taking off but also been on hand for a night time launch at Kennedy Space Center.

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