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June 26, 2014

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SCOTT PERKINS has been named VP of Creative at Fox’s operations in DC. He begins July 14, which is the first day that former VP Creative MIKE HENRY begins his retirement. Yes, he’ll be waking up and not rushing out the door to do TV.  He’s had some amazingly fun jobs in his career, like being a VP at Disney and handling comedy promotion at CBS Network. He’s been in Chicago and Portland and Cleveland and LA…the life of a TV creative. He’ll be relocating to the Midwest and will spend more time with his daughter. But knowing him, be assured he’ll be writing in his clever style if only in a journal. Join me in wishing Scott the best and Mike all the very best – for a career that was always Well Dunne!

Think About This: “True happiness comes from the joy of deeds well done, the zest of creating things new.”  ~ Antoine de Saint-Exupery

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May 15, 2014

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2C Media has racked up some exciting noms in the PROMAXbda 2014 National awards derby. Couldn’t happen to better folks. For a list of those up for gold, silver, bronze and kudos, click here.  Well Dunne! to all that talent.


Condolences to FOX DC VP MIKE HENRY on the loss of his son earlier in the spring. A memorial service is being held on the west coast this weekend. Always sending you our best Mike.

Love Ken Levine. He’s THE BEST comedy writer and all round great guy…so you should take a gander at his idea on how to fix TV (entertainment side).


HARRY LEGG has written an article that outlines why using your Image voice for commercials is a really bad (reallllly bad) idea. 

When you have your station image voice talk, you want your viewers to pay attention. After all, you selected him or her to be the sound of your operation…the sound of Who You Are. So you really need to think twice (or more) and know this: your image sound should not be reading commercials.

Billboards are entirely different. Your voice is listing the people who support you. Great. Nothing better. But in today’s bottom-line, money-is-tight atmosphere, there’s a lot of pressure to use your station voice for local spots. Many in the sales department are keen about it. 

What’s a creative to do? Gotta educate them.

Start with educating them about Tune out – a term that needs to be top of mind for all creative work. Tune out needs to be avoided at all costs. You need to teach people that tune out happens when something (ahem..a voice for instance) becomes used so very much…over and over and over…that it loses all impact. It becomes the mailbox at the end of the street you don’t notice at all. The sound of crickets. 

OK, so maybe tune out is too esoteric. Legal always works…your image voice is contracted for certain things, and commercials isn’t one of them. On rare occasions, commercials might be included in the talent agreement, but that’s another problem.  On the whole – Image voices are for image work.

Is there anything worse than bad trafficking where a viewer could hear a ‘I gave it my all’ station promo right after a read for a mattress company – in the same distinctive voice? Ouch.

This isn’t a war with your sales people. Far from it. You are helping them help their clients. It’s a win-win. 

Think About This:  “I get up every morning determined to boh change he world and have one hell of a good ime. Sometimes it makes planning my day difficult.”  ~ E. B. White

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September 27, 2013

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Telemundo Media has tapped AILEEN ANGULO to be Senior VP, On-Air Promotions for their network. She’s been consulting on both the marketing and production fronts, working with E! Entertainment, Sony Entertainment, AXN and an HBO division MAX. She’s been with Boomdog Films where she handled two years of Mexico’s Next Top Model. Aileen is a grad of Universidad Catolica Andres Bello in Caracas, Venezuela. Muy bueno and Well Dunne! Aileen.

Interesting new Promotion Manager duty happening at NBC affil WIS in Columbia, SC. PATRICK STAPLETON is hosting Midlands Marketplace, a weekly segment that allows advertisers to do a chat and tell about their products. Patrick is their Promotion Manager. I wonder if he needs representation….

What is the title character’s name on the new Michael J. Fox Show? No. it isn’t Michael J. Fox. Its Mike Henry  – same as FOX DC’s creative leader. Just sayin’.

Going to catch Showtime’s debut Masters of Sex this Sunday night? It’s about the Masters and Johnson sex clinic. I actually did a video project for them…not THAT kind. It was most enlightening. 

Think About This: “Having never known the absence of pain, I was unaware of its presence.”  ~ sign on the Masters & Johnson office wall in St. Louis, MO



October 29, 2012

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Beautiful Colorado has several things going at the moment – they’re a state up for grabs election-wise, they have those gorgeous mountains, and they have a new Promo Director out in Grand Junction. Welcome to KREX JOSH MEUWLY. He’s a multi-talented guy who holds a degree in graphic design from the Art Institute of Colorado and has been involved in productions a branding company called 970 Productions. Sounds like KREX got very lucky. Well Dunne! Josh

Job Alert – Charlotte’s WJZY is looking for a Producer/Artist combo. Work for the super CHRIS WOLF.

Job Alert – Sr. Promo producer at WPEC in West Palm Beach FL

Job Alert – On Air Graphics Coordinator for WFAA Dallas.

Condolences and our thoughts to DAVID LYERLY, whose mother passed away down in New Orleans. David is the best voice coach around, and a great person to boot. 

Some people get a surprise party for their birthday. FOX DC’s VP of Creative MIKE HENRY is getting Hurricane Sandy. Have a birthday blast no matter what, Mike!

Take care with the storm. Who knows how long the power outage will be, or if the Internet will keep up with it all. Just stay safe.

Think About This:  “Everything will be all right in the end. O if it is not all right, it is not yet the end.” ~ Ol Parker from his screenplay The Best Exotic Marigold  Hotel


June 20, 2012

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DC is hot this time of year. Literally. And it just got hotter with the news that ANDREA LAIGN will be joining the Fox creative team in the nation’s capital. Her new title under VP MIKE HENRY is Senior Writer Producer, and she’ll be absolutely fabulous. A native of the area, Ms. Andrea has worked at ABC affil WJLA under their super then-CSD STAN MELTON and the talented BONNIE WOOD…and just down the road at Hearst’s WBAL in Baltimore.  The high energy lady also worked at KPRC in Houston, so she’s bringing a lot of know-how to the new assignment. A new media kind of girl, Ms. Laign has some of my favorite Facebook posts and a darn cute dog.  Well Dunne! Andrea.

Job Alert – Graphic Designer at KSTP in Minneapolis

A Well Dunne! to Apple, who as of July 20 is giving all their store employees a $4 an hour raise. Is there a better way to share their wealth and help global economics than that? 

Think About This: "The vision that you glorify in your mind, the ideal that you enthrone in your heart—this you will build your life by, and this you will become."  ~ James Lane Allen


February 10, 2012

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TONY REED is going to spend Spring Break in Florida. Well, actually, he’s going to be spending all his time in Florida. He’s been chosen to be the new Promotions Manager of WESH, Hearst’s NBC affil in Orlando. He’ll be making the switch from the Hearst operation in Albuquerque, KOAT, where he’s been for the last seven years. The Fort Wayne, IN native is a grad of Mizzou (go Tigers!) so of course, he’s a favorite. Tony will be joining the creative team that is headed up by CSD STEVE RIFKIN, another fave. These poor guys are going to have to find a good seafood place for visiting friends…really they will. Of course, The Big Orlando is where Hearst Corporate marketing head SUZANNE GRETHEN did her magic (no relation to the basketball team there), so Tony is going to be knee deep in creative energy. And perhaps he’ll find his way to Sarasota where the circus winters. That’s him in the picture during a trapeze class. Well Dunne! Tony.

And yes, that means KOAT is going to be looking for a new CSD…which makes this a Job Alert.

Job Alert – VP Communications at AFI in LA.

Job Alert – NBC O&O stations are looking for a VP Marketing  Job #4522BR

Job Alert – VP/Creative Director, Integrated Marketing The CW Network #129414BR

Job Alert – FOX in DC is looking. Work for the super duper MIKE HENRY:

SENIOR PROMOTIONS PRODUCER: Regular Full-Time Responsibilities will include: write, produce, and edit topicals/pre-show teases; produce PSA’s and assist with updating promotion, public service, website and social media content; produce images and topicals for network shows and syndicated programming. Tag network and syndicated spots.  Experience in developing/executing and overall marketing strategy across multiple platforms (TV, Radio, Online, Mobile). Be able to guide projects through all aspects of production-from initial concept formulation to final spot production.  Additional duties may include coordinating contest promotions with outside media outlets, filling promotion logs and developing creative marketing plans using social networking sites. Other duties as assigned and as deemed appropriate and as assigned.  

Requirements, Skills & Abilities:  Bachelor’s degree and experience in Promotions/Creative Services. 3-5 years experience producing topicals, news series and image advertising in a medium to large television market is required.  Strong writing and conceptual skills. Must be able to produce high end news topicals under challenging deadlines. AVID skills a plus. 

After hours expectations. About time that subject comes up. What with emails, smart phones and even dumb phones, what do companies expect from their people once they’re off the clock (or is off the clock just a thing of the past?) Check it out. 


Think About This: "This is the lesson: never give in, never give in, never, never, never, never—in nothing, great or small, large or petty—never give in except to convictions of honour and good sense. Never yield to force; never yield to the apparently overwhelming might of the enemy." ~ Winston Churchill


December 5, 2011

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Let’s catch up with a little of this and a little of that….

MEGAN HANNIGAN left WSPA in Spartanburg last March to follow her heart and now we have a “happily ever after” moment to report. She married that wonderful man and Megan is now Mrs. Orf. The Troy, MO native is living outside St. Louis and was a gorgeous bride. All our best Megan!

The lovely Mrs. MIKE HENRY is resting well after a medical procedure in DC, where her hubby is VP at FOX’s WTTG. Sending her healing thoughts and energy. 

And cigars all round – WROC’s ED CRONY is going to be a dad – again! Another little girl is going to join the Rochester, NY family. Now this one gets  double entendre Well Dunne!

Job Alert – Marketing Planner at NBC in Philly. It’s really a sales promotion gig with a new name. Job #3684BR

Job Alert – Also in Phily at WCAU, a promo news writer producer editor who also does Topicals. Job #2361BR

For those who are always unsure whether the HR department is worth their salt, here’s an article about possible reasons you don’t get call backs when you apply for a job. Good stuff this. 

Leadership lessons from Tim Tebow – or why keeping it real is the only way to go. Thanks WaPo

OK, talking to a lawyer today so in hopes of making every moment and dollar count – all material that appears on the Well Dunne! blog is the property of Well Dunne! and this lawyer would love to make money if you misuse it. There. 


Think About This: “An appeaser is one who feeds a crocodile—hoping it will eat him last.” ~ Winston Churchill


June 13, 2011

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DC FOX has a spanking new member of their Creative Services team. VP MIKE HENRY has welcomed ZOHRA ALNOO to a fulltime slot as writer producer and probably editor. (forgot to ask…oops) Seems Ms. Zohra impressed him (not an easy feat) via her enthusiasm and talent while she was an intern for them. Now get this, she’s still a Senior in college and has a full time gig. Wow. She’s doing to finish up her degree from George Mason U at night. Talk about energy. Promo Mgr COSMO LASCO is smilin’ I know. Well Dunne!  Zohra.

The Cable Show kicks off Tuesday in Chicago. Lots of promotion involved as well as a CTAM session or two. Chicago in June is sublime.

Think About This: “For fast-acting relief try slowing down.” ~ Lily Tomlin

April 20, 2011

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Don’t you just love it when someone you’ve known ages and ages ends up getting a great job? Yea…it’s so rewarding. The inspiration for this is MARSHALL HITES, who has been tapped Director Creative Services and Marketing at Trib’s KTLA in LaLa Land. Marshall has been in LA a long time, having helmed the marketing efforts at KCBS and KCAL. He’s a Georgia boy by birth who earned his promo stripes in Florida in Jacksonville and Tampa. Did I mention he’s one of the good guys? Yeah, he is. Well Dunne! Marshall.

ELLEN DAVIS, who gets a gold star for being the most prompt person to reply to inquiries ever…well, Ellen is now Creative Director at SmashPoint Creative Works up in suburban Connecticut. The NYC girl will manage on-air for Maury, Jerry Springer and Steve Wilkos. The Umass grad has been freelancing in The Apple and her portfolio is tres impressive with work for NBC, Comedy Central, Lifetime, BBC America, Nickelodeon and HBO to name a few. Well Dunne! Ellen.

It’s the High Season down in Palm Beach, darlings. And word from CSD HEATH MYRICK is that he hired a Graphic Artist for ABC affil WPBF. Already at the keyboard is PATRICK JOSEPH who made the switch from the FOX affil in PB. Heath is thrilled that Patrick teaches music and 3D animation and has his artwork in galleries all over Florida. Wow – take a gander at his paintings. http://www.patrickjoseph.org  Well Dunne! Patrick and Heath.

Best wishes and good healing thought going out to Well Dunne! Talent’s BILL HARWELL down in Austin, TX and to the better half of FOX5 DC’s MIKE HENRY.

Think About This: "Bless not only the road but the bumps on the road. They are all part of a higher journey." ~ Julia Cameron

April 1, 2011 – no foolin’

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It’s cherry blossom time in DC. Despite the snow, the cold and the general wintery weather hanging on, it’s still cherry blossom time in the capital and that means spring is not far behind.  Beneath the cherry blossoms at the FOX station, there’s news to share. BRAD CRUM has been named Promotion Manager for WTTG, that’s FOX5. He’s making the switch from inside the building where he was head of Promotion and Advertising for WDCA, the MyTV affil. Brad is a Stanford grad who has worked at CBS Network in LA as well as for XM Satellite Network where he was Director of Branding and Marketing Services.

Taking Brad’s slot at WDCA is COSMO LOSCO. Gotta love the name Cosmo. That’s him in the adorable picture. The Philly native began his career at WPVI in Philly under the direction of VP Creative, LAUREN BACIGALUPI, who Cosmo credits with getting him into the world of TV Promo. He then worked for the talented JOHN BALDWIN at WGAL in Lancaster before joining DONNA WILSON’s creative team at WRC in DC. Cosmo’s been a promotion producer at WTTG and WDCA most recently.  BTW, his picture gets him gold promo stars. Well Dunne! Brad and Cosmo!

That leaves FOX DC VP Creative Services MIKE HENRY on the hunt for a writer-producer. Yeah, he’s a super boss and it’s a great operation.

Wonderful article on how to manage creative people.

Job Alert: FOX in Milwaukee, WITI, is looking for a creative writer producer.

Job Alert: Santa Monica based Ovation needs a promo writer.

Job Alert for the Cablers amongst you – Charter’s headquarters in St Louis is looking for a Senior Director, Brand & Creative Strategy

In-depth article on the ethics of hospital and TV News partnerships.

Think About This: To think that we need sadness or outrage to motivate us to do what’s right is insane. As if the clearer and happier you get, the less kind you become. As if when someone finds freedom, she just sits around all day with drool running down her chin. My experience is the opposite.  Love is action."   ~  Byron Katie

Tuesday, February 1, 2011

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With yet more ice and snow headed to the Northeast….FOX DC’s Promotion Manager RALPH RENDON is packing it in and heading south.  Destination Houston. Forecasted temperature today down Houston way is 64 and rain. Not ice…snow…sleet…but plain ol’ rain. It’s not the weather that’s motivating Ralph. It’s his new job – he’s taking the Creative Services Director slot at FOX’s KRIV. He will be greatly missed in DC . The Miami native began his career at WSVN in S. Florida and worked at WPLG there as well. He headed north to the nation’s capital in 05 and he’s excited to take on the challenge of Houston’s FOX. Well Dunne! Ralph.

Job Alert: Promotion Manager slot is open at FOX DC. Yes, Ralph’s old job. You have to be totally organized, obviously talented and must work and play well with others. VP Creative MIKE HENRY is the man to impress.

Kudos to AMY WINTER who has outgrown her SVP-marketing and creative title and is taking that of General Manager and EVP of TLC. The Notre Dame alum has been VP On-Air Creative for TBS in Atlanta as well as VP/CD for Planet Green. Well Dunne! Amy.

What is Pepsi going to do with $20 million in ad money? No, not run Super Bowl spots (for the first time in 23 years, they won’t be on the game)…read about it here.

Think About This: "We usually do pay attention to our outer appearance, typically noticing whatever part of our bodies we are unhappy about. It behooves us, however, to get on very good terms with more than just the surface of our bodies as we grow older; for if we don’t listen to our bodies and pay attention to our physical needs and pleasures, this vehicle that we need to be running well to take us into a long and comfortable life, will limit what we can do and who we become." ~ Jean Shinoda Bolen

December 28 2010

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Let’s start the New Year celebration early with the news that a personal favorite is going to Washington. No, not Mr. Smith. Mr. Henry. MIKE HENRY is packing up right now for his move across country to become the new VP of Creative Services at FOX in DC. The calls are WTTG/WDCA. Mike and his lovely wife will be decamping Fresno, where he had been Marketing Director and Digital Channels Director at the CBS affiliate there. Mike has done a lot of fascinating things in his career, from being head of comedy promotion at CBS Network (not kidding – that’s the title and it rocks) to being a VP of Disney. Like so many, he has a few city stickers on his luggage, including LA and Chicago. So let’s pop those champagne corks, light the sparklers and throw caution to the wind as we all say Well Dunne! Mike.

Think About This: “There is no glimpse of the light without walking the path. You can’t get it from anyone else, nor can you give it to anyone. Just take whatever steps seem easiest for you, and as you take a few steps it will be easier for you to take a few more.” ~ Peace Pilgrim