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Nancy Carr

Feb 18, 2011 by     Comments Off on Nancy Carr    Posted under: Uncategorized

In today’s high tech world, you can work for years with someone and never share the same zip code as they do. But with emails, and phone calls, and Facebook and Twitter…the person you have never laid eyes on is still someone who has a place in your life. They’re a individual who you know in a certain way…you share things like interests and ideas …a go-to character who is very real in both your mind and heart.

When that person dies, the loss is painful.

NANCY CARR has lost her battle with brain cancer.

This is the message from Hallmark’s President and CEO, BILL ABBOTT.

Hallmark Channels is saddened by the passing of our friend and colleague, Nancy Carr, who was most recently Senior Vice President, Corporate Communications for Hallmark Channels.  Nancy succumbed today in a Los Angeles area hospital after battling a long illness.  We are grateful to Nancy for guiding the company’s corporate media strategy for more than five years.
On the personal side, those of us who cared deeply for and about Nancy will never forget her dedication to life’s smallest creatures, as she worked tirelessly for animal rights and animal rescue

The company sends deep and sincere condolences to Nancy’s family.

Anyone who had the pleasure to work with Nancy will miss her profoundly. I will be one of those people.