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December 15, 2011

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DUSTIN MAGWIRE is one lucky guy. He’s just landed a writer producer slot in Austin, TX at Fox’s KTBC working with KATHIE SMITH and the one and only DANI DUDEK. Dustin’s a real Texas so he should be at home in the Lone Star capital. A grad of North Texas up Denton way, Dustin interned at Fox Sports Southwest and worked as an AP for Brush Fire Films in Dallas working on History Channel’s Most Exteme Airports. Way cool.  He was Promotions Director at ABC affil KXXV in Waco before moseying down I-35 and his new job. A big ol’ Well Dunne! Dustin. A margarita will be enjoyed in your name.

Job Alert – promo writer producer needed at Ovation out in Santa Monica

Job Alert – Promo producer editor needed at KDVR in Denver

Job AlertVP at MTV over all the cool creative stuff. 

Anybody else find it ironic that State Farm Insurance, which focuses on car coverage, would choose to use the theme song from Cheers, a bar? Anybody?

Sons of Anarchy fans (c’est moi)  – get a load of the hilarious holiday video card from 20th Century TV’s Dana Walden and Gary Newman…thanks Nikki Finke!


Think About This: "There is a place in each of us that is so beautiful, angels smile in its presence.
That presence is who you really are. When you can stand spiritually naked, look at yourself and like what you see, you have achieved a great feat."  ~ Ron Rathbun


May 18, 2010

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Got hold of the new Director of Creative Services at WOAI TV in San Antonio. DAVID STOTTS checked in from Memphis, where for the last 10 years, he’s headed up the award-winning efforts as Promotion Manager at the FOX affil, WHBQ.  Born in Chicago but spending a lot of his growing up years in central Tennessee, David has an Advertising degree from Middle Tennessee U and a Masters in Communications from University of Memphis. He’s worked at the PBS affil in Memphis, too.  He’ll be moving to SA with his wife, 5 year old, 7 year old as well as one dog and one cat. They’re all gonna love it! Don’t forget to stay in touch, David! Well Dunne!

KKTV in Colorado Springs is not going to fill their vacant CSD slot. But they are in the process of finding a writer producer. That’s the latest.

Snaps to The Hallmark Channel’s new partnership. To promote the upcoming You Lucky Dog, a made-for starring Harry Hamlin, Hallmark and Best Friends Animal Society “have shaken paws” on an adoption option push to make sure lots of dogs find loving homes. Ahhh…excellent.

Check it out…the new NBC show promos, which Nikki Finke is kind enough to direct us all towards. Click and see what the good folks at the Peacock Net have come up with.

For those Seinfeld fans who were so blown away by the Soup Nazi’s offerings…heads up. You don’t have to be in NYC to get the delicious offerings…you can mail order. Details here. Oh, you DO have to be in NYC to be treated badly by him. So maybe mail order is the best of all worlds here.

Think About This: "Words can inspire or criticize. Words help us express our feelings and explore the very depths of what we understand. Yet words are simply symbols, like signs along the roadway that point beyond themselves. More than beautiful words about love; we seek an experience of the beauty that is Love. More than words about life we seek to express the Light which is life Itself. As we move beyond the surface stream of our thoughts and words, we discover that there is so much more to us than words or ideas can ever describe. We are consciousness experiencing conscious awakening." ~ Ric Beattie

April 7, 2010

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Birmingham is a particularly beautiful city in the Spring. KAREN SWANN loves B’ham and is having a blast as the Promotion and Production Manager at the Sinclair duopoly in Alabama’s biggest city. WTTO and WAMB, CW and MyTV respectively, is where Karen has been for just under a year, and it’s really a homecoming. Karen worked at WTTO for 10 years, from ’89 to ’99 – as a matter of fact, the job back when she started was her first in broadcasting…she was a Film Assistant. She came back after being a Copywriter for an agency there, Big Communications. Sorry if you are getting this as a feed…her picture is definitely what a creative would love. Well Dunne! Karen!

The ruling yesterday that the FCC doesn’t have any chops overseeing the Internet is going to impact the future.  It’s Comcast 1 – FCC 0. Read about it here.

Nikki Finke reports that ALAN DANIELS might be coming back to head up the marketing for Sony TV in the wake of BOB OSWAKS departure. Check it out here.

Think About This: "Guidance requires action, but it does not guarantee safety. While we measure our own success in terms of our personal comfort and security the universe measures our success by how much we have learned. So long as we use comfort and security as our criteria of success, we will fear our own intuitive guidance because by its very nature it directs us into new cycles of learning that are sometimes uncomfortable." ~ Caroline Myss

Well Dunne for Thursday October 29, 2009

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Welcome to November sweeps. When Janet Jackson had a “wardrobe malfunction” at the Super Bowl, all kinds of trouble ensued. The ‘tabloids’ call such a thing “a  nip slip”. Now WJLA in DC (ABC – Allbritton) is going to do a 4 part breast cancer series with, wait for it, real breasts on screen. I’m sure JLA will provide a REAL story and not a stunt story. Why are people still upset about body parts on screen?

Madison Wisconsin’s WKOW is losing MICHAEL LANGE. He’s going out on his own to freelance, focusing on editing and live technical directing for such clients as Big Ten Network and Fox Sports Wisconsin. Click to check out more about  Michael’s work here. Takes a lot of chutzpah – you go Michael. Know you’ll be busy, busy, busy. That also means WKOW is looking for a Sr. Writer Producer type. It all happens mid November. Well Dunne Michael!

It’s FREE!~ EPIX is the new premium programming service and you can sample it. Details here. Thanks Nikki Finke.

Job Opening: You into skiing? Then you’d love Colorado Springs as the ski season and snow begins. Why not take your writing producing talents and put them to work for Bill Mushrush at KKTV? Good idea! It’s the Gray owned CBS affiliate. Let me know if this is your cup of tea…

Think About This: "Our good nature and endearing qualities will not arouse the answers to our prayers. Rather, it is our mischievous, dishonest attributes that provide the master keys to heaven. When we identify and work to transform our self-centered qualities and crooked characteristics, the key turns and the gates unlock. Blessings and good fortune are now free to rain down upon us." ~ Yehuda Berg