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April 26, 2018

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What’s your favorite song about Memphis? A musical town of renown, Walking in Memphis by Marc Cohn comes immediately to mind, right?. And it describes PETE GEORGE’s activity as of today…he’ll be walking in Memphis. And driving, and eating and working. Working where? Glad you asked. He’s the new Audience Development and Brand Manager for Raycom’s WMC, the NBC affil in the town branded Birthplace of Rock ‘n Roll. Pete’s coming over from Scripps’ KJRH in Tulsa where he’s been wrangling the marketing since he arrived from Pittsburgh’s Sinclair duop. A Penn State grad, he’s worked for FOX in Chicago as well as in Tampa and Orlando. Yes, doing promo, marketing, audience development, and whatever buzzword we’re calling it now. Did we mention he’s a great guy? Well, there’s that as well as his artistic talents. Enjoy the fine bar-b-q that Memphis is noted for and definitely hang on Beale Street when you want blues, Pete. Big Well Dunne!

Job Alert – Creative Services Writer Producer WREG Memphis

Job Alert – Marketing Producer KUSA Denver

Job Market – Marketing Content Producer (Topical) WBRZ Baton Rouge

Job Opening – Marketing Director WTXL Tallahassee

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August 30, 2016

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With the weather news of the day centering on Florida, it seems rather odd to talk about palm trees, since in a bad storm they rattle about something awful.  But palms have a hypnotic effect on some…the way they silhouette against sunrises and sunsets is beautiful beyond words. They denote a feeling of paradise. And they can call one to return to them, even from a far distance. Returning to the Florida palms of aptly named Palm Beach is DANIELLE JOHNSON who will be heading to NBC affil WPTV where she’s slotted to take on a multi-media marketing producer job. Good for her. She’s taking leave of KJRH in Tulsa where she’s been for five years, working with the lovely and talented GM DONNA WILSON as well as CSD PETE GEORGE. Pete told me he hates to see her go but when you have surf and sand in your veins it’s hard not to return to the Sunshine State. Donna started out in Tampa interning as part of her degree from University of South Florida. She’s been with Scripps all along (they hold on to great people) and not only was part of the promo effort in Tulsa, but Danielle is great in front of the camera. She hosted Access Tulsa. Add her MMJ chops to the fact she was chosen to be a Leadership Champion, and you’ve got a pretty sweet bundle of talent. Palm Beach is in for a treat. Danielle will love working with CHRISTINE BARON and JAMES GRIFFEL when she gets back home. Well Dunne! Danielle.

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March 18, 2015

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When a General Manager is happy, well, everybody is having a great day. And when a GM sends an email full of praise about a new CSD – that is a very good thing indeed. Such is the case when former promo pro now GM DONNA WILSON at Scripps KJRH in Tulsa let on that PETE GEORGE is already at work and all’s right with her world. Pete and Donna have history dating back to the time they  worked together at Orlando’s WFTV. Pete is a Penn State grad who is making the switch to Oklahoma from Pittsburgh where he was Promo Manager at Sinclair’s WPMY/WPGH. He’s been head of creative at Tampa’s WMOR as well as Promo Manager in Chicago at WFLD. Let’s hear a big Well Dunne! for Pete George (two first names…no waiting…)

Job Alert – Regional Promotions Administrator Kirksville MO Code 2484

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June 11, 2013

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PETE GEORGE has traded Chicago for Pittsburgh, where he’s now the Promotion Manager of Sinclair’s duop WPMY/WPGH – Fox and MyTV respectively. He’d been at FOX in Chicago, WFLD, as Promotion Manager and before that he was in Tampa as Promo Manager at WMOR, the Hearst station. He honed his promo-ness at WRDQ in Orlando. The Penn State grad is much closer to home turf in Pittsburgh. Well Dunne! Pete. 

Job Alert – Promotions Coordinator KTXL Fox Sacramento Job 2013-25033

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