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February 25, 2016

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There are days when things go as planned, and then there are days when one wonders if the universe is so out of sorts, it might be The End. That being said, let’s also add that, once a car runs out of gas, it isn’t really easy to steer well. Same with mental acuity…after a day of heavy mental lifting, is there really any point in forcing the brain to perform?  As happened yesterday, a late night brain fog can really muck things up. No smarty pants, alcohol was not involved. Soon- to-be Tucson resident GENE ROBINSON is leaving Phoenix TV, the Meredith station KPHO. Had the wrong station yesterday, so there you are. Still sending Well Dunne! to Gene.

Speaking of Phoenix, one of the best Art Directors around is CHRIS AYERS, who is doing the creative thing for Right This Minute, the syndicated show out of Magic Dust TV – in Phoenix. He has a very cool podcast, On the Grid . For Phoenix  peeps.

Job Alert – Sr. Producer KTVU Oakland/SF (Erik Candiani your boss = great!)


Not so gentle reminder that Well Dunne! Talent handles the best voice talent for any and all projects. Why the best? Because nobody else who places voices has ever produced a promo, trailer, interstitial, show or resulting awards. Yeah. So these voices are producer-picked. So what are you waiting for?

Think About This"The outer path we take is public knowledge, but the path with heart is an inner one. The two come together when who we are that is seen in the world coincides with who we deeply are. As we grow wiser, we become aware that the important forks in the road are usually not about choices that will show up on any public record; they are decisions and struggles to do with choosing love or fear; anger or forgiveness; pride or humility. They are soul-shaping choices."  ~  Jean Shinoda Bolen

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January 15, 2015

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Distance can be nothing or everything, depending on your viewpoint. When you want to be in a place you love, distance is not your friend. And when you have a chance to return to a place that holds a spot in your heart, for whatever reason, it seems like kismet. University of Maine grad DAVE RAWSON is heading north on I-95, eliminating 150 plus miles between Providence and Portland, Rhode Island and Maine respectively. Dave’s been named the new CSD at WGME, Sinclair’s CBS affiliate in Maine’s largest city. He’s been at NBC affiliate WJAR in Providence heading up creative. Before that, he headed up marketing at News 10 in Albany and then hopped over to the gorgeous Burlington, VT market at WFFF’s tri-operation. Portland is one of those fab markets that has more to do than you would imagine. And btw, Dave is looking forward to cornering the lobster roll market, so you might want to order yours now before he makes them hard to find! Travel north safely, Dave, and Well Dunne!  See you in the summer.

Job Alert – Motion Graphic Designer Right This Minute Show Phoenix  (work with CHRIS AYERS!!!)

Think About This: “You can close your eyes to the things you do not want to see, but you cannot close your heart to the things you do not want to feel.”  ~  Johnny Depp

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