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March 7, 2018

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ROBYN KEENEY was a standout from the get-go. A star at the Topical Boot Camp, she was doing promo for Sinclair in San Antonio, at Fox KABB for TERRY McFARLANE at the time. Shortly thereafter, she made the switch to CBS’ KOVR in Sacramento but, once you fall in love with Texas (and she loves horses and is quite the equestrian) it’s always luring you back. And it has. Robyn begins the later part of the month at CBS in Houston, KHOU. It will be a real challenge, since she’ll be around while they build a station, their Allen Parkway locale having been flooded then sold. If anybody is up to the task, it’s Robyn. So thrilled for her. Well Dunne! Robyn.


Meanwhile, another Houston item deals with the long-empty slot at WLS-TV in Chicago vacated by now-GM CURTIS MILES. It’s finally filled. ABC is bringing up DAVID LEE from their station in …wait for it…Houston. David will be wrangling the local programming in addition to the marketing and creative for the Windy City news and programming. Official title will be VP Audience Development and Creative Services. He’s a guy from the great American west (namely a grad of Montana State U) who’s worked for ABC in Fresno and been with KXLY in Spokane as well as KMSP in Minneapolis. Well Dunne! David.


Job Alert – CSD KOVR Sacramento

Job Alert – Creative Director KHNL Honolulu


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June 22, 2017

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Hope you’re reading this over your morning cup of (iced) coffee. That way, you can make sure to be at T-H-E session in Vegas. It’s happening at 4 in the afternoon over at Grand Ballroom F at the Mirage. It’s Battle of the Promo Superstars, hosted (moderated, emceed…) by the one and only DAVE BAUMANN. Dave is a man of taste and style who’s Marketing and Creative Director for Stephen Arnold Music. Stephen, btw, has the best hair in the business. Back to Dave, who’s wrangled five incredible CSD’s who’ll go head-to-head with the same story to see who rocks the ‘best’ promo. Competing are LARRY WATZMAN of WBNS/Columbus Ohio, JAMIE HOLMES of KPTV/Portland O, SCOTT ALTUS of KOMO/Seattle, ROBYN KEENEY of KOVR/Sacramento and KELLEN DARGLE of WKYT in Lexington. Robyn is a grad of our Topical Boot Camp, so the Vegas odds are on her (shameless self promotion) as the spot that ya’ll remember best. Right SYDNEY? Bet they’re all going to inspire. As the old radio drag race spots used to say, Be There!

Job Alert – Manager News and Digital Promotion WNBC NYC

Observations from SYDNEY RUBIN from PROMAX/Vegas: Well Dunne! to the Sony Distribution folks – talkin’ to you RACHEL MIZUNO– on The Goldbergs presentation: an 80’s classroom. Very clever and on theme with the show. They didn’t just phone it in. They topped it off with a clear plastic zip “pencil bag” from that era filled with the erasers of the time and Pop Rocks.

What’s with the tabloid-type shows? A trend? Did anybody think to have temp tattoos for the tabs as a promo? Washable…

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January 9, 2017

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Just love writing about the very talented and energetic ROBYN KEENEY, who is now doing her best to keep dry in Sacramento, where she’s taken the job of Creative Services Director at KOVR. Yes, the Big California Deluge is happening and Ms. Robyn is helming the team at the CBS owned and operated station in California’s capital. She moved west from the Sinclair operation in San Antonio where she was Promotion Manager, the title she held at WGCL in Atlanta as well. In Atlanta, she was a promo producer for WSB which  marked the switch from being in day-to-day news, where she produced for WJW in Cleveland and WKBN in Youngstown. She’s smart, creative, and was a stand-out at Topical Boot Camp. She’s already found a place to ride horses, which is her favorite way to spend time when she’s not making stations look great. A big Well Dunne! Robyn!

MARY BETH McADARAGH just got promoted to EVP of Marketing for CBS TV Distribution. Whot whot! Sunny but soggy LA is a change of place from her University of North Dakota days. Show of hands on who remembers her from her MyNetwork TV affil relations SVP, or NBC U TV Distribution marketing VP. Yep, that’s a lot of hands. Well Dunne! Mary Beth!

Job Alert – Topical Producer TMZ LA

Job Alert –  Marketing Producer WBTV Charlotte

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March 3, 2014

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If you read this Monday, then it’s the first day ROBYN KEENEY is spending as Promotion Manager at KABB in San Antonio. She’s getting into place just in time to settle and ready herself for San Antonio’s city-wide party known as Fiesta; simply amazing is the only way to describe it. Nothing like it in Atlanta, where Robyn has been Promotion Manager at CBS’ WGCL. Robyn has also been a writer producer for Atlanta’s WSB and a news producer at WJW Fox in Cleveland. Well Dunne! Robyn.

Talk about timing. Master Thomson Philip LeVasseur made his world debut Friday the last of February, just a day after the end of the February sweeps period. This is important to note, since his mother is WSOC writer producer LACY HAUXHUST LEVASSEUR, who had her hands full during said sweeps. A big Well Dunne! to the fam, which includes Dad and cute-as-a-button big sister.

Job Alert – promo producer KUSI San Diego

Job Alert – Editor/Writer KFMB San Diego

Job Alert – Graphics Artist NUVOtv Glendale (Los Angeles)

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