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June 11, 2010

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CSD JEFFREY LONG found a perfect person to fill his Promotion Manager slot at Huntsville’s WAFF. Welcome to RODDETTE MOORE, who comes to the NBC affil in the watercress capital of the world (you knew that already, didn’t you)  Roddette had been over in Charleston, SC at WCIV where her title was Promotion Manager and Graphics Director. Multi-talented for sure. She’s had a very exciting work history, which includes CNN I do believe. Well Dunne! Roddette.

Good article about user-generated video, which reflects nicely on former WBBM CSD WILL SLIGER, who heads up the GoDaddy production arm.

Take a read at the article that says marketers are planning on making a false dust up part, if not all, of their marketing plan.

Just in time…a vitamin made just for drinkers. Yep, drinkers. Step right up and take your daily Drinkwel

Think About This: "Birth and death, old and new, mourning for what was while waiting expectantly for what is to come. "In-between times" can have an abundance of opposites. It is best to be in such times of transition gently and quietly, not rushing the process but taking it a day at a time." ~  Ruth Hanna, M.Ed., LPC