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December 30, 2014

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Ending the year with a reason to drag out the fireworks and kick off 2015 in style is none other than MICKI BYRNES, who so many of us know from her days as promo pro in Atlanta, San Francisco and Cleveland. Ms. Micki is the one who welcomed many new promo folks to the fold and served on boards for both ABC and NBC. At Gannett’s WKYC in Cleveland, she’s been Station Manager for a bit, and now has been named President and General Manager.  Yep, the big chair is hers and she’ll do an EXCELLENT job, not only because she knows every single aspect to the broadcast game (and not just sales like some do…) but because she’s smart and talented and fair. Lucky folks at WKYC for sure. A big Well Dunne! Micki.

On the other side of the country, RODGER O’CONNOR is taking his talents and skills to a new job, leaving behind the good folks at KOIN in Portland and becoming the Director of Marketing for the Northwest Credit Union Association. He’s been Sales Marketing Manager as well as CSD at KOIN as well as a promo and commercial producer at KIRO in Seattle and KBAK in Bakersfield. Well Dunne! Rodger.

Job Alert – Creative Services Producer/Editor KARE Minneapolis

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October 4, 2010

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Kickin’ off Monday morning with a new job is JAMIE MCDOWELL. She’s finding her way around KOIN today. The New Vision CBS affiliate in Portland tapped her for the new Creative Service Director. Former CSD RODGER O’CONNOR is still in the building, handling a more diverse demand for creative input and dealing with an increased sales demand and doing his creative thing. Lucky station to have two such talents. Everybody is happy about this new arrangement, nobody more so than Jamie. She’s a TV pro having worked at KASY in Albuquerque and at the Tribune operation in Seattle, KCPQ. The the last two and a half years, she’s been doing her own thing and calling it Vertical Studios LLC, based in Portland. She’s been producing lots of “marketable content”, everything from commercials to web vignettes to trade show video. What lured her back to the world of TV marketing? The GM at KOIN, TIM PERRY. Well Dunne! Jamie. Very exciting.

Oops…I misspelled KRISTIE GONZALES’ name when I wrote about her last week. She’s headed across country to take the lead creatively at KFSN in Fresno. And arriving just in time to get some good research started, she said. Sorry ‘bout that, Kristie, with a K. But keep in touch and good luck on that house hunt. Well Dunne! to you again and safe travels.

Well Dunne! Talent’s NICK SANABRIA is back from a relaxing week down in the Caribbean, all tanned and ready to do voice work. Nick’s quite the guy if you haven’t heard him – click his name and give a listen. He’s the one who did that hilarious viral hit Marriage Horserace, you know.

Speaking of Well Dunne! Talent….now that SCOTT CHAPIN is retiring from his station voice duties as of January 1, time to check out the range and capacity of the Well Dunne! roster.

Harvard Business Review takes an interesting look at how GE refocused their marketing efforts into four areas and how the marketing folks are now getting a whole lot more respect.

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