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There is nothing more American than working one’s way up the job ladder…starting and learning and having your efforts noticed and rewarded. TAMARA ROST started at WTVG, ABC in Toledo in the biz office as an Accounting Clerk. She was Office Manager then Program Manager then Director of Programming then Director of Programming and Promotion then Director of Operations then Regional Director of Operations wherein she handled the station in Toledo and Flint, Michigan. Whew…that’s a lot of great work there. Now, Tamara has slipped across the street and has taken the Marketing Director slot at Raycom’s CBS affil, WTOL. This lady knows her stuff and knows how a station works! So good to hear. Big Well Dunne! Tamara.

Speaking of Toledo…earlier in the week, the post about RYAN SPEER who is heading up Tamara’s old slot at WTVG…the Bowling Green University in question is in Ohio, not Kentucky. Oops. Geography certificate being recalled….but still sending out a big smile to Ryan.

Update…WDAM’s final tally for their Pine Belt Strong telethon was $320,000. People have good hearts. Well Dunne! ERIC SNELL and all the WDAMers. , 

Job Opening – Graphic Designer WSAV Savannah

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January 31, 2017

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This Tuesday, we focus our sights on Toledo, Ohio. Home to M*ASH’s Max Klinger played by Jamie Farr, who himself was from Toledo! Casting lady take a bow. Toledo is where Katie Holmes and Gloria Steinham called home. Where National Lampoon founder PJ O’Rourke and the voice of cartoon characters like Deputy Dawg Dawes Butler came from. There’s been two switches in Toledo, but we’ll focus on one today and one tomorrow. Step in to the spotlight RYAN SPEER, who has been promoted to the lead creative, aka Promotions Director of WTVG, Gray’s ABC affil. Ryan’s been a writer/producer for them and this is the perfect step. He’ll be a home run hitter for sure. The Bowling Green, KY man (he graduated from Bowling Green U majoring in telecommunications) has also been Chief Video Editor at Goodwyn Production Group. A big Well Dunne! Ryan!

Job Alert –  Promo Producer KLAS Las Vegas (work with the wonderful HENRY VAZQUEZ!!)

Link https://nexstar.hua.hrsmart.com/hr/ats/Posting/view/3656

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