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August 28, 2012

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Anybody whose worked with NBC will know the name VIVI ZIGLER, who has been involved in The NBC Agency and NBC Marketing as well as other leading slots at the Peacock net. Now she’s ready to shine even brighter as the just-named Digital President for Shine America. For those who need Google help with Shine, click here. Ms. Vivi started out in the newsroom in San Luis Obispo at KSBY and then went to KING in Seattle. From there she went to Burbank the the rest is NBC history. A big Well Dunne! to Vivi.


WESH’s TV’s Promo Manager TONY REED has been seeing the world on his vacation – and it’s a sure bet he’s put Iceland on his Favorite list. I guess we now know a destination for a person who lives in the vacation capital of the US, Orlando. 

Healing thoughts going out to former WSOC CSD SALLY GANZ. She’s just “had her knee done” and is on the mend. Why do those meniscus tears tear?

Job Alert – Marketing Director for WCTI and Fox Eastern Carolina New Bern, NC

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July 24, 2012

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Some people have a lot of luck. Take STEVE HARRIS, for instance. Not only is he talented but he’s getting to live in several of the US’s greatest places. He’s going to be leaving Tucson, which is an ideal place – Paul McCartney has his one and only vacation home in Tucson. And what city is enticing him to leave the desert? None other than Austin, TX, home to Willie Nelson, the state capital, and a couple of kids studying at a place that has a Longhorn. As a California guy ( he went to Cal State Chico) Steve will fit right in. He’s taking the CSD slot at Sinclair’s CBS affil KEYE and decamping his 7 year stint at Journal’s ABC affil, KGUN. Yep, he’s trading one great set of calls for another. Steve learned the promo biz at one of the great spots around – KOVR in Sacramento, where he spent 13 and a half years as Director of Advertising and Promotion. He’s going to take I-10 East for an August start date. A big Well Dunne! to you Steve.

Any of you who are new to their job and have not yet gotten a jpg picture of themselves to me for the PROMAX Brief magazine…tick tock people.

Condolences to former WSOC CSD SALLY GANZ whose father passed away over the weekend. 

Think About This:  "We are all visitors to this time, this place, just passing through to observe, learn, grow, love…Then we return home."   ~ Aboriginal proverb


December 21, 2010

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The armed woman who took WSOC TV hostage this afternoon…during a newscast and forcing the station to black…is in custody. Charlotte NC police are going to release information. CSD SALLY GANZ sure does have an interesting story to tell about her day at work. More to come…will update as it comes across.