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November 29, 2018

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It’s an early Christmas present for DYLAN SMITH.  He’s got a great new job and will be moving to a market which offering ocean views, fresh seafood and long sandy beach walks.  Dylan is the newest member of CSD SHERRY CARPENTER’s creative cabal at Graham Media’s WJXT in Jacksonville. He’ll officially be writing and producing for the esteemed WJXT after handling news promo and special projects at WRDW / WAGT in beautiful Augusta, GA, where he first began as a jack of all trades making TV happen. Sherry is all excited to have found him. As we all know, a good producer is pretty rare. Dylan will begin on Monday.  Let’s hear a jolly Well Dunne! Mr. Smith.

While we’re on the subject of Graham Media, have you seen The Post? It should be required viewing. The story of Washington Post publisher Katharine Graham and her courageous decision to publish the Pentagon Papers back in 1971. She helmed the paper as it went on to cover Watergate. She could have gone to jail for her pentagon decision; the FCC had teeth back then. But she decided that truth was more important than anything else. Orlando’s WKMG stands for Katherine Meyer Graham. We are in times that call for this kind of media leadership. If anybody knows where it is, please advise.

Think About This: “I sat with my anger long enough, until she told me her real name was grief.”  ~ Facebook post of high school friend

October 26, 2018

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Walking ‘across the street’ and up the ladder is COURTNEY LEITSCHUH, who has taken the CSD slot at Scripps’ WRTV, ABC in Indianapolis. She had recently been Senior Creative Marketing Producer at Nexstar’s CW affil WISH in that state’s capital city. Ms. Courtney kicked off her November sweeps for RTV Thursday, so it’s a busy fall. The U of Indianapolis – Bloomington grad has been Senior Creative Marketing Producer for WCPO in Cincinnati, NBC6 in Miami and was Director of Marketing in Fort Wayne at WANE. Let’s hear a very energetic and happy Well Dunne! Courtney!

Job Alert – Creative Services Writer-Producer WJXT-WCWJ Jacksonville (work with SHERRY CARPENTER!)

WJXT/WCWJ seeks a motivated, high-energy Creative Services Writer-Producer to join our award winning team.  Candidate will be responsible for bringing our brand to life through compelling writing, break through editing and strategic concepts.  The qualified candidate must be able to conceive, write, edit and succeed in a fast paced, results-oriented media environment.  Ideal candidate will be an innovative thinker and a self-motivator with the ability to contribute ideas.   E-mail resume and link to: scarpenter@wjxt.com

You are all airing spots about voting, right? Yeah, it’s important. Be like Nike and just do it. Surprised to know that Pennsylvania doesn’t offer early voting.

Think About This:  “Fear tricks us into living a boring life.”  ~ Donald Miller

April 10, 2018

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What happens when two extremely talented and high energy TV marketing types throw in together? Major creative fireworks that will continue to make Jacksonville’s WJXT one of the best stations in the country. CSD SHERRY CARPENTER has tapped DAVID MOTT to be the newest member of her team. Official title – Creative Manager. David, originally a Florida guy who had pretty much determined not to go back (humidity and flying roaches were not mentioned but inferred) changed his mind because of the new lady boss and the way Graham Media runs the independent. He’ll be starting the very end of April. Yes, he’ll miss the mountains (Florida types are always in awe of mountains, as well they should be) but he’s already packing for his new chapter. Mr. M, if you remember, is a new major favorite due to his sense of humor. People, laughing is good. Consider adding more to your life. He’ll be leaving the CSD slot at WVNS in West Virginia. So kick off your Tuesday with a Well Dunne! David.

Job Alert – Creative Director CBS Television Network REF#: 30647 LA

Think About This:  “The best memories come from bad ideas done with best friends.”  ~ the internet

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January 16, 2017

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Everybody has coping methods for life. Some people swim…or play tennis…or paint. Some cook or clean or meditate. Or all or some of these activities. It’s always amazing to watch someone grab life and reshape it like a statue of clay that needs attention. When CHRISSY FUNK reached one of those “important life moments” she got out her hiking boots and took to the Appalachian Trail. If you don’t know about hiking the trail, then look it up and be amazed. Chrissy found herself on the trail…not that she ever lost who she was. But like all artwork, she became more complex, more deep, more interesting. The lady who has a solid core of “I can do this” now knows she can do ANYTHING. And what she’s going to do is head back to Palm Beach (ah, just in time for The Season, my dear) where she’ll be heading up Creative for WPEC, the Sinclair CBS affil. Ms. Chrissy is no stranger to PB – she was head of creative for Scripps there. And before that, she was working with one of the very best (and favorite) SHERRY CARPENTER at WJXT in Jacksonville. Other stations where she learned and did award-winning creative include KDVR in Denver, WTAE in Pittsburgh and WTEN in Albany. She’s just amazing…you should know her. She inspires. And she has the most adorable pug dogs! One-two-three … Well Dunne! Chrissy!


Think creativity is just something one does or ‘gets’…well, it’s really more complex and it’s all in the brain…Thanks to The Guardian for the article.


Think About This: “If we do not act, we shall surely be dragged down the long, dark and shameful corridors of time reserved for those who possess power without compassion, might without morality, and strength without sight.”  ~  Martin Luther King, Jr.

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November 29, 2017

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OK, metaphorically close your eyes and picture a guy in love with radio and football. No, it’s not  Bobby Costas. This metaphorical person went on to TV marketing after he played Fullback for two teams – the Pittsburgh Power Football  team and the Lehigh Valley Steelhawks Professional Indoor Football. VERY impressive. He transitioned to TV as the Creative Services Director and Promotion Manager for WVVA, the Quincy Media NBC station for Bluefield, West Virginia. He decided to leave the mountains behind and went to work with SHERRY CARPETER at Graham Media’s WJXT in Jacksonville, where the beaches are pretty sweet. Now, he’s combining mountains (kinda) and water (think Ohio River) in his new job in Louisville. We’re talking about BRANDON LINK, newly named Assistant Creative Services Director at Hearst’s CBS station in the Kentucky Derby town. All together now…on three…hup, two, Well Dunne! Brandon.


Think About This:  “First they ignore you, then they laugh at you, then they fight you, then you win.”  ~  Gandhi


Yes, of course it’ still copyrighted by me.

November 3, 2017

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Always such a treat to write about the artists out there. Graphics are key to any ad – duh. And in today’s world, good TV art people are hard to find.  Its particularly problematic when TV loses a super-talented one to another line of work. Well, she’s still doing art but not for TV and entertainment/news. That’s what happened to a Denver-based creative, DEB CATALANO. The UCLA grad and Savannah College of Art and Design grad (impressive) was Art Director at Fox affil KDVR after doing such things as 3D animation for Fox Family Channel in LA and Imaginary Forces, Novocom and Pittard Sullivan. Yes, all top notch drop-dead great places. Deb has taken on the title of Chief Technology Officer for Ignite Creative, a super agency in the Mile High City. No doubt she’s a very happy camper. Big Well Dunne! to Deb.


Condolenses to Well Dunne! Talent’s KEVIN GASSMAN whose aunt passed away from cancer in Los Angeles on Tuesday.


Job Alert – Executive Producer WJXT Jacksonville (work with SHERRY CARPENTER!!!)  Executive Producer River City Live:  WJXT Jacksonville is seeking an Executive Producer for a daily variety and feature show.  An experienced leader and visionary, the EP will oversee all aspects of River City Live. Responsible for  teases, segments, and packages; this position will book and research interview topics, and generate fresh ideas for a lifestyle show.  You must be able to stack and booth a daily live show. Responsible for program brand and maintaining  ratings. Experience as a producer on TV or digital program is a must. Ability to work under very tight deadlines and intense pressure.


  • Develops content and fun, informative ideas for the show, including program segments that reflect the community
  • Works with WJXT Sales Department to plan, book and deliver quality/entertaining segments for clients.
  • Assists with program’s web/social presence; helps to develop new audience outreach models.
  • Records and edits video for pre-produced or live segments.
  • Manages archives for “best of” show clips for future episodes
  • Oversees RCL contests and official contest rules.
  • Ability to Executive Produce special Live programming on WJXT and WCWJ.

REQUIREMENTS Excellent organizational and leadership skills. 5 years experience serving as a producer on a TV or digital program. Strong ability to edit video and write copy.  Ability to booth a show, which involves back-timing, floating of stories, etc …as well as ability to work the floor, interacting the guests and talent.  Knowledge  of ENPS. Ability to work under very tight deadlines. Understand WJXT’s presence in the community and the core values associated with our brand.  Ability to lift props, scenery and equipment. The above description does not necessarily include all of the essential functions or occasional work assignments of this position.


Particularly good article about PR and marketing and blending and all that.


Think About This:  “Without time to decorate it, time is just a bunch of boring production deadlines or dates by which bills must be paid.”  ~  Frank Zappa

September 12, 2017

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As was the case with the amazing TV people in Houston, the Florida TV pros stepped up and did epic work covering Irma. They still are. The internet allows us to see their news on-air, which is a modern miracle imo. The Florida, Georgia, South Carolina markets all shone. So many stories…so many deserving our attention and applause. So let’s start and keep adding to the honor role. And interest role, since we’re starting with blatant WDT promotion.


Well Dunne! Talent’s DARYN JOHNSON is a TV director for Fox’s WTVT in Tampa and was making it all happen on the air while sleeping in an office at the station on West Kennedy. Well Dunne! Talent’s SEAN CALDWELL headed to Atlanta and Irma followed him up I-75. An Atlanta resident already, RICH VANSLYKE read copy for Florida markets while preparing to have the hurricane mess with his town. Big-voiced MITCH PHILLIPS kept his sense of humor from the Fort Lauderdale area. All are safe.


In Jacksonville, WJXT’s Meteorologist JOHN GAUGHAN (pronounced Gone) did an A+ job on Irma in the Jax market. Promo that man with “GAUGHAN WITH THE WIND”. (Sorry SHERRY CARPENTER…had to use that.)


Creative “architect” STAN MELTON heads up DC’s ABC affil WJLA…and he recently teamed up with STEPHEN ARNOLD and his music, using the SAM cut “Waking Up My Day” for the station’s American Idol Front of the Line contest. The cut is part of the new “Ready” promo package. Well Dunne! Stan Stephen and CHAD COOK, VP of Creative for SAM.


Think About This:  What if I told you that 10 years from now, your life would be exactly the same? I doubt you’d be happy. So, why are you so afraid of change?”  ~  Karen Salmansohn


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August 29, 2017

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There is absolutely no reason to be miserable in your job. Life is too short – things change in an instant. If you aren’t appreciated – if you feel ill Sunday evening because you have to get up on Monday morning, then CHANGE IT. Maybe one of these is for you.

Let’s start with the wonderful SHERRY CARPENTER, who has a rare opening at #1 rated WJXT in Jacksonville. TOPICAL PRODUCER.  #1 rated WJXT, the Graham Media Group-owned station in Jacksonville, one of Florida’s best kept secrets, seeks a motivated, high-energy Creative Services Topical Writer-Producer to join our award winning team.  Candidate will be responsible for bringing our brand to life through compelling writing, break through editing and strategic concepts.  The qualified candidate must be able to conceive, write, edit and succeed in a fast paced, results-oriented media environment.  Ideal candidate will be an innovative thinker and a self-motivator with the ability to contribute ideas and learn from those around them. More here.


VP Creative & Programming

WLS – Chicago



WYMT – Hazard KY

KMBC – Kansas City

KTNV – Las Vegas

KDAF – Kansas City

WAVE – Louisville

WRAL – Raleigh

KDAF – Dallas


WSVN – Miami


Marketing Director

WECT – Wilmington NC

WAVE – Louisville

KSDK – St Louis

WUSA – Washington DC


Assistant Creative Services Director

WLKY – Louisville

KSBW – Salinas


Promo Manager

KIVI – Boise

WPEC – Palm Beach


News Promo Manager

KSWB – San Diego


Digital Manager

KMTV – Omaha


Think About This:  “A mistake repeated more than once is a decision.”  ~  Paulo Coelho

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MAY 11, 2016

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There’s nothing like promoting someone who has been working with you. It really is a vote of confidence as well as an exciting new opportunity for both parties. So, with that in mind, let’s hear it for STEVE SANCHEZ, newly named Promotion Manager for TEGNA’s CBS affiliate KYTX in Tyler, Texas. Steve has been a news editor who, no doubt, will take those lightening quick editing skills to a more artistic plane doing TV promo. His new boss, Marketing Director KEVIN MEYER, thinks Steve is on the road to being a real Rock Star. Sounds like it. Steve has been busy outside the station, namely being part of a film production. Devils Deal (available on Amazon) was shot in East Texas and Steve edited it. He loves film and this sounds like an ideal situation for everybody. It’s all coming up roses in Tyler. (bonus points if you get that)  Big Well Dunne! Steve. And thanks Kevin!


Bravo to former promo pro now GM STEVE CARTER who is trading his Atlantic oysters for Rocky Mountain ones when he moves back to Denver to be GM of KUSA. Steve is currently GM of Tegna’s Portland, ME station WCSH (where they have the best News Director ever…take a bow MIKE REDDING). Steve knows his way around KUSA, where he was VP of Marketing and Promotion for just about 20 years. Big Well Dunne!

RIGHT NOW…turn off your phones, shoo people out of your office, close the door, turn up the volume of your computer and WATCH THIS VIDEO. It is THE most important lesson in economics you will EVER learn. DO IT. There will be a quiz later. 

Job Alert –  Topical Promo Producer WJXT Jacksonville (work w/ SHERRY CARPENTER!)

#1 rated WJXT, the Graham Media Group-owned station in Jacksonville, one of Florida’s best kept secrets, seeks a motivated, high-energy Creative Services Topical Writer-Producer to join our award winning team.  Candidate will be responsible for bringing our brand to life through compelling writing, break through editing and strategic concepts.  The qualified candidate must be able to conceive, write, edit and succeed in a fast paced, results-oriented media environment.  Ideal candidate will be an innovative thinker and a self-motivator with the ability to contribute ideas and learn from those around them. RESPONSIBILITIES:

  • Must be able to write compelling, engaging promotional messages for all platforms.
  • Write, produce and edit compelling news image and topical promotions.
  • Social media marketing and content development.
  • Assist in all areas of station promotions, marketing, commercial production, special projects, community events and more.
  • Participate fully in daily news meetings.
  • Work well with news producers, photographers and reporters in the field.
  • Produce image, web videos and other promotions as assigned.
  • Ability to work flexible hours including nights, weekends, holidays on short notice.
  • Must be able to work a night side position if needed.


  • Television promotion experience a plus.
  • Knowledge of Premier experience and After Effects a plus.
  • Willingness to work flexible schedules.
  • Both a team player and a solo act rolled into one.
  • Ability to problem-solve, find positive solutions to challenges.
  • Must be well-organized and highly motivated.

TO APPLY:      E-mail or send resume and reel to: scarpenter@wjxt.com   No Phone Calls Please


Think About This:  "Many men go fishing all of their lives without knowing that it is not fish they are after."   ~ Henry David Thoreau

Copyright 2016 © Kate Bacon / Well Dunne! Talent


August 5, 2015

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If one is good, and two is twice as good, then three is over the moon. Three is the magic number for WJXT’s CSD SHERRY CARPENTER, who has added some fab talent to her team in Jacksonville. We’ll let her and her new hires take over (I’ll put my feet up and fix a margarita today…bonus!): 


BRANDON LINK: “I hail from WVVA! A station tucked away in Southern WV. I went from Master control, Commercial producer to Promotion manager in a little under 2 years. Before I stumbled into TV, I played football for the Pittsburgh Power in the AFL (Arena football league). I am originally from Cumberland, MD. I’ve been playing guitar for 12 years, and I have a 4 yr old black lab/pit mix named Nina! I’m probably the biggest/scariest looking Promotion Producer in the country!”  (Take what you like from that. Haha.) 


STUART BOSLOW is the new Executive Producer of a daily talk and entertainment show on WJXT, launching later this year. Stuart joined the station from Dallas, where he launched a talk and lifestyle show at KTXD. Previously he was Senior Special Projects Producer at KTVT. 


Just hired today, as in Tuesday! RYAN DOLBY was our intern, and was hired to help support production of 3 weekly Jacksonville Jaguars shows. As the official station of our NFL Franchise team, folks in creative services help produce the coaches show, Everbank Jaguars Gameday, and Jaguars All Access.  Ryan has a Bachelor’s Degree in Communication, Concentration in production from University of North Florida. 


Job Alert – Sherry and Stuart are working frantically to hire 7 more people– co-hosts, MMJ’s, producers, bookers and tech support. Check out Graham Media’s WJXT’s job postings. 


Sincere condolences to PHIL KRAFT, Senior Creative Producer for KGTV in San Diego, on the loss of his Grandmother. 

EXCELLENT read…BILL HARTNETT’s blog entitled Social TV Grows Up and Gets Real.



Changes are as hot as the temps…tomorrow we tell about the new CSD at WNCN in Raleigh and have great news about a favorite with a syndicated show. And the already promised details on the lovely new KXAN CSD will be forthcoming. Plus a real find for DAVID HERSHEY at KTVT. Come back – bring salt.


Oh, this is the 1625th post of WDT’s focus on the people of TV marketing. How fast the children grow…


Think About This: "Failure is a bruise, not a tattoo.”  ~ Jon Sinclair


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May 7, 2015

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Isn’t it great to hear about someone getting a promotion to a new, more exciting job and title? There are days when one wonders if hard work pays off or is even noted. Promotions erase any doubt. Today’s Promo promotee (new phrase – rather keen on it) is CHRISSY SELLERS who is the spanking new Promotion Manager at Jacksonville’s WJXT. Chrissy (whose formal name is Christine) is a Florida lady, her hometown is Gainesville, who has worked her way up the chain and will now be #2 to CSD SHERRY CARPENTER at the Post Newsweek – oops, I mean Graham Media, indie. She’s a Gator (which to non-Floridians means she has a degree from the University of Florida) who took to promo with ease after getting her foot in the door as a production lady. Promo producing is what she’s been up to recently. Best yet – word is she’s the ray of sunshine on any given day. That’s a hallmark of a leader. Looks like Jax is going to be a hotter market than usual this summer. Well Dunne! Chrissy!


Tune in tomorrow for the latest on WSOC’s new CSD…a royally named city with a jump start on new marketing.



Job Alert  – Southern market is quietly seeking a promo leader. Excellent opportunity to step up or move up. Contact me for details. Shhhh….

Job Alert  – Creative Services Producer Editor WJXT Jacksonville

Job Alert – Topical Promo Producer KGTV San Diego (work for the one and only STAN MELTON!!)

Responsible for creating and producing on-air topicals, nightly social media posts and other promotional announcements for ABC 10News evening newscasts.

 Are you a Super Star Producer/Editor who can catch someone’s attention in 30 seconds or less?

If so, KGTV, San Diego’s ABC affiliate, is looking for YOU to fill the role of a Promotion Producer.

You must have a proven track record of producing conversational yet compelling nightly topical promotional spots that stand out in commercial breaks, connect emotionally with viewers, and give clear reasons to tune-in.  You must possess top-notch writing skills and a desire to win every day.  You must have a clear understanding of how to sell news stories and station programming to targeted demographics, with the ability to execute distinctive marketing and branding strategies for each station and social media platform.  You must be familiar with ways to increase user engagement on web and social media platforms.  Ability to meet tight deadlines is KEY.  You must be able to work flexible hours and shifts, including weekends and holidays. A minimum of two years television promotion experience; a degree in communications or related field; a good understanding of graphics and visual effects along with proficiency with Microsoft Office, basic non-linear editing skills and iNews news computer knowledge preferred.  Final Cut X and After Effects experience is a plus. 


KGTV is in America’s Finest City – San Diego! The sun, ocean, and beautiful year round weather make this amazing vacation destination an even more amazing place to call home! This is not a job for beginners. If your reel shows you know how to sell a story in surprising and creative ways, and you want a chance to call San Diego home, please include a link to your work on your resume.

Education:        Required:  

  • Bachelor’s degree in television, communications,  or related field preferred.
  • Two or more years of hands-on promotion writing-editing experience. Daily topical experience preferred.



  • Strong writing, conceptualization, editing, and production skills a must. 
  • Strong organizational and interpersonal skills required.  
  • Knowledge of news and current events required.  
  • Must be able to effectively coordinate spot production. 
  • Strong computer skills necessary.  
  • Non-linear computer editing skills mandatory.  Apple Final Cut Pro editing experience preferred.
  • Experience posting to social media platforms.

Please apply online at scripps.com/careers, requisition #10401

About Us  The E.W. Scripps Company is a leading media enterprise driven to develop and expand its digital strategies while embracing its rich history in delivering quality journalism through television stations, newspapers, and Scripps Howard News Service.

ABC10 is proud to serve San Diego with the news and information that affects our community. 10News is "San Diego’s News Source" with more reporters covering major news across the region and a commitment to investigative and enterprise stories. This important information is delivered to viewers anytime, anywhere with a 24-hour news channel, mobile apps, and the market’s leading television news website 10News.com. San Diegans know when they want news…they turn to 10News.  KGTV and E.W. Scripps are equal employment opportunity employers. Candidates being offered a position of employment must successfully pass a drug and background screen.


Think About This: “Look for three things in a person – intelligence, energy and integrity. If they don’t have the last one, don’t even bother with the first two.”  ~ Warren Buffet


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January 5, 2015

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Who left the door wide open for the polar air to rush down and make this coming week uber-cold? Well, one person not worrying about the freezing snap is MICHAEL PARENTE, who is not only happily ensconced in Miami (average high this week is 75 degrees – thanks Weather Channel) is all hot for a different reason – his new job as Creative Services Director of Sunbeam’s FOX affil, WSNV. He’s no stranger to South Florida, having been Promotion Manager at Graham Media Group’s ABC affil WPLG for quite some time. BTW, Graham Media Group was called Post Newsweek but made the moniker change in July. Back to Michael, who has worked in Memphis as CSD at WMC as well as launched WBFS in Miami. He did it all  while at WFLA, including graphics, after getting his start in TV promo at Rockford, IL’s WTVO. The Wayne State Grad is one lucky and happy man kicking off 2015 in the best way ever. Well Dunne! Michael.


Job Alert – Promotion Manager – WJXT Jacksonville      A rare opportunity to apply for Promotion Manager at WJXT- one of the most successful stations in the country. Check out Jacksonville’s stunning beaches, St Augustine, an NFL team and so much more! Must be a strategic thinker and creative problem solver with a can do attitude! It’s all about teamwork here. Experience writing, producing, and editing image, series, POB’s and topicals is a must. No boring formula spots please! Show me your cutting edge campaigns or the ideas you always wanted to do but couldn’t. Must meet tight deadlines on all platforms. Must be super crazy organized. Work with the CSD on station branding, creative image campaigns, and outside media. 3-5 years experience in promotion/broadcasting/marketing required. Communications degree or related field preferred. 

Send resume, cover letter and promo samples to: scarpenter@wjxt.com


The Secret to a Happy Life – Courtesy of Tolstoy (courtesty of the BBC) 

Think About This: “If you contemplate the Golden Rule, it turns out to be an injunction to live by grace rather than by what you think other people deserve.”  ~ Deepak Chopra

Copyright 2015 © Kate Bacon / Well Dunne! Talent

December 23, 2014

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When JAMES MCKAY shared he was leaving Scripps’ WPTV in West Palm Beach, it seemed unlikely they’d find a replacement who was as smart, communicative and clever as he. But in true Scripps’ tradition – they have. She’ll be in the CSD chair come January 12 having moved down A1A from Jacksonville where she was Promotion Manager at WJXT, a great #2 slot to Indiana, PA native SHERRY CARPENTER. The new fully titled, run-her-own-ship lady in question is none other than CHRISTINE FUNK BARON, who will bring a thousand watt smile to already sunny West Palm. She’s originally from up north with a degree from the State University of New York at Plattsburg. Got her foot in the TV door at WATE in Pittsburgh before moving to WTEN in Albany and then to Denver’s KMGH, which is now owned by her new station group, Scripps. (ha – take a sip of coffee every time you read Scripps). The most interesting aspect to Christine’s life is she’s a very dedicated and well noted body builder. No doubt that accounts for her amazing energy. She’ll be working with two Well Dunne! Talents to boot! Have a happy holiday and Well Dunne! Christine!

Job Alert – Creative Services Promotion Manager WJXT Jacksonville

Think About This: “I hope this holiday season you remember: to use all of your angels, that you are inclined to succeed, and that everything you’ve been through up until this moment in time, was just practice for the really good stuff that’s now headed your way!  ~ from Tut-A Note From The Universe

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June 17, 2014

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The smile on CSD SHELLY LESLIE’s face is because, after a long search waiting for just the perfect person, she has filled the Social Media Manager slot at WRAL. WENDY GATLIN began yesterday (Monday June 16) in Raleigh. So how did Ms. Wendy stand out and land this plum slot? Shelly said Ms. G described herself in an InfoGraphic describing herself as "demographic chameleon, deadline slayer, chief ball juggler, engager, who thinks in 140 characters or less.”  VERY cool. Wendy is making the transition from WFMY in Greensboro where she handled social media efforts and ran her own consulting company. She has a background in radio as well…uber cool. Needless to say, you should send her a tweet @gatatattat and tell her Well Dunne!

You know how some people impress you from the moment you meet them? DIANE FIOLEK is one of those folks, who described how to put a TV News package together to a very cranky crowd at a station not that long ago. She was brilliant. Of course, it aggravated the then-News Director, which meant she was totally on target. She has a new gig, having joined he Devlin Design Group as CSD. Her background at BrightHouse Networks and VDO will no doubt be an asset. Well Dunne! Diane. 

Job Alert – Project Multi-Media Senior Producer WJXT Jacksonville
Be part of a newly created team at WJXT,  a Jacksonville, Florida television station #1 on all platforms. The Project Multi-Media Senior Producer will execute highly produced and innovate programs. Write, produce, and coordinate shooting and editing of 3 sports programs a week in addition to WJXT local programs, and special series for the news department.

  • Prioritize, manage, produce and coordinate production of three weekly Jacksonville Jaguars shows for WJXT on all platforms.
  • Coordinate and schedule the use of various in-house studios and equipment for local programming, news and promotion.
  • Write and produce local programming and special reports on all platforms.
  • Will work nights and weekends.

This person should have 5 years of producing and production experience along with excellent oral and written communication skills. Must have a proven track record of successfully working with a team to complete projects. Must be highly organized with creative and inventive ideas. Must be able to work under pressure. Degree preferred.  Must have valid drivers license. Strong knowledge of football preferred.
Ability to maneuver between on location shoots and WJXT studios, handle a time-sensitive work environment and be able to carry or move objects weighing up to 50 pounds.

Email: scarpenter@wjxt.com (She’s wonderful!)

Think About This: In honor of Janusz Kozikowski "Every time you feel yourself getting pulled into other people’s nonsense, repeat these words: not my circus, not my monkeys.”  ~ Polish Proverb

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April 10, 2014

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What comes to mind when you read Indiana, PA?  Some of you film buffs may answer ‘it’s James Stewart’s home town’ and you would, of course, be correct. He actually has a museum there. OK, so it’s Jimmy’s hometown. I’ll bet you didn’t know its also home to not one, not two, but three very cool TV creative people. Yes, from a town numbering about 14,000 souls, three are doing TV marketing. First is SHERRY CARPENTER, CSD at Post Newsweek’s WJXT. Second is Well Dunne! Talent’s KELLY PIDGEON; his voice is one you hear all over the place from his Pittsburgh KDKA studio or from Indiana PA itself where his studio is located. The hat trick is JIM THOMAS, the VP of Local Programming and Marketing for the Journal Broadcast Group. Jim is going to start a new chapter in his life when he joins Magid as head of their marketing efforts. I’ll get the official title one of these days. Just know he’s a peach. All three are fabulous…says a lot. Mr. T gets a shout out and a Well Dunne! along with a Well Dunne! to Indiana PA itself.

Job Alert – Promotion Producer KSNW Wichita KS

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October 9, 2013

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NAOMI BULOCHNIKOV started off her week with a new gig…Director of Media Relations for Sony Pictures Television’s Crackle. Her desk is now in Culver City and she’s thrilled to kick off a new chapter. The Hofstra-educated lady has also done publicity and media relations for MTV Networks and Al Jazeera America. Well Dunne! Naomi.

Job Alert – Marketing Manager-Entertainment Turner Broadcasting Atlanta Job 139062BR

Job Alert  – WJXT, The Local Station has an immediate opening for a Promotion Producer. We’re looking for a talented producer to help market the #1 Local News Station in Jacksonville. We specialize in creating compelling topical, image campaigns, and commercials; and so should you! Our ideal candidate is a savvy broadcast copywriter and skilled editor, with a keen eye for visuals and graphics. This is an excellent opportunity to join a first-class station while living in a fun and affordable city.

Responsibilities:  Responsibilities include, but not limited to:
* Writing, producing, shooting and editing, topicals, news series, programming, and station image promotion
* Produce Web content
*Schedule Anchors and Reporters for in-studio and field shoots
* Logging and maintaining inventory of station promotion
in Wide Orbit.
* Attend and be an active contributor to daily news meetings
*Familiar with Premiere and After Effects
* Must be willing to work flexible hours
* Other duties as assigned by Creative Services Director

Qualifications:  One to Two years of local television promotion experience preferred. Candidate needs a strong knowledge of marketing, non-linear editing and writing. Expertise in shooting DSLR shooting a plus. A positive, team-first attitude is absolutely essential. Computer skills required, including knowledge of internet, social media and any other viral marketing applications.

Comments:  NOTE: All of the essential functions of this position are not necessarily described in this posting. WJXT is an equal opportunity employer and will consider all qualified candidates regardless of race, color, religion, national origin, gender, age, marital status, disability, matriculation or political affiliation. Any offer of employment is conditional on successful completion of a pre-employment drug screen, investigative background check, employment/education verifications and reference checks.

Send resume to:  Sherry Carpenter, Creative Services Director, WJXT-TV, 4 Broadcast Place, Jacksonville, Fl 32207 or scarpenter@wjxt.com


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September 19, 2011

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Florida gator CHRISSY SELLERS is hard at work for the effervescent CSD SHERRY CARPENTER at WJXT in Jacksonville. Ms. Chrissy spent the last 8 years being a promo and online producer at Nexstar’s CW affil on the First Coast, WCWJ. She’s also been president of her own company Studio 352. She fits into the department there, and is Chris#2, joining Krista the artist. Cool. And Well Dunne! Chrissy.

Job Alert – Slam bam they need a Creative Director for WWE.

 This is amazing. MIT is working on houses that can be built for $1,000. No, not $1,000 a square foot….$1,000 total. Fascinating read.

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June 16, 2011

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CHRISTINE FUNK is the newest resident of Florida’s First  Coast. That’s the name for the Jacksonville market, since it butts up against Georgia and is, therefore, Florida’s first coast in one comes down from “up north”. Ms. Christine is the new Assistant Promotion Manager for lovely CSD SHERRY CARPENTER at Post Newsweek’s WJXT. She’s not just new, she’s bizzy, working on a POP today and yet finding the time to send the most endearing email about herself. Christine started in the promo biz in Pittsburgh at WTAE – Title there Promotions Coordinator. Yep, she learned from none other than her now boss, Sherry. From Pitt she made the transition to Albany’s WTEN doing Topicals. And then she found herself in the Mile High City as promo producer at KMGH, helping launch their Digital Department and she wore many hats – shooter, editor, web, producing longer form shows, PSA’s…you get the idea. Now she’s taken her first step into management and will be Sherry’s right hand man…in this case woman. Now, Christine needs to get Ms. Sherry to take her to Singleton’s Seafood Shack to celebrate her first week, and that POP she was producing. Well Dunne! Christine.

Job Alert – Christine is in charge of finding a new Topical Producer at WJXT.  Behave accordingly.

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Tuesday, February 22, 2011

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If you love tennis, golf, bicycling, walking along the ocean, nice people, amazing weather and pelicans, then Ponte Vedra Beach, FL. is right up your alley.  PVB, as it is known to the locals, is just north of Ste. Augustine, America’s oldest city. PVB is also part of the Jacksonville FL market. I mention it because Jacksonville’s got a new resident who is a pro at TV marketing. Put out the welcome mat for SHERRY CARPTENTER, the new Creative Services Director at Post Newsweek’s WJXT. Sherry is arriving in the palm tree laden town just in time to enjoy the 80 degree days. Back in Pittsburgh, where she had been CSD at WTAE, the high will reach somewhere in the low 30;s…and there is snow. Good exchange.  Ms. Sherry has done that TV promo thing in northern markets like Cincinnati and Cleveland. She’s going to LOVE the south. She hails from Indiana, Pennsylvania, home to Well Dunne! Talent’s KELLY PIDGEON. Coincidence? There are no coincidences…it all means something.  Well Dunne! Sherry.

Job Alert: NICK ALLARD needs a promo producer. Here’s the deets:
If your idea of effective news promotion starts with a slow push in on talent – please, skip to the next ad.

If you think that social media is just a flash in the pan, you’ll probably want to look somewhere else.

And, if you think that there’s an “I” in teamwork, well, quite frankly, you need to learn how to spell!

If you’re ready, however, to be a part of a department that is a true creative team and have proven that you work and think outside of the box, please read on!  It just might be your time to shine!
KCCI-TV, a Hearst Television station and CBS affiliate in Des Moines, IA, has an immediate opening for its next creative promotion superstar.  This promo powerhouse should be an extremely creative and energetic promotion writer/producer with a strong video skill set and a passion for news.  After all, you will be part of the team responsible for aggressively promoting Des Moines’ #1 News product and its station programming.
You must be able to take a spot from concept to air (script writing, field and studio shooting, non-linear editing and post production.) You will be working with the creative and talented staff at KCCI to produce station image spots, news and programming tune-in spots, non-traditional news topicals and other station production as needed.

Ideally, you will have 2-3 years of broadcast experience in either news or advertising.  You must have strong Adobe CS skills – After Effects, Photoshop and Premiere is an absolute must.  3-D compositing and other graphic design experience is a huge plus. You must have a creative flair, be able to multi-task and be able to work effectively under tight deadlines.

So, what do you think? Are you ready to take your career to the next level?

Please email resume and online link of your most recent work asap to:
*Please indicate the role(s) you played in the presented work.*

Is online privacy ‘situational’?

Nice article on the new MSNBC Lean Forward campaign.

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"A child’s world is fresh and new and beautiful, full of wonder and excitement. It is our misfortune that for most of us that clear-eyed vision, that true instinct for what is beautiful and awe-inspiring, is dimmed and even lost before we reach adulthood." ~ Rachel Carson