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October 3, 2018

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Class, open your notebook and let’s begin. Anybody know what ‘carriero’ means. Open your Italian app. Yes, you reading this over your morning coffee. It means cartwright. Maker of wheels and carts. Very good. Yes, that’s correct. We now know something fun about WIVB’ newest Creative Services team member, JAMES CARRIERO. He’s a native Buffalo man who has his degree in communications with an emphasis on production. James comes to his first TV job from being Creative Director and Content Producer for Black Horse Videography. He’s worked at several prodco’s and even worked on a political documentary. He sounds like a real find for CSD STEVE PATRICK. Best thing is his video blog, says the ever cool Steve. Need to get that link and will share with you. Well Dunne! James.  Very cool.

Why yes, that was KOAT’s DEILIA WILLIAMS sipping a drink in the restaurant scene on Better Call Saul. The woman is amazing in so many ways and is now officially cool. Officially.

Job Alert – Creative Services Director WANT / WLMT / WJKT Memphis

Think About This:  “The quality of mercy is not strained; It droppeth as the gentle rain from heaven Upon the place beneath. It is twice blest; It blesseth him that gives and him that takes: ‘Tis mightiest in the mightiest; it becomes The throned monarch better than his crown: His sceptre shows the force of temporal power, The attribute to awe and majesty, Wherein doth sit the dread and fear of kings; But mercy is above this sceptred sway; It is enthronèd in the hearts of kings, It is an attribute to God himself; And earthly power doth then show likest God’s When mercy seasons justice.”  ~  William Shakespeare, The Merchant of Venice Act V1 Scene 1

May 23, 2018

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CSD STEVE PATRICK of Nexstar’s duop WIBV/WNLO in Buffalo looked outside the run-of-the-mill ‘hire a producer’ situation and found a talented, enthusiastic candidate to add to his promo team. Welcome SARAH SIGNORELLI to the CBS/CW operation. Ms. Sarah has been creative via graphics and marketing for several operations in The Nickel City. Sidebar: That nickname comes from the back of the five-cent piece, which is, of course, a buffalo. Back to Sarah – she writes for Buffalo Spree, which is the cutting edge magazine. Did an internship at WGRZ there. She was a triple major in college: communications, journalism and digital media arts. Rare and wonderful indeed. That deserves a three-time Well Dunne! Sarah.

Don’t you love ‘outside the norm’ promotions? The kind that make you say “Wish I could have done that.” There’s a video to support the next Jurassic Park movie that is not only spot-on directorially, but is hilarious to boot. Give it a gander. 

Think About This:  “Go venture far beyond the shores. Don’t forsake this life of yours. I’ll guide you home no matter where you are.”  ~  Avicii

April 5, 2017

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It takes approximately one hour and fifteen minutes to make the drive from Buffalo, NY to Rochester, NY. 76 miles. Of course that doesn’t take into account weather or heavy traffic. And that’s just one way. Make it a round trip and that’s 2 and a half hours a day. Each week that means 12 and a half hours a week. 650 hours in a years time. That’s 81 days if we buy into the time frames we’re using. That’s how much STEVE PATRICK is going to get back when he makes the switch from CSD at Hubbard’s WHEC in Rochester to CSD at Nexstar’s WIVB in Buffalo. Seems the wife wanted to live in Buffalo and his love kept him on the road back and forth. Steve’s just that kind of great guy. He’ll be returning to WIVB where he was a Producer and Political Editor back when LIN owned the station. The Fordham grad got into the world of TV marketing and promo at WTAE in Pittsburgh then ran the creative at WNCN in Raleigh back when it was NBC. His WHEC GM is a great one as well, so that was a hard decision to make. But all those hours in the car…gonna be a new man with time on his hands! Big Well Dunne! Steve.

Job Alert – CSD WHEC Rochester

Job Alert – News Brand Producer WCPQ Seattle (work with SYDNEY RUBIN – which means this is the best opening in the biz right now – no kidding)
The Q13 FOX/JOEtv and Portland’s CW Creative Services department is looking for an experienced marketing pro to produce relevant, timely and interesting branding material to support our robust local news and sports programming.  If you’ve got the creative chops and can also take on a supervisory role this might be for you.  This position will act as the lead writer, producer, editor and director on priority Q13 News and sports branding campaigns.  Additionally, this position will work with the News Brand Manager to mentor and grow a team of Writer/producer/editors in developing a wide range of news, sports, entertainment and digital marketing content.

  • Write, produce, edit high-level promotional content to support the stations’ news and sports priorities.
  • Independently develop strategic marketing and branding campaigns from conception to completion, based on brand ideals and goals.
  • Help manage project assignments and workflow for a team of writer/producer/editors.
  • Proficiency as a video shooter and understanding of best practices in video production.
  • Basic understanding of television ratings, research, and other findings used to adjust creative messaging and strategy.
  • Work with external partners and clients on revenue generating projects and brand integration.


  • Demonstrated experience developing innovative creative solutions and marketing campaigns.
  • Advanced production expertise, particularly in Adobe Premiere, After Effects & DSLR camera operation.
  • Strong organizational and presentation skills.
  • A proactive, self-motivated, problem solving mentality.
  • A customer-first philosophy focused on the needs of both viewers and internal stake holders.

Please apply at this link:https://careers3-tribune.icims.com/jobs/45574/sr.-news-brand-producer/job?mode=view
No phone calls please.  EOE

Tomorrow news from LA’s The-Artery. Yes, they’re in LA now! Details tomorrow as promised.

Think About This: "Let us not deceive ourselves or live in a silly illusion about our
creativity. Creativity is a choice. (In theological terms, it is grace and
works operating together. It is an option to live a life with grace.)
Creativity is not a particular gift given to certain people only. It is a
personal choice and a cultural choice, An individual choice and a family,
professional, and societal choice, and at this time in our history it is a
species choice. We choose whether to let creativity flow or not-in our
educational systems, our media, our politics, our economics, our religions,
our very psyches. In theological terms, it is a matter of letting the Spirit
in, the Christ in, the Buddha nature in."  ~  Matthew Fox

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June 25, 2015

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One of the best things local television can do is be part of their community; spotlighting outreach programs to help when needed, highlighting outstanding actions and people via recognition, trying to make sense when tragedy strikes as well as bringing comfort. Down in Charleston, after the murders that made the world shake its head in dismay, Raycom’s WCSC stepped up and produced a series of image spots reinforcing the city’s strength in never allowing a tragedy to define the good people of The Palmetto City. CSD DANI DUDEK wrangled her producers, KRISTIN LEE, SAMANTHA HIGGINS and MAC FAIL along with her Graphics talents DEMONTRE PARISH and STEVE RADFORD. The CBS affiliate used on-air and social media, focusing on the strengths of Charleston’s people coming together. Click here to see them and check out social’s hashtag #standwithcharleston. Well Dunne! everybody. Thanks Dani.

PROMAXers…have you checked out that guitar at Stephen Arnold Music’s suite? Really? Well do it! Signed by Les Paul, it can be yours if you sign up. Winner will be chosen Thursday (today if you’re reading this via your email) so don’t miss out. And check out the Guitar Legends while you’re there. Give Stephen a Hi Ya’ll for me while you’re at it.

Take a gander at three fun favorites…MARC MORRISTON of WNCT in Greenville NC, STEVE PATRICK of WHEC in Rochester, and DAN FLAXER of WSAV in Savannah. Having fun.

Adore RUSSELL BRAND? For sure. Then it’s good to know a new documentary about him is on tap, and the good folks at illuminate over in Studio City have contributed to making it top drawer. It’s all in the post, which illuminate Prez TAL FIALA said was a blast. Put Brand: A Second Coming on your To Watch list and put illuminate on your give ‘em a call list as well. Well Dunne!


Think About This: “Coming together is the beginning. Keeping together is progress. Working together is success.”  ~ Henry Ford


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January 28, 2013

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Up Rochester way comes word from one of my faves, WHEC Marketing Director STEVE PATRICK. He hired a new writer producer who began just this very Monday at the Hubbard NBC affil. Welcome to the everyday world of TV to BRIAN LECHLITER, an Elmira NY native who loves film and writing. He’s pulling for Argo or Silver Linings Playbook to nab the Oscar. A grad of the University at Buffalo, Brian has been freelancing since his graduation. He’s even worked with TLC on their Extreme Couponing Show. Well Dunne! Brian.


Ready…Set….PROMAX Award season has begun. 

Think About This: “It’s impossible” said Pride. “It’s risky” said Experience. “It’s pointless” said Reason.  “Give it a try” whispered the Heart.   ~  Thanks Rabbi Jessica Spitalnic Brockman 


July 2, 2012

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Let’s catch up with a new hire made at WAVY over a month ago, and got overlooked with all the PROMAX excitement, high temps and what seems like a speeded up time frame. How can it be July already. But let’s forget all that and welcome MIKE NEWMAN to the Hampton Roads area of Virginia. He’s onboard and working hard for CSD KRISTIN JOYAL. He’s came from another Atlantic-side market, Greenville, NC where he was Sr. Promo Producer for WITN, Gray’s NBC affiliate. Before he did promo, he was a morning director. Ms. Joyal says he can do it all – shoot, write, edit and design graphics. They’re thrilled he’s on board. Well Dunne Mike!


Job Alert – Director of Marketing and Community relations WBIR in Knoxville, TN

Job Alert – Commercial Producer KBZK Bozeman Montana

Think About This: “I love people who make me laugh. I honestly think it’s the thing I like most – to laugh. It cures a multitude of ills. It’s probably the most important thing in a person.”  ~ Audrey Hepburn


Favorite peeps

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What can a girl say, other than these four are some of my favorite guys in the TV marketing world. STEVE PATRICK of WHEC, PAUL HELLEBUSCH of WFLA, STEPHEN ARNOLD of Stephen Arnold Music and LARRY DOYLE of WTSP. PROMAX Station Summit continues.

June 26, 2012

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What happens in Vegas does not necessarily STAY in Vegas, contrary to popular belief (and the branding line for the Vegas Tourism folks). For instance, STEVE PATRICK is taking pix at the Station Summit and this is the place to check it out. For instance, here is SHELLY MATTHEWS of WCBD/Charleston and DAN FLAXER of WSAV/Savannah putting their plans together for a fact-based and fun few days. 

Meanwhile, while the CSD’s are convicting (my new word or one heard in Oh Brother, Where Art Thou?) a new Marketing Manager is unpacking and acclimating himself to his new city. The man with the new city and title is ROSS LYTLE, Marketing Manage of WSPA and he’s emptying boxes in Spartanburg, SC. Ross is a Texan, hailing from Houston and he’s making his way south from being at WBKN in Youngstown, Ohio.  He got his start in North Dakota and is a very impressive writer! Ross, you tear ‘em up and keep in touch. Well Dunne!

Job Alert – Digital Marketing Specialist WLTX in Columbia SC

Job Alert – Director of Marketing, Adap.tv in San Mateo, CA

Job Alert – Writer Producer Editor at WGRZ in Buffalo

Think About This:  "But sometimes, unexpectedly, a quiet moment finds us and we drop down into the life we have beneath all the rushing and the trying and the endless daily details, sinking into the fertile soil of the sometimes neglected inner life, where the seeds of remembering what matters are planted. What comes from that place when we give it half a chance flowers in our lives and the world, creating unexpected changes in the direction of our journey and offering unanticipated blessings to us and those around us." ~ Oriah Mountain Dreamer


June 25, 2012

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A promotion is what made this June extra special for ROBBY THOMAS at WNCN in Raleigh, NC. He’s been named Director of Marketing for the Media General NBC affiliate. After arriving in February, Robby’s been hard at work doing the promos and when STEVE PATRICK went to WHEC, Robby got the nod and stepped right into the head slot. Well Dunne! Mr. T.

Speaking of Mr. Patrick, he’s the Well Dunne! Talent blogger at PROMAX Station Summit. When you see him, say ‘cheese’ and we’ll wrangle his thoughts and pix for posting.

Job Alert –  Marketing Director WFLA Tampa

Job  Alert – Promo Writer Producer at WNCT in Greenville, NC

Job Alert – Graphic Designer at DISH Network in Denver

Lovin’ Craig Berg and his efforts to save the language, one mistake at a time.

Need to brainstorm? TIME Magazine writes that Starbucks is our destination for more creative efforts.



Think About This:  "Go forth into the busy world and love it.  Interest yourself in its life; mingle with its joys and sorrows."  ~ Ralph Waldo Emerson



June 22, 2012

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What does Albuquerque, New Orleans and London have in common, besides being unique locales on the blue marble? The three cities have (or will be) home to ETHAN EDWARDS, who begins his slot as Assistant Promotion Manager at Hearst’s ABC affil KOAT in New Mexico just in time for the July 4 holiday. Fireworks in the desert sky…excellent.  Ethan was born in Portland, Oregon but was raised in Smithfield, VA (home of ham and a super gorgeous Inn). He interned at CBS in London during the Gulf War and his first job in the biz was a nightside assignment editor in Greensboro, NC at WFMY. He’s going to be a big asset to KOAT’s CSD DOUG DONAHOO. And he’ll be missed by CSD BILLY PILGRIM at WDSU down N’Awlins way. Well Dunne! Ethan.

ASHOK SINHA a member of the VP Club with his new role as VP of Corporate Communications at Current TV up New York City way. He was over at Oxygen as Director of Communications. The California Instutite of the Arts MFA holder has also worked as Manager of Communications and Public Affairs at Logo/MTV Networks and Manager of Publicity and Communication for the Disney Theatrical Group. Well Dunne! Ashok.

Going to the PROMAX Station Summit next week in Vegas? Then keep your eyes peeled for the Well Dunne! stringer, STEVE PATRICK. Sure, he’s there to learn and to present at the Ellen hoo-ha, but he’s been kind enough to take pictures and send them back for this very blog. Steve is now with WHEC in Rochester, so hunt him down if he doesn’t find you first.  

Whoa…before you check out some open jobs, take a moment and answer this easy 10 question survey about the best online option for your demo reel. http://www.surveymonkey.com/s/JLZGSZH

Job Alert – Promo Writer Producer WKYC in Cleveland

Job Alert – director of Marketing and Community Relations KXTV Sacramento

Job Alert –  Graphic Animator at WXIN Indianapolis

FOX59 is one of the country’s top local Fox affiliates and is pursuing an energetic, talented Graphic Designer/Animator to add to our award-winning creative team. Candidates must have strong design + animation skills, and be willing to guide other staff artists’ creative efforts.  Candidate will work in a high-pressure & fast-paced environment with deadlines associated with live television newscasts.     It is critical that the Graphic Designer/Animator be tactful, with solid written and verbal communication skills. Candidates must know Photoshop, AfterEffects & Maya, with Cinema 4D and Chyron as a plus. A strong interest and understanding of television news is a plus.

Job Description:   The Graphic Designer/Animator will create still and motion graphics for on-air promos, newscasts, and various off-channel station efforts.  The Graphic Designer/Animator will be expected to take a leadership role in assuring the consistency of our news look + devise efficiencies within the news/ art workflow. This will require dotted-line supervision of news graphic designers on staff.  Must be able to work independently, make sound design decisions, take creative direction from multiple sources and meet tight deadlines. Candidate should expect to fulfill other design duties as assigned by supervisor. Hours are Mon-Fri 8a – 5p.

Photoshop, After Effects + Maya are required, Cinema 4D is a plus.  Organizational & leadership skills a must.

Send resume, cover letter stating position desired and referral source to Human Resources, WXIN, 6910 Network Place, Indianapolis, IN 46278 or lmcgraw@fox59.com.   EOE.

Burnout is like the sword hanging over creatives’ heads. Here’s a simple insight into helpin avoid it. http://eblingroup.com/2012/06/are-you-headed-toward-burnout.html

Think About This: “Coincidence is God’s way of remaining anonymous.”  ~  Albert Einstein


May 30, 2012

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New Orleans’ WGNO has a new promo producer/writer/editor and his name is JARED BURNS. Thought you’d enjoy hearing his take on his new slot:  “My name is Jared Burns and I’ve come to New Orleans, LA from across the state.  Moving up to a market size of 53 here at WGNO is a big step up from KPLC, market 176, in Lake Charles, LA, but I’m enjoying all the new sights and opportunities. Going from a commercial producer position in Lake Charles to a promotions producer here in New Orleans is definitely a challenge and a change of pace, workflow, and responsibilities. However, I’m definitely glad that I made the move; I’ve learned a lot and gotten my hands on great new equipment all within the first month.  I definitely consider this to be positive career move and am looking forward to learning so much more in this position.” Well Dunne! Jared and thanks to his CSD JEFF FUNK.

Today’s picture is not of New Orleans or Jared Burns, but it is a cute one that encompasses two fun favorites. That’s WHEC’s new creative guru STEVE PATRICK reading STEPHEN ARNOLD’s very cool read, The Story of Six Strings. 

Job Alert – Art Director at KPHO in Phoenix. 

Job Alert – Topical writer producer for Right This Minute national show. Phoenix locale. Magic Dust Television is the place.

Think About This: "Travel is fatal to prejudice, bigotry, and narrow-mindedness, and many of our people need it sorely on these accounts. Broad, wholesome, charitable views of men and things cannot be acquired by vegetating in one little corner of the earth all one’s lifetime."  ~  Mark Twain


May 29, 2012

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Summer weekends at Lake Ontario. Its on the list for the talented STEVE PATRICK, who is heading to Rochester to take the creative reigns at Hubbard’s WHEC, the NBC affil. The entire Patrick family is hitting the road and will be much closer to family. He hates to depart the good folks in North Carolina’s capital, Raleigh, where he’s been Marketing Manager for Media General’s WNCN, where the weather is bit gentler than upstate New York.  Steve spent time writing and producing at WIVB’s operation in Buffalo before taking the Promo Manager slot at Hearst’s Pittsburgh operation, WTAE. He’s a Fordham grad who has a great sense of humor and is going to be a real asset to WHEC. Well Dunne! Steve!


Job Alert – Art Director for Chyron in NYC. The Wonderful and talented Bonnie Barclay would be involved, so it’s a top notch opportunity. Info here. 


Job Alert – Creative Services Director at KNXV Phoenix


Think About This: “Self-love starts with having the courage to be who you are, regardless of what others might think. It is about having the courage to live your dreams, to do what makes you happy in life, so that one day you won’t wake up saying, ‘I wish I had.’ Self-love is about self-care, making your health a priority. Self-love is revealed in your willingness to stay focused on the things you say are important. It’s about having the courage to set boundaries and protect them.”  ~ Francine Ward

April 10, 2012

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How can one find a great creative promo producer?  Just the other day, DON SMITH of the Idopromoz site (and Promo Manager at KOVR) posted about the many, many openings for writers and producers. They’re getting to be scarce – very scarce – and the competition to hire them is strong. Even in an economy that tilts the balance toward employers, producers are in the drivers seat due to supply and demand. Here are some steps to make finding that perfect person a reality.


Think about what you want and then, think about what you need. Everybody wants a young Spielberg, but be reasonable. You might have to walk down your original specifics, especially if the producer slot opening will have a station-wide impact. Be specific and upfront. The candidates read job descriptions closely. An accurate picture of what you need will attract people who can do the job you describe.

“Target your most pressing need,” advises WNCN Creative Services Director STEVE PATRICK.  “Right off the bat, narrow your search to the candidates who can fill that need.  Then hire the one with the best attitude. Attitude trumps all.” 


Ask fellow promo people if they know of anyone available. Your buddy in Fresno might have heard about someone that would be ideal for your opening on the east coast. Email and then phone (yes, the phone). It would be great if the right candidate just showed up on your doorstep in response to ads, but take a more proactive stance. Producers are hard to find and a little work will pay off in the end.


LinkedIn is perhaps the best social network site for finding a pro. If you aren’t on LinkedIn yet, you’re missing out.

JEFF FUNK, Creative Director, Innovation and Imagination at WGNO and NOLA38 states, “In this stage of the game, if you aren’t on LinkedIn, it’s a red flag to me. Like life, everything evolves. The marriage of social media and traditional media is the perfect example. LinkedIn is not only the largest electronic rolodex online, but also a valuable source of opportunity and creativity. Active participation in sites like LinkedIn and Slideshare not only highlights one’s ability to network on different levels regardless of industry, but it showcases one’s ability to actively push their own personal brands forward. There’s something to be said for engagers!”


Producers know other producers. Ask your team if they can help. See NETWORK above.


“Grow your own,” advises 602 Communications’ GREG DERKOWSKI, himself a former CSD who has found himself in need of creative talent. “When you have someone on staff who you know — their work ethic, attitude, ambition, attendance, curiosity to learn more and contribute more — and that person shows a sincere interest in getting in the promotion game and has a good foundation to build on, that may be the way to go. Plenty of stations are doing this. And it’s a great reward for employees and it speaks well of your company when you promote from within.”

Corporate matching funds might be available to train your nearly-perfect pick. Or offer to pick up the tab for outside classes.  


 “If you find someone good, and train them to be just the way you want, then don’t let them go anywhere. Sign them to a personal services contract so that all that time, training and mentoring doesn’t go across the street and work against you.”


Media savvy students are everywhere. Check out the colleges, universities, art schools, and performing arts academies in the area. What can begin as an enthusiastic intern can turn into an amazing find.


HR people are as busy as promo people, so don’t expect them to focus on your opening alone. Every ownership group has their own procedures, so work with HR to help move the process along. Suggest to them a simple software program generating an email thanking candidates for contacting you (which should be mandatory). Your IT guy can make it happen for you. 


By and large, communication is not happening in the communication business when it comes to the hiring process. Producers, communicators at heart, feel rejected if their emails, submissions or phone calls aren’t acknowledged. Take a moment and, let’s reiterate, at the least, send a return email thanking them for sending their info. It doesn’t take much time and makes a world of difference to the candidates. 


Several CSD’s are still smarting from going through the hiring process and losing their choice at the last minute – the choice took another job. Don’t let things drag out. Clear the hurdles and make sure your paperwork is all done before you even run an ad. 


February 29, 2012

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Happy Leap Day! Anybody have any specific way they’re spending their extra day this year??

BRANDT DOTSON is hitting the road, making his transition from Sacramento to Albuquerque an adventure of friends, family, and tasty tacos. Brandt is heading to his new slot as Sr. Writer Producer in Albuquerque. The Tucson native is thrilled to be getting back to the high desert (Albuquerque is a few feet short of officially being a mile high). His sinuses will be particularly happy. Mr. D has worked in Phoenix, Raleigh and at Hearst’s NBC affil in the Cali capital. With his last day on the horizon, he’s both sad and glad…one of those wonderful blends of human emotions. He’s going to miss the great folks at KCRA but at the same time, he’s very excited about life in Enchanting New Mexico. Well Dunne! Brandt.

Job Alert – KCRA is looking to replace Brandt.

Job Alert – WESH needs a top notch first class marketing writer producer. Line up in Orlando.

Job Alert – Promotion Supervisor at WREX in Rockford IL


Rats – missed National Pancake Day. Shout out to WNCN CSD STEVE PATRICK. He knows why.

An App to tell you what to watch on TV? My goodness, isn’t that what promo people are supposed to be doing?  

This is a nice read…excellent way to start a day when you don’t feel very thrilled to be starting another day. 

Think About This:  "The test of our progress is not whether we add more to the abundance of those who have much; it is whether we provide enough for those who have too little." ~ President Franklin D. Roosevelt



February 3, 2012

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It won’t happen until March, but ROBBIE THOMAS is heading to Raleigh, where he’s going to do his creative thing for CSD STEVE PATRICK at MG’s WNCN.  He’ll be Sr. Writer Producer. Robbie will head north from his south Georgia gig handling creative for a cable entity. His resume includes time in Pensacola.  Word is he is quite talented and rarin’ to go. Well Dunne! Robbie.

New York’s One Fine Day, the creative design and animation boutique, just completed a new open for the CW’s Hart of Dixie. Cool.

Job Alert – Creative Services Writer for KITV in Honolulu. 

Are you being a great manager or a pain? Click here



Enjoy the Super Bowl spots. And the game. I still don’t understand the thinking behind playing the spots before the game. Thanks for those who weighed in on it.

Think About This: "Humor is laughing at what you haven’t got when you ought to have it.” ~ Langston Hughes 


October 18, 2011

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Trading the nearly-Gulf Coast locale of Houston for the honestly Gulf Coast locale of Tampa is GAYLE HALVORSEN. She’s headed to the Tampa Bay area to become the new Promotion Manager for Scripp’s WFTS, working with super CSD DENNIS ELSBURY. Gayle is taking leave of her Local Programming Producer/Creative Services Producer position at Tribune’s KIAH. She’s a grad of Southern Illinois University Carbondale (wonder if she’s a St. Louis Cardinals fan…) who has worked at KSNW in Wichita as well as KHOU, Belo’s CBS affil in Houston. Along the way, she was a creative for Pug House Productions. She’s going to love Tampa Bay and is en route now. Plus she gets to work with Well Dunne! Talent’s RICH VANSLYKE. Well Dunne! Gayle.

Job Correction – Raleigh’s WNCN isn’t looking for a Marketing Manager. They’re looking for a Promotion Manager. Imagine how much fun that was for STEVE PATRICK to read while at his Grandfather’s funeral. Ouch. Promo Manager candidates, let Steve know you’re interested. 

Graphics people – do you like the new logo for the Portland Art Museum?

Think About This: “Perfection is achieved, now when there is nothing more to add, but when there is nothing left to take away.” ~ Antoine de Saint-Exupery


Thursday September 29, 2011

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 It’s the perfect situation. Getting a great new job, more money and NOT having to shove your stuff into boxes while looking for a new place to live. That’s the situation for Central Florida’s STEVE RIFKIN, who has been promoted by the Hearst folks and is now the Creative Services Director at NBC affiliate WESH in Orlando. Steve has been at the CW there, WKCF, so he’s on top of the market, etc. The upper NY state native is an Indiana State U grad who has worked at Meredith’s WNEM in Michigan and CBS in Knoxville (where he became a Tennessee Vols football fan). Yep, he sounds just thrilled by the new slot and that, as they say, is a very good thing. Well Dunne! Steve.

Heading to Vegas is KEVIN O’NEAL and family. Kevin is the newly named Sr. Writer Producer for CSD JIM KOONCE at  ABC affil KNTV in Las Vegas. He’s making the switch from being CSD at FOX28 (WSJV for those into calls) in South Bend, Indiana. Mr Kevin has also managed the creative efforts of the CBS/FOX duop KMEG/KPTH Sioux City, Iowa and CBS affil KRCG in Columbia, MO.  Yes, he’s never had a job in the lovely Southwest, but he did study at University of Houston, which Texans say is in the Southwest but really isn’t, since their humidity is rather, well, high. Know Kevin will love desert living. He’ll be there about mid-October. Great big Well Dunne! Kevin.

OH RATZ…I made a mistake. You know yesterday when I told you about NICK ALLARD looking for a newscast director for KCCI in Des Moines? Well, it’s a CBS affil. Yep, Columbia Broadcasting System station. Part of the Eye network.  Not affiliated with any other network. So keep saying KCCI is CBS…KCCI is CBS…KCCI is CBS….carry on.

Job Alert – Promotion Manager needed at WNCN in Raleigh. STEVE PATRICK is the man making the choice….

Job Alert – Promotion Manager at WESH. I bet you figured that out by the story on Steve, eh?

Job Alert – Promo Producer needed at FOX Austin, KTBC.

Wish I had thought of this…http://baconery.com/

Think About This: "The power of losing control is about learning how to let go of trying to control the uncontrollable outcomes and circumstances in our lives. To do anything else is a blueprint for living a life that is driven by stress, fear, and disappointment. I’m not suggesting that we shouldn’t do everything we can to make our dreams and desires come true. But letting go of the illusion that we have complete control over our outcomes will free us from our fears, allow us to bring more of ourselves to the work we need to do, and enable us to find happiness and power no matter what life brings our way."
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August 12, 2011

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There’s a wonderful feeling and completeness to returning to a job at a company you once worked for. Such is the case of HEATHER SYMMES, who is rejoining Atlanta-based GMC. They were once called the Gospel Music Channel but streamlined the name. Heather is now Director of Affiliate Relations, which his a lot like her first slot there, which was Director of Affiliate Marketing, Western Region. She isn’t moving per se…she has been at Turner as Director of Marketing and Network Ops. She’s also been with MTV. Definitely an Atlanta lady, she has a degree from Oglethorpe. Well Dunne! Heather.

Job Alert – Promotion Manager slot at WNCN, NBC in Raleigh. Let CSD Steve Patrick know you’re the one. 

Job Alert – ABC 4 Salt Lake is looking for a Promo Preditor who can raise the bar on our 9/10p news topicals. Contact: terry.mcfarlane@abc4.com

So basic, it should be required reading by everyone: 5 things to say to win over a customer

Think About This: “Be a sweet melody in the great orchestration, instead of a discordant note. The medicine this sick world needs is love. Hatred must be replaced by love and fear by faith that love will prevail." ~ Peace Pilgrim


Wednesday March 9, 2011

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Tennessee and North Carolina have some really steep rivalries when it comes to sports. The capital of NC is rife with colleges, among them Duke, NCState and UNC-Chapel Hill. But Tennessee native APRIL TOLLIVER isn’t going to let that concern her one little bit. She’s just begun at the NCB affil in Raleigh, WNCN where she’s doing that creative promo thing.  Ms. April has a background in television, film, and production and has worked in public TV and post houses.  A graduate from Middle Tennessee State University, April can draw a storyboard with real images, not stick figures. Currently, she’s handling Topicals and a lot of image and sales projects. CSD STEVE PATRICK is thrilled to have her. Well Dunne! April.

March 8 was officially International Women’s Day, which made it the ideal time to introduce two of Well Dunne! Talent’s newest pros. For those who missed it, say hello and give a listen to LISA SCOTT and SHELLEY DUFFY. Both have been in front of and behind the camera, both have been newsies and really understand the nuances and needs of a station…and both have incredible range. Lisa can do “young” and her vocal stylings are a hit with kiddies…Shelley leans more towards a deeper register with authority. Something for everybody! Well Dunne! you two.

Think About This: “Do not cease to drink beer, to eat, to intoxicate thyself, to make love, and to celebrate the good days.” ~ Egyptian proverb

November 4, 2010

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The capital of North Carolina is where STEVE PATRICK is headed. He’ll be head wrangler for the creative efforts of Media General’s NBC affil, WNCN in the Raleigh Durham market. Official title is Director of Marketing. Steve is a Fordham grad who began his TV career at NBC’s Dateline. A man of many interests and talents, Steve put in time in NYC, at  Fountainhead Advertising and editing time at DuArt, garnering experience in feature films, music videos and commercials. In addition to working at Lin’s CBS operation in Buffalo, Steve is making the switch to Raleigh from his slot as Assistant Promotion and Marketing Manager at Hearst’s WTAE in Pittsburgh. Thanks to GM (and former promo man) BRAD MOSES for the info. Well Dunne! Steve.

Job Alert: CSD slot open at WLUK in Green Bay.

Are sites like Hulu ruining the industry?

Helpful article called Is Your Website Slowing You Down?

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