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Apr 6, 2016 by     Comments Off on     Posted under: Featured

Let’s face it…no matter what, the desire to return home (despite what John Donne had to say about it, and he spelled his last name wrong…) seems to bring about decisions that turn our lives onto different paths. DOM NARDO is returning home…to Ohio, where he’s taken the Marketing Manager slot of Raycom’s WXIX, Fox in the Queen City. Dom is a grad of Ohio University where Rufus the Bobcat is the mascot. He was in Cincy at one time as CSD of WCPO, the Scripps ABC affil. Where’s he been lately? Up in Buffalo NY heading up the creative efforts of WIVB, the Media General CBS there. No doubt he’ll have a blast being home again…he starts Monday. Let’s all give him a big Well Dunne! Dom. 

The London Times has totally revamped, rebranded, re-graphiced and just plain changed every last thing about their website. Pity. It now looks like everybody else. Mentioning it since change for change’s sake is NOT good marketing. Carry on.

Think About This: "New ideas are always criticized – not because an idea lacks merit, but because it might turn out to be workable, which would threaten the reputations of many people whose opinions conflict with it.  Some people may even lose their jobs."    – Physicist, requested anonymity

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