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March 1, 2018

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Thursday is getting a “This and That” treatment today. Just a lot of things happening and no time to talk and verify new jobs landed, like the two at Q13 (FOX in Seattle…that info is for tomorrow). So here’s a few items, a job and something for your heart…

Have you ever heard “the gates are wide open”? In an Irish household, the phrase was used when more than one person passed away in a short amount of time. At the moment, the gates are w-i-d-e  open and St. Peter must have gone high tech to process all the souls. Nexstar in Rochester’s ED CRONY has the greatest family. Send them your best thoughts and comfort…his two daughters and his lovely wife have lost their grandmother and mother. Well Dunne! Talent’s JOEY V’s father passed away earlier in the week on the west coast. And TIM SANDERS of WTWO lost his grandmother Wednesday.

Former Promo Pro MARTY SCHLESINGER, who now is the bicycle king of San Antonio (my title, not his…he’s too cool for that moniker) is on the mend from a health scare. But all is well and his sense of humor is totally mended.

Holy cow…a newly placed head of marketing – one with no TV experience – actually asked her staff what a Topical was. Yep, that sure did happen. OMG. I’ll never tell where.

This weekend, AMANDA FORD of WPTV in Palm Beach is getting married…as is former promo pro LAUREL PORTIE (The List, KTVT)  who ‘s tying the knot in Malibu. Happiness.

Job Alert – Retail / Promotions Producer KCPQ/KZJO/KRCW Seattle

Job Alert – Marketing Director WKYC Cleveland

Think About This:  “Courage doesn’t always roar. Sometimes courage is the little voice at the end of the day that says I’ll try again tomorrow.”  ~  Mary Anne Radmacher

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May 14, 2015

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From the mountains to the sea. Okay, more precisely, from the mountains to Orlando, which is sorta half way between the Gulf of Mexico to the west and the North Atlantic Ocean to the east. Obviously a big change in terrain, which is what NICK JOSSENDAL is going to deal with when he decamps lovely Colorado Springs for his new job in Orlando. Nick is heading to KYM PEOPLES’ creative department at WKMG in the Big O. It’s the CBS affil owned by Graham Media Group. He’ll be sad to say goodbye to his current Marketing Director, the lovely SYDNEY RUBIN, under whose guidance he’s grown and bloomed. Nick has been a creative producer at KOAA, the NBC affil owned by Cordillera Communications. A grad of the Art Institute of Colorado, Nick has design skills as well as promo chops. His background includes media work for Altitude Sports and Entertainment, Municipal Services Group, Raecom Productions as well as freelance videographer gigs. The switch finds him in a top 20 market without those lovely mountains, but I bet he’ll keep blooming. Well Dunne! Nick!

Speaking of new titles, let’s hear it for TIM SANDERS, who is adding yet another new title to his business card. Earlier, if you remember, he was elected Alderman in his town, and now he’s been tapped to be the new Local Sales Manager of Nexstar’s WTWO/WAWV in Terre Haute, IN. Yes, he’s looking for a replacement to be Promotion Director since he starts his new job June 1.

Job Alert – Promotions Director WTWO/WAVW Terre Haute, IN

Job Alert – Creative Preditor KOAA Colorado Springs

Job Alert – Motion Graphics KOAA Colorado Springs

Job Alert – Sr VP Marketing MSNBC NYC Job 21007BR

Job Alert– VP TV Marketing Vice Media NYC

Think About This: “The next time you find yourself stuck in a long line at an ATM machine, traffic jam, or supermarket checkout counter, resist your urge to react. Do not get frustrated. Do not become impatient. Do not get angry. The line is there to test you, and to give you an opportunity not to react. But if you do react, the situation controls you. The situation becomes the cause and you the effect.” ~ Yehuda Berg

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April 9, 2015

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Got stellar news about CHAD MALLAM. Really stellar. Mr. Chad has launched the Space Channel LLC. We turn the pixels over to Mr. C: The first non-linear television network dedicated to Space with a unique programming line up that covers every aspect of the industry. From news to movies, web content, live event coverage and eventually a network of cameras streaming live, real time HD footage from interplanetary space. Giving viewers an unprecedented look at the cosmos and our home planet from any device, anywhere in the world. Chad knows a thing or two about getting eyeballs…he was most recently VP of On-Air at GSN. He honed his chops at such great operations as KPIX in San Fran, NBC Universal, WGCL in Atlanta and ABC Entertainment. At heart, he’s quite the artist who not only paints eye-popping canvases today, but has been an Animation Assistant at the Cartoon Network. Chad will help us all see more stars and open the universe’s marvels. Well Dunne! Mr Mallam. Regards to Boots.

Talk about community service. Let’s hear it for TIM SANDERS in Terre Haute, who was elected an Alderman in Marshall, Indiana on Tuesday. Enthusiastic and smart as a whip, not to mention creative, Marshall is one lucky town. By day, Tim’s Promotion Director of WTWO/WAWV in the Wabash Valley. Well Dunne! Tim.


Former promo pro KYLE KLEINECKE is not letting any creative grass grow under his feet. Mr. K has a fab short film on the burner and here’s your chance to support the arts. Visit this site and spend a few bucks to help get the project up and running. Go on….any little bit helps. And visit his facebook page to give it your thumbs up. Love the title…The Pickle Film or something equally tasty. Well Dunne! Kyle.

Job Alert – Graphic Designer WRAL Raleigh

 3-5 yrs experience working in TV required Great opportunity for someone ready to move up in market size. We value creativity, innovation, and teamwork!  Here’s a short link: http://ht.ly/Ljqd6

If you don’t know the work of STAN FREBERG, and are in the marketing/ad world, well, now is the perfect time to get with it and discover what a genius he was. The man was a writer, a voice, an ad man, a comedian…the list goes on…and was a puppeteer. His work is as fresh today as it was 50, 40, 30 years ago. He passed away earlier this week making the world a much more somber place .

Think About This: “If you want to go fast, go alone. If you want to go far, go together.” ~ Robin Jones Gunn

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February 25, 2015

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Enough with the winter! West Coasters, you can stop reading now. This is for the folks most everywhere in the country (and outside as well – the UK, for one, is having a horrible time, too!) who are more than ready for an end to this pounding winter. ANDI KIMBROUGH, who is a promo producer for Daystar TV down in the DFW area had a chunk of ice bounce up and destroy her windshield. Luckily, only the windshield was hurt. Up in Terre Haute, IN, CSD TIM SANDERS of WTWO/WAWV thought his car was on the fritz when the outside temp reading on his way to work read -12. Nope, car was working fine – that was the temp. How the amazing folks in Boston are dealing with nearly 100 inches of snow (omg) is beyond comprehension. Hear that RUSS NELLIGAN? Sending you warm thoughts. And to that end, let’s remember the following: Daylight Savings Time starts on March 8 and the official start to Spring is March 25. Well Dunne! Spring.

Up in Portland, Maine News Director MIKE REDDING, helming Gannett’s WCSH, is now the proud grandfather of the most adorable Master Trevor Redding. Well Dunne! Redding gene pool.

Think About This: “The promise of Spring’s arrival is enough to get anyone through the bitter Winter. ~ Jan Selinsky

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