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November 29, 2016

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Plans were to tell you about the new CSD in Lexington as well as PETER ZEMANSKY’s new role in Des Moines, but not with KCCI.  Like all well planned plans, events conspired to push this back and focus on former WXIX/Cincinnati & WESH/Orlando promo pro TONY REED. Tony, who is a student in Columbus at Ohio State U  was a first-person witness to the violence that happened on the campus. He’s fine; checked in as safe. But he was in a building next to the garage where bad things happened. He’s studying HR and will no doubt remember 11-28. Life can change in an instant…and you all know that. Thankful he’s fine.

Come back tomorrow.


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August 17, 2016

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Ya know how when you apply for a job…and you are totally qualified. I mean, each and every single requirement and skill are totally y-o-u. And you know, you just know, you could nail that job and have change left for a Starbucks. So you edit and redo your resume, write an amazing cover letter, send it and then….nothing. Zip. Crickets. No returned emails. No phone calls. It’s as if the company had just taken off in a space ship and left the galaxy with not as much as a thanks. Well, the inner workings and reasons of the human resource departments are about to be revealed to a former promo pro. TONY REED, who many of you know from his days doing creative for WXIX in Cincinnati, WESH in Orlando and KOAT Albuquerque…Mr. Tony is pivoting and begins classes next week at The Ohio State University where he’ll study the above mentioned human resources management. Woohoo! The Mizzou grad (Miz-zur RAH) deserves a huge thumbs up and a hearty Well Dunne! Tony. Oh yes, he’s in Columbus, Ohio now. TV will miss him.

Think About This:  “Change can be beautiful when we are brave enough to evolve with it, and change can be brutal when we fearfully resist.”  ~ Bryant McGill

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April 18, 2014

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From the ‘Better Late Than Never’ category, we turn our attentions to HEATH OLDHAM, who has been doing creative for Media General’s WSLS, the NBC affiliate in lovely Roanoke, VA. Just how long he’s been Marketing Director …. does it really matter? Of course not. Let’s just leave it that he’s a super guy doing a myriad of creative tasks for them. Heath is an Elon grad (it’s between Greensboro and Chapel Hill…again, gorgeous country and an impressive school) who kicked off his TV career at WLFL/WRDC in Raleigh. After got his feet wet in TV marketing at WCWG as CSD, he took 95 north to Richmond where he helmed creative for WUPV then WTVR. He’s an avid photographer and a ham radio enthusiast to boot. Well Dunne! Heath.

Good bud  and Marketing Manager TONY REED not only got off to a fresh start at Fox affil WXIX in Cincy, but he just got a new set from the fab folks at FX Design Group. Shout out to BONNIE BARCLAY for the info.

Well Dunne! Talent’s MELANIE HAYNES is going to be in the WGN America series SALEM premiering Sunday night. Watch for her (and listen to her super voice). 



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March 28, 2014

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Let’s play a “where is he going” game. He ‘he’ in question is TONY REED, just now departing his slot as Promotion Manager at Hearst’s NBC affil in Orlando, WESH. The moving van comes early next week and he’ll be taking the Marketing Director position at…this is where we play the game. It’s a Midwest market. It’s larger than a bread box and largerer than Nielsen’s #42 market. It’s a FOX affiliate. It’s owned by a wonderful ownership group. The city where he’s going has the nickname Porkopolis (I am not making that up). The city in question does odd things with chile but has the best ice cream in the country (based on several foodie recommendations). Anybody guess  Cincinatti? Yes, Tony is going to Cincinnati where he’ll be wrangling the marketing for Raycom’s WXIX come April 10. Tony is a super guy…a passionate animal lover as well as a vegan, he has worked with Hearst in Albuquerque at KOAT (where he was CSD) and in Portland Maine for WGME and WMTW. Best thing is his sheepskin from University of Missouri in Columbia in Journalism. MissouRAH! Well Dunne! Tony.


Job Alert – Art Director WDSU New Orleans (click for details and work for BILLY PILGRIM!)


Job Alert – Sr. Promotions Producer KNME Albuquerque NM

Job Alert – Director Network Marketing MSG Entertainment NYC #14-5963

You know how you just do NOT want to run into certain people (like an ex…of any kind)…well, you need the app Cloak

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August 28, 2012

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Anybody whose worked with NBC will know the name VIVI ZIGLER, who has been involved in The NBC Agency and NBC Marketing as well as other leading slots at the Peacock net. Now she’s ready to shine even brighter as the just-named Digital President for Shine America. For those who need Google help with Shine, click here. Ms. Vivi started out in the newsroom in San Luis Obispo at KSBY and then went to KING in Seattle. From there she went to Burbank the the rest is NBC history. A big Well Dunne! to Vivi.


WESH’s TV’s Promo Manager TONY REED has been seeing the world on his vacation – and it’s a sure bet he’s put Iceland on his Favorite list. I guess we now know a destination for a person who lives in the vacation capital of the US, Orlando. 

Healing thoughts going out to former WSOC CSD SALLY GANZ. She’s just “had her knee done” and is on the mend. Why do those meniscus tears tear?

Job Alert – Marketing Director for WCTI and Fox Eastern Carolina New Bern, NC

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June 14, 2012

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Sunny is not just a weather forecast…it’s a way of looking at things. OK, it IS a weather forecast, but there’s more.  It also describes ABIGAIL O’STEEN, a true Floridian who loves time she spends outdoors in the…ready for it…sun. Ms. Abigail is the new Creative Services Producer for Heart’s NBC affiliate WESH in Orlando. She’s making the transition from O-town’s Cox-owned WFTV, where she’s worked for five and a half years, in both the newsroom and in the promo department. Learned a lot about Topicals while there. She’s got a broadcast journalism degree from the University of Florida and grew up in Montverde, which is on Lake Apopka. She’s all happy about her new gig and working with Promo Manager TONY REED and CSD STEVE RIFKIN.  Well Dunne! Abigail. 

Speaking of Orlando – CSD BOB ST CHARLES at WFTV is looking for a Promotion Manager. Here’s the deets:  Promotion and Brand Manager  WFTV Orlando, FL

If you are organized, creative, talented, energetic, have great leadership skills and looking to live where the sun shines all year long, then this job is for you.

WFTV is Central Florida’s News Leader, an ABC affiliate and Cox Media Group station serving Orlando-Daytona-Melbourne, a top-20 market, currently has an opening for a Promotion and Brand Manager to join our Creative Services Team. 

Successful candidate must be able to effectively lead a dynamic team of producers and graphic artists in the creation of high quality image, topical and sweep spots for a number one news brand.  You must also be able to turn news promos that are compelling and relevant to viewers in a deadline-driven, high pressure environment and assist in developing and executing long term marketing and community engagement strategies in a highly competitive market. Position also will be responsible for scheduling daily promos and managing promotional inventory and coordinating and managing station events and strategic partnerships. 

Previous position in television promotion management and basic Avid editing skills required.  

Please send your resume to: 

Bob St. Charles 

Creative Services Director



Job Alert – VP of Video Marketing at Cox Comunications in Atlanta  

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February 10, 2012

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TONY REED is going to spend Spring Break in Florida. Well, actually, he’s going to be spending all his time in Florida. He’s been chosen to be the new Promotions Manager of WESH, Hearst’s NBC affil in Orlando. He’ll be making the switch from the Hearst operation in Albuquerque, KOAT, where he’s been for the last seven years. The Fort Wayne, IN native is a grad of Mizzou (go Tigers!) so of course, he’s a favorite. Tony will be joining the creative team that is headed up by CSD STEVE RIFKIN, another fave. These poor guys are going to have to find a good seafood place for visiting friends…really they will. Of course, The Big Orlando is where Hearst Corporate marketing head SUZANNE GRETHEN did her magic (no relation to the basketball team there), so Tony is going to be knee deep in creative energy. And perhaps he’ll find his way to Sarasota where the circus winters. That’s him in the picture during a trapeze class. Well Dunne! Tony.

And yes, that means KOAT is going to be looking for a new CSD…which makes this a Job Alert.

Job Alert – VP Communications at AFI in LA.

Job Alert – NBC O&O stations are looking for a VP Marketing  Job #4522BR

Job Alert – VP/Creative Director, Integrated Marketing The CW Network #129414BR

Job Alert – FOX in DC is looking. Work for the super duper MIKE HENRY:

SENIOR PROMOTIONS PRODUCER: Regular Full-Time Responsibilities will include: write, produce, and edit topicals/pre-show teases; produce PSA’s and assist with updating promotion, public service, website and social media content; produce images and topicals for network shows and syndicated programming. Tag network and syndicated spots.  Experience in developing/executing and overall marketing strategy across multiple platforms (TV, Radio, Online, Mobile). Be able to guide projects through all aspects of production-from initial concept formulation to final spot production.  Additional duties may include coordinating contest promotions with outside media outlets, filling promotion logs and developing creative marketing plans using social networking sites. Other duties as assigned and as deemed appropriate and as assigned.  

Requirements, Skills & Abilities:  Bachelor’s degree and experience in Promotions/Creative Services. 3-5 years experience producing topicals, news series and image advertising in a medium to large television market is required.  Strong writing and conceptual skills. Must be able to produce high end news topicals under challenging deadlines. AVID skills a plus. 

After hours expectations. About time that subject comes up. What with emails, smart phones and even dumb phones, what do companies expect from their people once they’re off the clock (or is off the clock just a thing of the past?) Check it out. 


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April 26, 2011

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Bravo to Bravo’s new SVP of Bravo Communications,. JENNIFER GEISSER. The SUNAlbany grad has earned her stripes, working at her own PR and events firm, Geisser Media. She’s also been with Hallmark Channel and Court TV, which is what TruTV used to be called as well as WeTV, AMC, CBS Television and Dan Klores & Associates. Well Dunne! Jennifer.

Speaking of Hallmark, TARA TZIRLIN is the new VP of Consumer Marketing with Crown Media Networks, the legal way to say Hallmark Channel and Hallmark Movie Channel. It’s a promotion for Tara, who is an alum of NYU and has worked at Comedy Central as well as MTV Networks. Well Dunne! Tara.

Job Alert: KOAT-TV, #1 ABC affiliate in Albuquerque, New Mexico (#46), has a Creative Services Topical Writer/Producer opening.  Outstanding producing, writing and editing skills a must. You’ll learn from a seasoned management team, including a CSD who has done your job and can help you advance your career.  This position is responsible for writing and producing daily prime-time news topicals, image, proof of performance and sweep spots.  A passion for news marketing and the drive to produce spots that stand out is a must. Will consider news producers wanting to make the switch to promotions. Non-linear experience required; Adobe Premiere is a plus. Send resume, non-returnable tape, a cover letter stating where you found out about this job, and a brief marketing philosophy to: Tony Reed, Creative Services Director, KOAT-TV/Estrella TV New Mexico, 3801 Carlisle Blvd NE, Albuquerque, NM 87107. KOAT-TV, A Division of Hearst Television Inc., is an Equal Opportunity Employer.

MSNBC’s Lean Forward campaign info.

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September 7, 2010

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Summer’s over (deep sigh) and it’s time to roll up our sleeves to get some work done.

Out in Albuquerque, CSD TONY REED at Hearst’s ABC affil KOAT is welcoming an Assistant Creative Services Director aboard. DOUG DONAHOO will be heading west from his current slot in Kansas City at Meredith’s KCTV where he’s been writing and producing. The Kansas boy will love the Southwest. And he’ll arrive just in time for the breathtaking Balloon Fiesta. KOAT has an excellent view of the festivities from their parking lot, btw, so Doug will knew he’s not in Kansas anymore. Well Dunne! Doug.

The lure of New Orleans is proving too much for JOSH MEZA, who’s going to return to WWL as Promo Manager. The LSU grad worked at Belo’s CBS affiliate in The Crescent City before getting tapped by BRIAN BLUM in market #1. Josh has been writing and producing for FOX’s NYC flagship for the past three years. Brian hates to see him go, but shares that it’s a well deserved move for Josh and will reunite him with Cajun cooking. Cajun is one of the few cuisines that New York can’t really top. Well Dunne! Josh.

And that means Brian is going to need a replacement. So Job Alert! – top notch writer producer needed at WNYW.

Another one. Job Alert: Freelance Creative Director for Telepictures out in Burbank.

You think your job is tough? Read about how the trapped Chilean miners are handling the management of their situation.

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June 29, 2010

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SMU’s JOHN McDONALD has a great new job. Love it when a Mustang does something special. John is the new VP of Marketing at Entertainment Studios Networks and will be based in LA. He comes over from Hallmark where he was Director of Affiliate Marketing. He’s also worked with Director and Producer Peter Segal and Greenhaven Films’ Anger Management and NBC’s Hidden Hills. Well Dunne! John.

Well Dunne! to TONY REED in his new slot as Creative Services Director at Heart’s KOAT in Albuquerque. The Duke City (named after the Duke of Albuquerque) is where he’s been Assistant Creative Services Director and this is a bump up the ladder at the ABC affiliate. He’s taking the place of DALE WYMAN, who is going to leave TV behind. Enjoy that folk art festival in Santa Fe, Tony!

Sure, you’re the coolest one around. But inside, you get jittery when having to make a big, important presentation, right? Got a great little article that will help conquer presentation anxiety. Click here.

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