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August 17, 2015

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Remember that scene near the finish of Indiana Jones and the Last Crusade where Indy is faced with what appears to be a bottomless abyss, making it impossible for him to reach his destination and find the sought-after Grail? Despite all the discernible evidence to the contrary that there is no way to cross the chasm, he takes a step – in faith….and finds that the abyss isn’t what it appears. It’s a powerful scene…one that replays itself every time someone makes the decision to go off on their own, leaving behind a solid job with a steady income stream. Today, playing the part of Indiana is SYDNEY RUBIN. Ms. Sydney has been CSD at NBC affil KOAA in Colorado Springs and in about three months she’ll be firing up her own marketing and branding firm. VERY exciting events on the horizon.  The Syracuse grad has a super background that includes working with Magid, WTNH in Hartford, KMGH in Denver and owning a fabulous cottage industry called Broken Branch James & Jellies. Whew…very exciting. Well Dunne! Sydney.

If you’re reading this before 9am Eastern, tune into TV One’s News One Now for their special about the amazing life of Julian Bond, who, among other accomplishments, was co-founder of the  Southern Poverty Law Center.  

Job Alert – Promo Producer KNXV Phoenix

Job Alert – Creative Services Director WBNG Binghamton NY job 15-4584

Job Alert – Marketing Manager MSG Entertainment NYC  

Job Alert – Marketing Producer Jackson MS


Note – There is no better customer service today than what they’re doing at GoDaddy. A big Well Dunne! to the customer service folks and to Danielle, who was able to fix the hosting problem at Midnight. THAT is service and is worth telling you all about.

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July 14, 2015

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How fitting that Bastile Day would find a creative lady named Angelique as the focus. C’est incroyable. This particular Angelique is ANGELIQUE MAIS,  brand newly named VP of Creative Services for Silver Spring-based TV One. Her old business card read Creative Director, Brand Creative for A&E Networks in NYC. She was an Executive Producer for them as well. She made the switch to networks after serving as Promotion Manager at New York’s PIX11, WPIX. She’s a Fordham grad. To her, we say Well Dunne! Angelique.


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July 7, 2015

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Trading the hustle and bustle of Atlanta for the hustle and bustle of the DC area is lovely LORI HALL, just named Senior Vice President of Marketing for TV One. Silver Spring is the center of so much TV…anybody called it some kind of nickname (Hollywood East is too cliché)? Lori has been VP of Consumer Marketing at UP (at one time the Gospel Channel) where she handled all kinds of audience-garneting events, like the exclusive media partnership with Steve Harvey and the Neighborhood Awards. Before UP, Lori, who is a Northwestern grad, had several ever-increasingly important jobs at Turner Entertainment Networks, including overseeing campaigns for such shows as Cougar Town, Meet The Browns and Rizzoli and Isles. A big Well Dunne! Lori.

Job Alert – Promotion Manager  WHBQ Memphis

Oh my…this was actually part of a job description. One has to laugh. Ensures optimal resource allocation within the team.  Perhaps they need a copywriter before anything else.


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