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September 8, 2015

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Summer isn’t over, people.  The days do grow shorter and people are focusing more on their jobs than in the last three months. You’ll find offices aren’t emptying out Friday afternoons now. But summer isn’t over. Keep enjoying that summer excitement.

Things get so accelerated right before a holiday. Like KARA MCNEELY getting her well-deserved promotion to the head marketing slot at KABC in LaLa Land. The Huntington, Indiana lady came west after her first jobs in TV in the Midwest – at WCPO in Minneapolis and then two stations in Indianapolis, WISH and WXIN, where she had her first management slot. From there she went to Granite and overall Creative Services Managing Director then on to Miami where she head up Brand and Marketing. We said it before, but here it is again…Well Dunne!

Do they still make chocolate cigars? If so, TYE MURPHY, CSD at Meredith’s KCTV in Kansas City might be passing them out…he and his lovely wife have welcomed a darling little daughter to the family. So delightful to hear. 

Thanks to former promo pro and TV GM LEE ARMSTRONG LUMPKIN for bringing us today’s Think About This.


Think About This: "If you have good thoughts they will shine out of your face like sunbeams and you will always look lovely.”  ~ Roald Dahl

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Monday, March 7, 2011

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Kansas City is a beautiful place. Its known as a city of fountains. My faves are at The Plaza, a lovely spot one shouldn’t miss. One of the most interesting parts of KC is Harry Truman’s Library, which is actually in Independence, a little city part of the KC metro. All these lovely tidbits are known to one and all KCers, one of whom is TYE MURPHY, the just-named creative who’s in charge of the advertising and promotion for Meredith’s CBS/MyTV duop, KCTV and  KSMO. Actually, Tye is already hard at work and is very thrilled to not require a moving van in order to get that new biz card. Mrs. Murphy is expecting, you see. Come early June, a new little girl will join her, Daddy Tye, and little brother, who is not pushing 2 and a half. Definitely a good thing not to move. Tye is from the area and has worked in Topeka and LA. He confesses he’s done just about every job in a TV station, including news photog and all kinds of promo slots. While in LA, he worked for FOX TV Stations and also worked at the FOX affil in Kansas City. Well Dunne! Tye.

For the local station group, now there’s PROMAXbda awards just for ya’ll. Deets here.

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