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October 23, 2012

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VINCENT MARCIAS is now EVP of Worldwide Brand Marketing for Twentieth Century Fox Home Entertainment. Mais oui…Vincent est Francaise. He studied at ESSEC – ESSEC Business School, Cergy, which the lovely French call a Grandes Ecoles. Also advancing is JAMES FINN whose new title is WVP/Worldwide Communications, Media and Partnerships. James is the cutie pictured and his background in publicity is impressive indeed.  Well Dunne! Vincent and James.

LA folks – On Melrose in WeHo? That new storefront that just opened is branding company Loyalkaspar’s new west coast office. Yes, they now have offices in WeHo and SoHo. The west coast one has added RICHARD ENG as the Creative Director and MANDY NOVAK as the Executive Producer. Yes, you’re right. Wrote about them already. But Well Dunne! on the new digs kids.

Job Alert – Graphics Artist at KCEN Temple TX

Anybody watch HBO’s excellent series Treme? Last night, they had WWL as the TV News outlet the characters watched. That always seems so right to do that instead of make up call letters…

Think About This: “The measure of intelligence is the ability to change.”  ~  Albert Einstein