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November 21, 2018

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If you’re going to begin a new job, start on a short week. That’s great advice, eh? It’s what TOBY HERSHKOWITZE has done. He began the 19th as the new Multi Media Marketing Producer for WABC. He’s going to work with BRANDON NELSON’s crew (Brandon is Promotion and Digital Brand Manager) at Lincoln Square. Toby comes from ESPN up in Bristol, CT where for the last 8 years, he was Associate Producer for the weekly newsmagazine E:60. To quote Brandon, “You may have seen his handiwork on the amazing “Comeback Season” recently on Channel 7, a moving documentary on the return of sports after 9/11. While at ESPN, he won 3 Emmy Awards. He helped produced dozens of features and long-form profiles on everyone from Muhammad Ali to Yankee outfielder Aaron Judge.” NYC is where Toby calls home, so this is gonna be great. A big Well Dunne! to Toby and a thanks to Brandon.

Whether your idea of Thanksgiving means a big family gathering around a roast turkey, or a football marathon, nap, movie, online shopping, or even reading a book (yes, you can actually do that), may you find peace, happiness, and laughter. We are all so very blessed and lucky. This has been a rough year…let’s count our blessings and remember to do what we can to make the holiday season better for those who are not as lucky.

Think About This: An Irish blessing:

May God give you… For every storm, a rainbow, For every tear, a smile, For every care, a promise, And a blessing in each trial.  For every problem life sends, A faithful friend to share, For every sigh, a sweet song, And an answer to each prayer.

October 21, 2016

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It’s a St. Louis streak…yes it is. What are da chances.  Today we have another St. Louisan with great news. Makes the hometown heart swell. This particular native is now in market #1, New York City, and he’s been promoted at the #1 station there. Yeah, that is very exciting. Come on down BRANDON NELSON, promoted to Promotion and Digital Brand Manager of WABC. He’s a Mizzou grad (go Tigers!) who went on to get a Masters from University of Arizona (that’s the one in Tucson). Got his foot in the TV door down in Columbia, MO where he was a production assistant for KOMU. Obviously, he liked the medium and he showed his talents to advantage. Now his old Sr. Writer Producer slot is open in the Big Apple. Meanwhile, Brandon is a major and sincere St. Louis Cardinals fan, which means the man has taste, class and my vote for favorite new acquaintance of the month. Let’s hear it – major Well Dunne! Brandon.

Think About This:  “You’re so hard on yourself.  Take a moment. Sit back. Marvel at your life: at the grief that softened you, at the heartache that wisened you, at the suffering that strengthened you. Despite everything, you still grow. Be proud of this.”  ~ posting on FB thanks MARIA MAGER

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June 9, 2016

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Just the other day, the mini-rant here on this site dealt with the fact CSDs and creative folk are usually overlooked for General Manager slots, despite the fact they know how things work better than anybody else inside a station/network/operation. Somebody must have been reading and taken it to heart, because a creative is heading to the cornet office of KVUE, the Tegna ABC affiliate in Austin, TX. KRISTIE GONZALES is forsaking her Promotion and Digital Brand Manager slot at ABC flagship WABC in NYC for the Texas Capital where her official title will be President and GM. She’s a New Mexico lady – a lobo – who’s worked in Bakersfield, Philly and Raleigh. Score one for Creatives. Well Dunne! Kristie.

At the same time "we" gain a GM slot, a creative is stepping away from his. MARV DANIELSKI is leaving KSDK in St. Louis in early July. Perhaps a creative will follow in his footsteps? Tegna? Tegna? Buehler?

Job Alert – Promotion and Digital Brand Manager WABC NYC

If you haven’t watched Joy, the Jennifer Lawrence film about the lady who designed a mop, you should. Besides an amazing script (the story about a mop doesn’t necessarily make you get goosebumps so how terrific was that script!) it has a great insight into QVC and marketing. Redbox it.

Think About This:  "Human beings, vegetables, or cosmic dust – we all dance to a mysterious tune, intoned in the distance by an invisible piper."   ~  Albert Einstein

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May 23, 2016

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Perhaps it’s time to consider a lottery ticket purchase, PATRICK STAPLETON. Yes, you’re on a roll and things are coming your way. First off, Patrick is a new dad, having welcomed Patrick, Jr just weeks ago. Adorable to the max…I bet he’ll have his father’s smile, which is one that lights up a room. He and the Mrs., who is a Senior Producer at MSNBC, are over the moon. But wait, there’s more. In a few weeks, Papa Patrick begins a new job…one that he says is a dream come true. He’ll be moving down from NYC where he’s been a promo producer for ABC’s WABC to DC where he’ll be Promotion Manager for NBC’s WRC.  Impressive and exciting. The Chicago native is a Georgia Bulldog who honed his promo and managerial chops at WIS in Columbia, SC. He’ll be a super dad, a great Manager…and he is a sweetie top to bottom. Let’s all smile and say ‘Well Dunne! Patrick.’ And remember your friends when that lottery ticket pays off.

Think About This:  “The grand essentials of happiness are: something to do, something to love, and something to hope for.”  ~  Allan Chalmers

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