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March 22, 2019

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Heading to the amusement capital of America, ie Orlando, FL is Roger, uh, no it’s RON DEJOSEPH. He’s set to take over the CSD slot at WFTV, the ABC affil in the Big O. The Cox-owned station gets Ron from sister station WHBQ, Fox, in Mempis. Before Memphis, he was at WSOC in Charlotte as Promo Manager. He’s an amazing competitor and a great guy who has a lovely dog. I bet the Lake Cherokee dog folks will welcome you both once you get to your new city. Ron has also edited for ESPN. Way to go rog…Ron! Well Dunne!

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January 18, 2017`

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This and that…starting with a Well Dunne! going to Z Space Creative’s GLENN ANDERSON and ANTHONY FERGUSON, whose work for Cox’s WFTV in Orlando garnered all involved a recent Suncoast Emmy. The WFTV set was a Z Creative work. Niiiice. They worked with WFTV News Director MATT PARCELL. Big thanks to KATHRYN MOSHER-BOULE for the info.


If you feel generous, a fund has been set up for WILL HARRIS’ family’s expenses. Will passed away this week and it’s a wonderful way to remember him.


Job Alert – Commercial Producer WCVB Boston


Job Alert – Sr. Graphic Artist Fox TV LA


Job Alert – Marketing Producer WBTV Charlotte


Job Alert – Motion Graphic Designer WCSC Charleston SC


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Well Dunne! for Tuesday November 10, 2009

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Hiring two creative people in one month…that’s amazing in today’s media market, but it’s exactly what happened at Cox’s ABC afil WFTV in Orlando. The Creative Services Dept grew when they grabbed ERIKA RICHARDSON out of the newsroom to do the night side topical producing. Excellent.  And they added CHRIS CRABTREE to be Promotion Producer. He makes the switch from Orlando’s FOX affiliate. Both were on board for Sweeps. Thanks to Promotion Manager ERIN MARTIN for the update. Well Dunne! Everybody.

In Times Square and need wifi? Thank Yahoo for it. Hey, what ever happened to the idea of having entire cities offering wifi? Loved that concept.

Well Dunne! Talent’s MITCH PHILLIPS has a new website and it’s smokin’. VERY nice. You should check it out. Yeah, that’s Mitch who keeps saying ‘Poppa’s in the house” on those Poppa  John’s Pizza spots that seem to run all the time.

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