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November 4, 2016

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Feel knee deep in political…everything? Well, the very talented folks at Austin’s KC Strategies have produced another ‘not your typical political ad’ ad…and CHAD CROW was kind enough to share. Nice backstory…A neighbor of Gerald, the Austin TX candidate whose wife begged viewers to elect him to office, well, the neighbor knows the lady running for office out in California. Gerald and the candidate, Casey Lucius, talked, and Gerald recommended Chad’s crew to her. Nothing as good as a happy client helping get you more clients! Chad used much of the same in feel, font, music, but the spots can be stand-alone. Big fan here…Passing the effort along for ya’ll to enjoy. Well Dunne! KCStrategies! 

Job Alert – Promotion Manager KABB/KMYS San Antonio (work with TERRY MCFARLANE!)

The award winning creative team in San Antonio is searching for a Promotion Manager who will drive marketing efforts for our Fox and CW affiliates. Working with the CSD, you’ll lead your team through a variety of marketing opportunities  – including brand building for strong local Fox newscasts and promoting local lifestyle programming. If you are into sports, we have a Thursday Night Lights football franchise and local college sports partnerships. News, Entertainment, Events and Sports…this job offers it all!     Apply: http://sbgi.net/sbgi-careers


WGN America will carry the Chicago Cubs World Series Victory Parade today (if you read this on Friday Nov 4). 11 Eastern…10 Central…9 Mountain and 8am Pacific. What a nail biter great game that was. Both teams were awesome.  Well Dunne! baseball.

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November 23, 2015

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There’s an energetic excitement that underlines a conversation with someone who really loves what they do. The most creative of them, it seems, do TV promo. And there are some lucky ones who have a clear field and do it well….very well. One such creative is LA-based BRIAN DOLLENMAYER, EVP Marketing and Promotion at WGN America. Brian was at Fox Broadcasting Company as EVP On-Air Promotion and Creative Marketing before switching to the Tribune-owned channel about two years ago. He recently wrangled his very talented team for the roll out intro for the new series, The Outsiders. They tackled everything from special events, quotes, mobile ads, social…you get the idea. A full court press. Their on-air is particularly fine. Oh, it’s just about 100 per cent done in-house. Wow. Brian praised his VP of Promotion BRAD ROE (who once worked station-side in Lubbock, Texas at KJTV, btw) for making the campaign hit the right note of energy and anger. Putting the spot together required a decision on approach. The show is about a group of mountain people in Appalachia (but not Boone, NC) who have their own laws and ways. The best way to share what the show will be about was to strike a balance between the Outsiders and the powers that be; that started with music. Brian believes in music. It can really set the tone and make the campaign. The Doors The End was chosen. The show clips fell into place, complimenting and supporting the feeling the music evoked. Show Exec Producer and Creator Peter Mattei loved it and was supportive throughout. They delivered in a three week turnaround time window. “I love making 2 ½ minutes of magic,” is how Brian described the extended trailer. Check it out. Well Dunne! WGN America. The series debuts January 26, 2016.  



Job Alert – Director Event Marketing Nickelodeon NYC job 2015-2780

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June 26, 2015

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Showtime’s HAPPYish wraps up this Sunday, and the show had the good taste to tap Well Dunne! Talent’s MITCH PHILLIPS to be part of it. Mitch’s deep, amazing voice will be heard doing the VO for a client pitch involving a big Wall Street firm. The series has an ad agency base, so it’s really a lot of fun for most of ya’ll. Think Mad Men without the old fashioned social mores. Set your recorders for the 9:30 Eastern show. Well Dunne! Mitch.


Mitch does work for NHL Net, which leads to…the talented folks at Undefined Creative who did a motion design campaign rolling out a statistical analysis platform. Undefined Creative delivered 19 different animations designed to leverage SAP® Predictive Analytics software. SAP Predictive Analytics allows fans, broadcasters and media around the world to analyze official League, team and player statistics via a more comprehensive, interactive and personalized interface.  Well Dunne!


Job Alert – News Promo Producer KKTV Colorado Springs


Manhattan, the riveting series on WGN America about the development of the A-bomb in New Mexico during WW2, has a new season approaching, which means a new promo, done internally. Check it out. And yes, that man with the white hair is once-blonde William Peterson from CSI.


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