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September 19, 2016

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About half way between San Antonio and Corpus on I-37 is Three Rivers, which is west of Beeville. Thought I knew all the Texas towns but Three Rivers is a new one and we thank TYLER GARCIA for bringing it to our attention. Tyler is from there and he’ll be pretty close to home now that he’s gotten a job with KENS 5, CBS in The Alamo City. CSD DON SMITH has grabbed him to be the new Topical writer producer, a very important slot indeed. Tyler will be heading down to SA from Austin where he’s been writing and producing for KVUE. Tyler graduated from Texas State at San Marcus and is a major sports fan, as are many Texas men. While in the Navy, he was a hospital corpsman…very interesting. A big Texas size Well Dunne! for Tyler.


Did anybody think Jimmy Kimmel was funny at all as host of the Emmys? Yeah, no….


Think About This:   “You can sway a thousand men by appealing to their prejudices quicker than you can convince one man by logic.”  ~ Robert Heinlein


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September 16, 2016

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It’s mercury retrograde which means it’s a time of redoing, rethinking, and returning if you put store in the stars and their influence on our earthly doings. As if on cue (see how that happens – the universe knows!) WKRN CSD RICK SNYDER shares that his new Topical Producer, ERIC PERRY, is a station returnee. Eric worked at WKRN as a news photog a while ago and is now tackling the perfect transition to marketing by doing topicals. Excellent. (Did you say that to yourself like Keanu Reeves would say it? Yeah, you did…) Eric is a Western Kentucky U grad who studied broadcasting and production and got his start in TV at WKYU in Bowling Green before becoming a news shooter in Nashville. He’s also been a Video Production Coordinator at Thrive Creations where he honed his creative working with clients. Rick is a great boss and the Nashville ABC affil is already lovin’ Eric. Well Dunne! 

Job Alert – Multi-Media Content Producer VIZRT, THE LIST  Phoenix

The List, a national news magazine show produced by The E.W. Scripps Company, is seeking a VizRT Artist for designing, executing & implementing virtual set graphics, augmented reality elements & multiplatform marketing graphics. The VizRT Artist must have a passion for news, pop culture and entertainment. Contact Director of Marketing directly by emailing to michel.pelletier@scripps.com


Think About This:   "Deep in the human unconscious is a pervasive need for a logical universe that makes sense. But the real universe is always one step beyond logic"  ~ Frank Herbert, Dune

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September 15, 2016

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Artists…just love ‘em. Always the first to spot the most fascinating trends and always the most colorfully decked out. WCCO Creative Director CASEY KESPOHL found a fab guy who he snatched up to be his Art Director in the form of DYLAN WILBUR. Dylan had been Design Director out in Oakland for FOX’s KTVU. I bet Minneapolis’ housing prices will be a welcome sight. Dylan has had titles along the way, all about art, of course. He was Broadcast Designer at WISN in Milwaukee, Senior Broadcast Designer at Journal in Las Vegas and Broadcast Designer for Weigel in Milwaukee. Can’t wait to see his talents on display for the Minneapolis market. Well Dunne! Wilbur.

Job Alert – Director OTT Video Products NBC News Digital NYC  #29677BR

Think About This:  “My faith demands that I do whatever I can, wherever I am, whenever I can, for as long as I can with whatever I have to try to make a difference.”  ~ President Jimmy Carter

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September 14, 2016

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New York – Market #1. Over at WNBC, the marketing division has a new #2 in the form of the lovely PHLLLIS OHNEMUS, recently promoted by the one and only MISSY CRAWFORD, VP of Creative and Marketing. Love hearing from MC and this is what she told us about Phyllis: Phyllis is a creative force with over 15 years of experience writing, producing and directing television campaigns.  She’s known for creating fantastic work and she does it with confidence, enthusiasm and a smile.  Phyllis has worked for WNBC since 2005, and as a full-time member of the Creative Services team since 2011.  Her background also includes producing creative campaigns for LXTV and Fox 5 in New York.  Before that she was Director of Marketing at Clear Channel Entertainment in Philadelphia where she oversaw marketing campaigns for Broadway touring shows. In her new role, Phyllis will supervise the Creative Services team.  She will oversee image campaigns, news topicals, I-Team promos, POPs, billboards, print, radio, cable and social media.  She’s studied at Arizona State and Temple. Now this is the most interesting part – she’s been an elephant rider, trapeze artist and dancer for circuses here and in Mexico. Coolness at the epitome of coolness! Wanna hear more about that. In the meantime, let’s have a Big Apple Well Dunne! for Phyllis.


Job Alert – Topical Writer/Producer NECN Boston Job #29683BR


Job Alert – Affiliate Relations and Marketing Specialist COZI TV NYC


Think About This:  “I am still learning.”  ~ Michelangelo at age 87, two years before his death


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September 12, 2016

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Lubbock, Texas is a pretty interesting town. Flat as a pancake, there was at one time a briskly selling T-shirt that read “Ski Lubbock”. Halfway between Interstates 40 to the north and 20 to the south, Lubbock is home to such institutions as Prairie Dog Town (kids love that one) and the Buddy Holly Museum. This time of year, the focus is Texas Tech football where the Red Raiders’ QB Mahomes is a Heisman candidate. Lots going on, including the promotion of LINDSEY MEADOR to Marketing Director of KCBD. She’s a Tech grad whose diploma is in advertising and art, which is a great foundation for marketing a TV operation. Lindsey’s been at the Raycom ABC affil for a few years, first as a writer producer for the promo department then as News Marketing Manager. Sounds like she’s doing a great job. Well Dunne! Lindsey.

Job Alert –  Marketing Producer KSWO Lawton

KSWO TV in Lawton, OK is seeking a full-time Marketing Producer. The ideal candidate will be a self-starter with hands on knowledge and experience in the production field. Non-linear editing experience is a must, (Adobe Creative Cloud preferred) experience shooting in studio and in the field, strong writing skills and knowledge of proper lighting techniques. This person will be expected to be a team player and take part in all aspects of promotion and marketing, work closely with the news department and will be responsible for writing, shooting and editing daily news topicals. This position reports directly to the Marketing Manager. Must have a clean driving record and pass a drug screening test. A college degree or equivalent is preferred.   Qualified applicants, please apply online (Raycom Media Career site) and attach resume and link to your most recent work.  No phone calls please.  EOE-M/F/D/V

Job Alert – Creative Services Producer WWSB Sarasota

Job Alert – Creative Services Manager WTXL Tallahassee


 Think About This:  “Compliment people. Sometimes you will say something really small and simple, but it will fit right into an empty space in someone’s heart.”  ~ marcandangel


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September 9, 2016

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MARK VALENTINE started as an editor for CNBC and transitioned to Producing on-air promos for them in short order. That led to him being named Creative Director at Lee Hunt Associates/Razorfish. In 2000 he struck out on his own and founded Anatomy Media, Inc., a New  York-based creative agency. Or in their words ‘we make cool stuff.’ Mark is Creative Director there as well as co-owner. His Hot Spot Showcase was a major hit at this year’s PROMAX in NYC. It’s his turn for Five Minutes With…so take it away Mark….

What has ANATOMY been up to lately?
We’ve been working with TNT and Amazon to launch several new scripted series. One of my new favorites is Amazon’s Fleabag starring Phoebe Waller-Bridge. She’s insanely funny.
“Creative Director” — what do you see that position meaning in the future?
The creative director position will continue to be an important job. As a creative director, I play many roles including casting agent, therapist, interpreter, band leader and car mechanic. It starts with casting the right people for the right parts. Creative directors translate strategic goals into tactical directives and set things in motion. Creative directors help others navigate the creative process. Check out Zane Lowe’s interview with Rick Rubin on YouTube for some great insight on guiding the creative process. Legendary Beatle’s producer George Martin was an incredible creative director. Composer and Beatles expert Scott Freiman has a fantastic lecture on Sgt. Pepper. The making of the Sgt. Pepper album is a master class on creativity.
If you could go back to college, what would you study and why?
Architecture. I’m fascinated by three-dimensional living spaces. I would like to design and build my own house. I can watch those HGTV home renovation shows all day long.
Favorite commercial or promo on the air right now
The recent campaigns for Atlanta, American Horror Story and The Strain caught my attention. The marketing team at FX consistently delivers outstanding work. I always enjoy working with John Landgraf, Stephanie Gibbons, John Varvi and their team. They have a great appreciation for craft.
Favorite commercial or promo of all time
Nike “Write the Future” directed by Alejandro Iñárritu is a tour de force in live-action and editing. Check out the full-length 3-minute version. Iñárritu is a master. On the other side of the spectrum, Kmart’s “Ship my Pants” is one of those remarkable spots. I have no idea how that one made it all the way through.
My first big break…
My first big break was landing an internship at CNBC. A wonderful person named Miranda Patterson made it possible. Her generosity opened a door and allowed me to get my first job in television. My second big break was meeting Lee Hunt. Lee had a very successful branding agency in the 90’s. I was one of the first people Lee hired. It was an incredible learning experience that lasted 8 years. The take-away: find a startup and get involved. It’ll be hard work and you’ll feel like you’re in over your head, but that’s the best place to be. Ideally your personal and professional growth should parallel the growth of the company.
Favorite way to jumpstart a stalled creative streak
Clean my workspace. Clear my desk and start over. It’s my way of hitting the reset button.
Best quick office-type energy boost is
My office is in midtown Manhattan near Bryant Park, which is a great escape. When I’m working at home, I take a walk along the Hudson River. Nature is a great recharge.
My cell phone is (what is means to you or how you use it…)
The smart phone has changed everything. As marketers, we’re still figuring out how to effectively integrate it into our media plans. On a personal level, my wife and I have two teenage boys. Our phones allow us to be connected when we’re not together.
Current Binge watching choice:
I’m currently finishing up Netflix’s Stranger Things. And next, I’ll be watching HBO’s The Night Of.

You have 10 minutes to kill online. What sites do you visit?
The Nerdwriter, Every Frame a Painting, Great Big Story, Devour, Trailer Addict, iTunes trailers, Motionographer, NY Times, Art of the Title, Team Coco and Vox.
Who would you like to spend “Five Minutes With”?
I’d like to spend five minutes with my 18-year-old self. I’d tell myself to work less and travel more.

Think About This:  “Think before you speak. Read before you think.”  ~ Fran Lebowitz

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September 8, 2016

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Love is an amazing thing. One of the many attributes is the way it has of drawing us to places that are quite different than what we are familiar with. Like enticing a south Texas lady to move to Portland, Maine. Now before we go any further, Portland is F-A-B-U-L-O-U-S. Art, the ocean, lighthouses, golden trees in the fall, lilacs in the spring, smart people (the current Governor being the exception of course) but come February and March, it’s not Texas-like. That didn’t deter NIKI TURNER from making the move from San Antonio to Portland, following her heart and her hubby to a new city. That was six years ago when she arrived, just two weeks after CSD MATT EARL began at Hearst’s ABC affil WMTW. So, fresh as he was himself, he knew a good thing when he saw it and Matt snapped up the freshly arrived Niki, who had honed her promo chops at KSAT in the Alamo City. A grad of Trinity in SA, Niki was just upped to Assistant Creative Services Director from writer producer…and the story has a happy ending. She sounds so delighted – it makes your day! Well Dunne! Niki.

Bravo and Well Dunne! to everybody at Raycom Media and their fabulous live show benefitting the Louisiana flood victims. The money keeps coming in and it’s past the $800,000 mark. Harry Connick Jr and Randy Jackson hosted and the one and only Aaron Neville sang, among other great acts. Everybody take a bow and don’t forget to keep supporting the good folks who were actually washed away. 

Job Alert – Topical Producer WSOC Charlotte https://jobs.coxmediagroup.com/job/charlotte/writer-producer/1646/2852206

Job Alert – Creative Services Producer/Editor WSOC Charlotte

WSOC/WAXN TV Charlotte, NC has an opening for a Creative Services Producer/Editor. Applicants must be an Adobe After Effects pro and a hands-on non-linear editing wizard, preferably AVID and Premiere.  Candidate must know how to shoot (cinema cameras) with understanding of lighting/cinema lenses. This creative individual will be responsible for writing, shooting & editing hard-hitting, investigative news promos; station image campaigns; syndicated and entertainment driven spots and client commercials. In addition to your creativity, you’ll need excellent verbal and written communication skills along with the ability to work with multiple departments on multiple assignments in a fast paced environment. You must be able to see projects through from start to finish and feel comfortable working within a team. Minimum three years’ experience in news promotion broadcasting/media is required and applicant needs to be proficient on the Mac platform along with having a college degree.  

Job Alert– Senior Graphic Designer KTVU/KICU San Francisco/Oakland (Erik Candiani!!)
KTVU & KICU are looking for an experienced hands-on Senior Graphic Designer.  The ideal candidate has a trained artist’s eye for bold yet uncluttered layout, color and typography, and is not only professionally skilled in the Adobe Creative Suite, but has some experience with Cinema 4D.  Produce designs and graphics for merchandising material, posters, banners, flyers, brochures, letterhead, business cards etc.  Support the graphical needs of the station and team with inspiration, encouragement and assistance.  Work collaboratively, creatively and efficiently to yield eye-catching results. Design still and animated graphics for on-air and taped portions of television news broadcasts. Other duties assigned as deemed appropriate and necessary.
Heavy experience in motion design and video post-production in a professional non-educational environment. High School diploma or GED required.  Two-year degree preferred with an accent in commercial, graphic or animated area of design.  Equivalent professional experience in television/broadcast is also acceptable.  Technical knowledge of broadcast systems and environment preferred. Minimum of 4 years related experience. Must have an online reel or portfolio with roles clearly listed.

Wow… Designer Tom Ford’s NYC Fashion Week runway show was live streamed Wednesday night. Ask yourself…do your newscasts have this kind of accessibility? Looking at lots of station websites and live streaming isn’t as widespread as one would expect. Tom’s people are available for questions if needs must.

Think About This:  “It’s not a lie. It’s a gift for fiction.”  ~ David Mamet, State and Main

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September 7, 2016

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Another good person has gone – quickly, unexpectedly….leaving us memories and, admittedly, regrets for the time and laughs we put off too long. MIKE BLAKNEY has passed away. Mike was on the Well Dunne! Talent list, and he was someone who was as lovely inside as his lovely voice was outside. A southern gentleman who knew most everybody in Monroe, Louisiana, he loved telling stories about the everyday happenings of life, always with an upbeat and kind approach. You probably heard Mike as the imaging voice on KLIF in Dallas (one of the all time favorite stations for this writer) or on Guntalk. Most importantly, he volunteered his flying skills for Pilots for Patients, making sure nobody was left behind and got to the right medical facility no matter how far that might be. He will be greatly missed…God bless you Mike.

Think About This:  “Carve your name on hearts, not tombstones. A legacy is etched into the minds of others and the stories they share about you.” ~ Shannon L. Adler


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September 1, 2016

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Talent doesn’t usually constrict itself to just one area. Being multi-talented is quite normal, yet we usually think of someone as having one outstanding talent while not knowing of others. Pity. We miss out on recognizing some amazing expressions. Or perhaps the ‘must live the job til you drop” demands leave people too drained to do more than sleep. In any event, let’s direct our attention to former promo pro JIM GRAVINA, who has tapped his inner Picasso, letting his painter muse take him to action. You can see all his latest works on GravinArt’s facebook page. Since Jim said adios to the everyday TV world and took a slot in DC at Shine, he’s been blossoming. Even got engaged. So he is a motions graphic artist, a painter, a magician, a video whiz…Well Dunne! Jim!

Hunker down for a bumpy Labor Day weekend everybody on the east coast and in Hawaii. And don’t forget to tune in to the Raycom Media Flood Relief Concert Friday. Do it. Help out. See ya next Tuesday.

Think About This:  ‘I don’t want to kill myself, I want to see what happens.’ ~ Patti Smith

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August 30, 2016

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With the weather news of the day centering on Florida, it seems rather odd to talk about palm trees, since in a bad storm they rattle about something awful.  But palms have a hypnotic effect on some…the way they silhouette against sunrises and sunsets is beautiful beyond words. They denote a feeling of paradise. And they can call one to return to them, even from a far distance. Returning to the Florida palms of aptly named Palm Beach is DANIELLE JOHNSON who will be heading to NBC affil WPTV where she’s slotted to take on a multi-media marketing producer job. Good for her. She’s taking leave of KJRH in Tulsa where she’s been for five years, working with the lovely and talented GM DONNA WILSON as well as CSD PETE GEORGE. Pete told me he hates to see her go but when you have surf and sand in your veins it’s hard not to return to the Sunshine State. Donna started out in Tampa interning as part of her degree from University of South Florida. She’s been with Scripps all along (they hold on to great people) and not only was part of the promo effort in Tulsa, but Danielle is great in front of the camera. She hosted Access Tulsa. Add her MMJ chops to the fact she was chosen to be a Leadership Champion, and you’ve got a pretty sweet bundle of talent. Palm Beach is in for a treat. Danielle will love working with CHRISTINE BARON and JAMES GRIFFEL when she gets back home. Well Dunne! Danielle.

Think About This“Where there is ruin, there is hope for a treasure.”  ~ Rumi

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August 30, 2016

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Try as one might, making a mint julep – a good one – is not easy. Frankly, the only place where they really know how is Louisville. No place like Derby Town for a real mint julep… or a slice of black bottom pie. Cousins in Louisville who own a restaurant have proved this to be true. That said, it will be up to SCOTT BRADY to find his own favorites when he gets to his new hometown and takes the Creative Services Director slot at WDRB. Being a Tennessee man (Univ of Tennessee Volunteer), Scott will no doubt love the slight southern lilt to the Louisville speech. He’s been in Minneapolis at the FOX duopoly, KMSP/WTFC as VP Creative Services, the same title he had while at Kansas City’s FOX station WDAF.  He got his start in Nashville where he was a news editor then a promo producer at WTVF and then Promotion Director at WKRN. All the best in Louisville, Scott. Well Dunne!

Job Alert – Topical Creative Services Producer KJRH Tulsa

The Topical Producer, Creative Services is responsible for writing and producing on-air promotions, proof of performance, and station sponsorship spots. 

Key Activities

  • Conceptualize, write and edit on-air promotional spots for news, programming, web and special projects using multiple platforms
  • Works closely with reporters and management staff on story development and promotional script ideas
  • Organize promotion projects
  • Interact with and respond to social media audiences
  • Analyze rundowns to coordinate the best on-air, social and digital marketing materials
  • Track monthly analytics on all current social/digital platforms. Provide ways to optimize platform growth
  • Work closely with the team on story development and promotional script ideas
  • Work closely with affiliates to support programming on air and online
  • Perform other duties as needed by management

Education & Experience/Certifications

  • High School diploma (or GED) required.  Bachelor’s degree preferred
  • 1 – 3 years’ experience of writing or editing in local broadcast preferred
  • At least two (2) years professional broadcasting marketing/promotions/creative services experiences required.

Skills & Abilities

  • Knowledge of social media maintenance
  • Understanding of Nielsen rating sheets
  • Superb attention to detail, time management skills, and strong communication skills
  • Knowledge of post-production television editing techniques, with emphasis on Adobe Creative Suite
  • Experience with Final Cut or other nonlinear editing system 
  • Experience working with camera, audio and light equipment
  • Working knowledge of MAC systems

Attention Harpo and Oprah…you can not seriously expect people to sit through a :30 commercial for each and every time one wants to read or watch a quick vignette via your emails – but you do. Some of your content is not even ten seconds long, yet the spot is 3x that length. If one wants to comment on this…ready for it?…one needs to AGAIN SEE A COMMERCIAL. But the best part is after all that, you can’t comment. Not allowed. F in marketing. 

Think About This: "That’s all I wanted; for someone to look at me and listen to me, but in some beautiful and artistic way."  ~ Gene Wilder


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August 29, 2016

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Family is everything. Even at those times when you feel smothered, or ignored, or embarrassed (it is an election year after all…) good people respond to family. When DAVID JEWELL made the choice to leave TV, at the heart of the decision was his family. When he finally closes the door on his office at FOX affil WDRB in Louisville, he’ll replace topicals, sweeps pieces and POPs with fun family things like picking children up at school and laughing and spending time with the people that make it all worthwhile. Retirement has a lovely sound, especially after the 40 years that David’s been in the biz. He’s worked in Louisville at both the FOX station as well as WHAS. David will be traveling too – he’s vacationing on the South Carolina coast this week to practice. He’ll be back in L-Town to help his successor so all will be well in TVland. Yes, the new CSD is coming from Minneapolis to be closer to his Tennessee roots. Read tomorrow and you’ll know who. Meanwhile, David is a great guy who deserves all the best. TV will miss him. He promises to keep in touch. So everybody let’s give him a Well Dunne!

Think About This:  “For last year’s words belong to last year’s language  And next year’s words await another voice.  And to make an end is to make a beginning."  ~ T.S. Eliot

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August 26, 2016

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“Five Minutes With” Friday again…today we talk to BARRY FITZSIMMONS, an author, writer, producer, editor, creator, strategist, brainstormer, storyteller, podcaster and marketing man with a very exciting track record. Companies he’s worked with include ESPN, MLB Network, Studio City, NBC, CNBC …. you get the idea. His two books are Promo Cowboy and Life Askew

So you’re the Promo Cowboy. What is a promo cowboy?  A “promo cowboy” is a person who is devoted to a career in TV promotion, branding, marketing and/or content creation, and finds himself (or herself) skipping often from job to job, or town to town, in order to make a living at it. There are hundreds of us in New York alone. Maybe thousands. And when you count the cowboys in all 50 states, plus Canada… well, that’s a movement.

I gotta make one thing clear, though – despite the fact that my Twitter handle is @promocowboy, I am not the original Promo Cowboy. That was Greg Trimble, a fellow New York freelancer I’d known back in the 90s, who had this vibe, this persona, sort of like a cowboy. I think many of us cultivate a sort of persona, especially in New York, where it’s more challenging to stand out – it’s part of the reinvention process when you go from job to job and climb the ladder… every character in my novel, Promo Cowboy, shares this trait. 

Anyway, Greg was a hell of a guy, and he died of a terrible, debilitating illness. Promo Cowboy, the novel, is an attempt to commemorate Greg, and to document our end of the industry. I mean, there have been some really important, dramatic and funny stories told about TV news, chiefly on film (Network, Broadcast News, Groundhog Day, Anchor Man), but Promo Cowboy may be the first to focus on TV marketing & promotion – plus, it has a serial killer, so… Yeah, my little TV-industry expose morphed into a crime drama (sequels are in the works!) as well as a podcast about working in TV marketing and promos. Makes total sense, right?


Best part of being your own boss….  It’s more about control than freedom. I often say that the idea of being your own boss is more alluring than the actual practice. I’m independent by nature, and I enjoy the freedom of being a cowboy, but that freedom is elusive, and illusive. I have a family to feed and a home to pay for. The truth is, as Promo Cowboy says, you gotta hustle and never stop. Here it is, the last days of summer, and I’d sure like a day at the beach, only I got clients to look after! Still, as a freelance promo producer in New York, you’re going to make more money than the guys on staff – a lot more, depending on how you position yourself.

My first big break was:    Freshly graduated from BU’s film school, I am offered a position as Office PA on ABC’s Spenser: For Hire, filmed on location in Boston. I work 15-hour days, make coffee, make copies, answer phones, open and close the place (FILO). I make $50 a day and love it. Soon, I am on location with the crew and work even longer days, most of them outdoors, at wintery New England locations, freezing my ass off. I make $75 a day and love it.

Favorite way to jumpstart a stalled creative streak:  Walk away. Bring a pad or use the voice record app and have a stream-of-consciousness conversation with yourself about the message you’re trying to get across, why it matters. Study the masters. Watch a classic film. Pray for clarity. If you’re the creative director, gather the team in front of a white board. Make the quietest person in the room say what he or she thinks – they always have something good to contribute.

Best quick office-type energy boost is:   Eat an apple. Drink some coffee. Tea works too. Get outside. Take purposeful, copious breaths of oxygenated air, in through the nose – machine rooms are also great for that, the air is ionized

Tech you use most in your job that you never thought you’d use:  Before 2005 or so, I never expected I’d become an editor. Now I use Final Cut Express to cut my podcast. Best hundred bucks I ever spent. I love losing track of time when I’m editing something I believe in, where I’m the client, when I’m chasing a vision and getting closer with each keystroke. It’s sort of like writing a novel. It feels more like sex than work.

Latest campaign or spot you worked on and for whom:  “Unstoppable,” Major League Baseball’s Postseason campaign for 2016, which has just begun running cross-channel on Fox, ESPN, TNT, MLB Network, etc. The campaign was designed by the great group at Oishii. Baseball fans will, I hope, come to love Sia’s latest single, which is the base track.

Favorite commercial or promo of all time:   Hmmm… Guess I gotta go with Apple’s 1984 ad. I remember where I was when it aired, watching the Super Bowl in the common room at my dorm, a brownstone on Bay State Road in Boston. Changed the world, that ad did.

You made the switch from affiliate marketing to more…how did you do that?    Sheer will, a few lucky breaks, maybe a little talent. That first gig on Spenser: For Hire lasted three years, and on hiatus I worked on commercials and features like Field of Dreams and Prancer, but I didn’t have the stomach for the film business. I started in on my first novel, Life Askew, and moved to Manhattan, and dreamed of living the writer’s life. Then, somehow, I landed a job writing and producing promos for Chris Spencer at The Comedy Channel (the network we now know as Comedy Central), then HBO & Cinemax. From there I moved into local and then network TV promos. 

The thing is, all my jobs have been short-lived. I’ve never had a serious gig last longer than three years. I’ve jumped from cable nets to local stations, big networks and back, all in Greater New York City (aside from extended freelance stints in Philly for KYW, and Bristol for ESPN, and by then I’d moved my family to Connecticut). I have spent two separate three-year stints working for Frank Radice and Bill Hartnett at NBC News Marketing, and I would have chained myself to the radiator if it meant I could stay. Seriously, there is no more exciting place to work than 30 Rock – that building has a pulse to it. I was just there for a couple weeks, helping my friends at MSNBC during the conventions. Anyway, it feels like I’ve worked everywhere in this town, but there are still a few mountains to climb. Hello, Viacom? 

You have 10 minutes to kill online. What sites do you visit?  I’m so boring… Facebook, YouTube, Twitter, Linkedin, ESPN, HuffPo, Netflix (to update my watch list). The internet is more a tool than a toy for me.

Who would you like to spend “Five Minutes With”?   Jesus Christ Himself

Mark Your Calendars and hats off to Raycom who is bringing attention to the devastating floods that have inundated Louisiana. No, a flood just doesn’t ‘go away’…the heartbreak lingers and the losses are incalculable. September 5, Labour Day, all Raycom stations and Bounce TV affiliates will broadcast a live concert hosted by Harry Connick, Jr and Randy Jackson featuring a dozen artists performing at Baton Rouge’s River Center Theatre. Called Louisiana Rising: A Benefit Concert for Flood Relief, it’s slated to run from 8/7 to 10/9 (Eastern and Central) and help out our brothers and sisters whose lives have been so horribly impacted. Well Dunne! to all the Raycom people at each of their stations and thanks LEC COBLE for the info. 

Think About This:  “The simplest acts of kindness are by far more powerful then a thousand heads bowing in prayer.”  ~ Mahatma Gandhi

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August 25, 2016

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Between haboobs, which are dust storms for those who thought otherwise, there was some great news out of the one and only Phoenix. RONDA WHITE took a new route to work, got new business cards, a new office and a new job with a new station, dust be day-umed. Always so much fun to write about Texans. She’s a Dallas lady who lived in Richardson and got her degree from Oklahoma U (how did she survive TU-OU weekend?).  She rose through the ranks at WFAA, smartly choosing the promo department and before heading west she was Promotion Director down on Young St. Taking I-20 west she joined  KPNX as Executive Producer – Social Media and was named Brand Manager for the NBC affil owned by Tegna. She’s been at Meredith’s KPHO and KTVK a few months and sounds like she’s not letting any haboobs dim her smile. Well Dunne! Ronda.

Job Alert – Marketing Producer WLBT Jackson MS 

WLBT-TV, Raycom Media’s dominant NBC affiliate in Jackson, MS is seeking a full-time Marketing Producer. Do you love commercials? Promos? Can you tell a compelling story with top notch writing, cutting edge visuals and eye-catching graphics…in about 30 seconds?  We are looking for a visionary that can create effective commercials and promos from scratch, be able to work under tight deadlines, possess excellent problem solving skills and communicate with internal staff and external clients throughout each phase of every project. Not only will you be working on the WLBT platforms, we also provide marketing services for our SSA partner, Fox 40 WDBD. This person will be expected to be a team player and take part in all aspects of promotion and marketing…plus you’ll have opportunities to produce those longer pieces to really show off what you can do (exclusive online only content anyone?).  From commercials to promos to digital content…if you’re a triple-threat then you need to apply and be sure to send a link showing off your work (we just can’t take your word for it). 

Here are a few things the ideal candidate will have: experience with non-linear editing software (we use Adobe products around here), experience shooting in studio and in the field, experience with shooting on DSLR, strong writing skills, knowledge of proper lighting and audio techniques.  Website content management and social media marketing experience is a plus. Must be available to work flexible hours as needed (you just never know with TV…). Must have a clean driving record and pass a drug screening test.  Qualified applicants, please apply online and attach resume with cover letter, and a link to your most recent work.  No phone calls please.  EOE-M/F/D/V Applications for employment are now submitted electronically. If you are interested in applying, please visit https://careers-raycommedia.icims.com/jobs/5637/marketing-producer/job

Think About This:  “There’s a trick to the ‘graceful exit.’ It begins with the vision to recognize when a job, a life stage, or a relationship is over — and let it go. It means leaving what’s over without denying its validity or its past importance to our lives. It involves a sense of future, a belief that every exit line is an entry, that we are moving up, rather than out.”  ~ Ellen Goodman


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August 24, 2016

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Access to nature. Trees, trails, bikes, babbling brooks…drive 40 minutes one way to the ocean…the opposite way 40 minutes and you have mountains. Sounds ideal and that’s how JAMIE HOLMES described Portland, Oregon, her hometown. You could hear the smile when she was describing how much she loves the Northwest part of the US. And Rose City is just the right size to make life livable…all the plusses of a big city minus many of the hassles. Better yet, Jamie has a new role to be excited about – Director of Marketing, Programming, and Creative at Meredith’s KPTV Fox 12 and KPDX MyTV. Yes, she just made the switch from KOIN where she was CSD for about six years. She’s run her own shop as well as lived in Seattle (another easy drive from Portland) where she wrangled Tribune’s creative efforts in the Northwest. Not only is she in her favorite place to reside, but she’s again working with ADRIENNE ROARK, a super GM who was an absolutely great ND. Happy endings and that should make your Wednesday people. Well Dunne! Jamie.

Job Alert – Creative Services Director WGXA Macon GA

Think About This:  “Life is short, break the rules, forgive quickly, kiss slowly, love truly, laugh uncontrollably, and never regret anything that makes you smile.”  ~  Mark Twain

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August 23, 2016

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Might be a first…the digital person getting the helm of the entire creative direction of a station. So it is down in Little Rock where JESSICA JOHNSON AMIS has been named, or better yet promoted, to Marketing Director for the CBS affil in Arkansas’ capital. Sounds very exciting. Ms. Jessica is a Conway native (which is only 33 miles outside LR, so it’s a suburb practically) who went to school at University of Central Arkansas. She joined KTHV, aka THV11, five years ago as a digital producer then got bumped up to social media coordinator then Digital Content Manager last summer. How exciting for her! And the station and the market. Did we mention she’s got a great eye and is a photog, too? Well she is. And this picture is too cute. A big Well Dunne! Jessica.

Well Dunne! to Baltimore’s MARK HERNANDEZ, now Assistant Creative Services Director at Hearst’s WBAL in Baltimore. He was promoted from his Sr. Writer/Producer/Editor slot. Thanks CSD JOHN BALDWIN for the info and way to go Mark!

Job Alert – Promotion Writer/Producer/Editor WBAL Baltimore

Think About This:  “You have a moral responsibility when you’ve been given far more than you need, to do wise things with it and give intelligently.”  ~ J.K. Rowling, who lost her Forbes listing as the first female billionaire because she has given so much of her wealth to charity

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August 22, 2016

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When the email from former CSD LAUREN RIDGLEY popped into the Inbox, it seemed like it would be about her adventures as a new mom to an adorable little one. Well, it kinda was, in a way. Lauren sounded like a proud parent of sorts in sharing the news that LACY LEVASSEUR got named Promotion Manager at ABC affil WSOC in Charlotte. Lauren hired Lacy out of a Palm Springs station to come work at Hearst’s WISN in Milwaukee and the rest is, as the old expression goes, history. From Milwaukee, Lacy was off to the Queen City where she wrote and produced and now has been named to her first management title. Isn’t it great to hear a ‘former boss’ (or better yet let’s say mentor) call you brilliant?! Ms. Lacy is on a well deserved vacay at the moment, with her two adorable little ones who pop up on WSOC promos now and then) but would tell us she’s a Michigan State grad. All happiness and a sweet Well Dunne! 

One little one who used to be in WCNC promos left for college this weekend. How is that even possible? Well Dunne! Rose Vermette, whose father GREG VERMETTE is my all time favorite and is holding down the creative fort in Philadelphia at Center City Film and Video.

Think About This:  “Parents rarely let go of their children, so children let go of them.
They move on. They move away.
The moments that used to define them are covered by
moments of their own accomplishments.

It is not until much later, that children understand;
their stories and all their accomplishments, sit atop the stories
of their mothers and fathers, stones upon stones,
beneath the water of their lives.”  ~ Paulo Coelho

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August 19, 2016

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In between his travels and workload, we’re thrilled to get to spend Five Minutes With a PROMAX Board member and industry leader CHRIS SLOAN. Chris is the co-founder of 2C Creative, the Miami-based production entity that produces TV programming as well as attention-garnering promos for just about every network. Chris work-life balance is remarkable; his love of aviation has turned into a business that he loves as well. Doubly happy and well deserving. Let’s hear from Chris: 

2C Creative is going strong. How did you get it started?

After enjoying careers on the network side of the business, my wife, Carla, and I founded 2C Creative (then known as 2C Media) in 2005. This was really a turning point for us in recognizing the best way to play to our strengths and, frankly, do it in a place we loved. We had straddled both coasts for some time, working in LA and NY, and 2C brought us to Miami. The weather is great. The people are great. The city has incredible energy.  It’s a world city that doubles as a resort. As hard as we work during the week, we play hard on the weekends in this resort town. I always tell people, when you work at 2C – You do high-end work like you live in NYC, DC, LA, or Atlanta, but you don’t have to endure the traffic, subways, high cost of living, or most importantly – WINTER!

Most exciting project you have been involved with.

On the promo side, we’ve been elated to get the opportunity to work on spots for the past two NBC Olympics broadcasts, which had tremendous, high-profile visibility. Our “Mayweather-Pacquiao” campaign for HBO was also quite exciting.

On the original content side, we’ve gotten a thrill out of creating/producing every single one of our 6 series so far, but we’re particularly pumped for our upcoming reality series, “Dr. Miami,” which we just sold to WE tv.

My first big break was …when I was hired at 16 to produce, shoot and edit a fishing show – “Jimmy Houston Outdoors” and it’s still on the air to this day. I had to clean and dive into 2,000-gallon fish tanks.

Favorite way to jumpstart a stalled creative streak

I head out on my kayak into the Ocean. Being on the water allows me to achieve a clear mental state. Manatees and Dolphins are affable creatures to bounce ideas off. 

Best quick office-type energy boost is

I just gaze out the window of our offices which overlook the Ocean and beautiful Biscayne Bay.

You love aviation. And write about it. How did that start?

I’ve considered myself an “avgeek” for as long as I can remember, my interest in aviation growing out of a fascination of the inner-workings of Miami International Airport. This interest became a hobby that I pursued through plane spotting, collecting memorabilia and securing seats on the first flights of newly launching aircraft.

In 2003, I founded the aviation history/memorabilia site Airchive.com and have, since then, expanded its focus to include commercial airline industry news and analysis, with a staff of reporters stationed around the world. The news site—now known as AirwaysMag.com—has become a leading industry resource with stories and reporters often cited by major news organizations like Forbes, Business Insider, CNN and others. It’s very nerdy but allows me to exercise my journalism passion and go on some very exotic, unsusual trips – often for free. For me, getting there by plane is most of the fun. Weird I know…

Latest campaign or spot you worked on and for whom

Two of our latest projects include the NBC Olympics Rio 2016 Opening Ceremony promo and the graphics package for CNN’s coverage of the presidential elections. Ask me in 2 months and our tremendous 2C Creative Team will have created new magic that I’ll be just as enthused by.

Favorite commercial or promo of all time

MTV’s “The State,” where the critics basically crapped on the show with bad reviews & quotes, and it ends with a quote that “The executive who greenlit this piece of shit should be given a urine exam.” It got my attention to tune in and you know what? The critics were right.

You made the switch from local marketing to more…how did you do that? 

I actually began in national marketing and promo. I made the switch to local (that I still love) for 3 ½ run years to run marketing for a very innovative group of stations at the time known best for WAMI in Miami where we produced 10 hours of local programming a day from a store front glass studio in Miami Beach. The work I did and people I worked with made it my most enjoyable creative experience.

Best part of being on the PROMAX Board.

Who wouldn’t love the opportunity to not only surround themselves with the brightest minds in the business, but also work together to positively influence the future of the marketing, promotion and design industry? I love this re-energized organization. It has been very good to me and to many others. I felt I needed to give back. I encourage people out there to get involved. 

You have 10 minutes to kill online. What sites do you visit?

Aviation websites clearly top that list, but also Twitter, Bring a Trailer, Jalopnik, Funny or Die, and any website to do with the Florida Keys.

Who would you like to spend “Five Minutes With”?

I would say my idol – TED Turner. Are you listening, TED? I know you like bison. I am buying. We can eat at one of your Ted’s Montana Grills.  #

Monday, we’ll tell you about WSOC’s new Promo Manager, a lovely talent who has been called brilliant by her former boss. Yeah. Brilliant. Well Dunne! LACY LEVASSEUR. Details coming…

Think About This:  “If you think it’s expensive to hire a professional, wait til you see what it costs to hire an amateur.”  ~ favorite new LinkedIn post

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August 17, 2016

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Ya know how when you apply for a job…and you are totally qualified. I mean, each and every single requirement and skill are totally y-o-u. And you know, you just know, you could nail that job and have change left for a Starbucks. So you edit and redo your resume, write an amazing cover letter, send it and then….nothing. Zip. Crickets. No returned emails. No phone calls. It’s as if the company had just taken off in a space ship and left the galaxy with not as much as a thanks. Well, the inner workings and reasons of the human resource departments are about to be revealed to a former promo pro. TONY REED, who many of you know from his days doing creative for WXIX in Cincinnati, WESH in Orlando and KOAT Albuquerque…Mr. Tony is pivoting and begins classes next week at The Ohio State University where he’ll study the above mentioned human resources management. Woohoo! The Mizzou grad (Miz-zur RAH) deserves a huge thumbs up and a hearty Well Dunne! Tony. Oh yes, he’s in Columbus, Ohio now. TV will miss him.

Think About This:  “Change can be beautiful when we are brave enough to evolve with it, and change can be brutal when we fearfully resist.”  ~ Bryant McGill

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August 16, 2016

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JOSH COMBS moved from one ‘battleground state’ to another, leaving Florida for Ohio. His move and this post has nothing at all to do with politics, of course, but there ya go. It’s summer. We should all be poolside or in Michigan.  Anyway, Josh is the new head honcho of the branding, marketing, promo and creative department at Media General’s WCMH in Columbus, the heart of Ohio. Official title is Creative Services Director at the NBC affil. And he’ll shine at this. The slot’s been open quite some time, so Mr. Combs must have wowed them, which I bet he did. He’s coming from MG in Tampa, WFLA, where he was Promotion Manager. Josh has promo’d at Little Rock’s KLRT where he was CSD, at WBKI Louisville where he produced commercials and in the Florida Panhandle where he Marketing Director at WMBB. Now that he’s a dad, he’ll be closer to his roots and his alma mater, Indiana University Bloomington. One of his former bosses told me he was the most hard-working person he’s ever worked with. And He’s a great guy – what is it they used to say on SNL “Get to know me”… He deserves your whole hearted Well Dunne! Josh.

Job Alert –  Social Media Manager KTRK Houston

Job Alert – Director Marketing and Creative Services Fox Sports Regional Networks LA #FNG0005338

KELLY PIDGEON is back at the mic…all better. He swears he didn’t eat seafood purchased from the back of a roadside pickup truck….

Think About This:  “If you’re the smartest person in the room, you are in the wrong room.”  ~ Internet

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August 12, 2016

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Ah, Friday. The portal to two days of fun, freedom, relaxation and catching up on sleep. Another Friday bene is Five Minutes With. Today, we have the wonderfully talented LORI PATE of Lori Pate +. She’s always on the cutting edge of marketing trends and actually is the instigator of many. The Colorado State alum began her TV marketing career in Denver where she was Design Director for KMGH. She went on to be  Design Director of Starz then was Exec Producer for Three Ring Circus (loved their work!) before joining Lee Hunt as EP where their clients were the top drawer entities. Yeah, she’s amazing..and here she is:

What does Lori Pate+ do exactly? We connect media clients and brands to gold standard strategic and creative resources. I’ve worked closely with Lee Hunt in media strategy for 16 years and have recently added working with creative agency Broadway Video in NYC and LA.

Favorite way to jumpstart a stalled creative streak Worry less. Answers come when you let it go and worry less. 

Best quick office-type energy boost is Get outside. Colorado sunshine and mountain air helps.

Best new tech innovation For what I do, I use LinkedIn every day. Helps me keep up with what people are doing and where they are.

My cell phone is (what is means to you or how you use it…) A great traveling partner

Favorite commercial or promo of all time I’d say the first three totally red and white, logo based Target spots that changed the way they advertise. They led the way in lifestyle image-based spots that weren’t just about showing retail product. They used a big piece of music (Sign of the Times) and focused on the Target logo on everything. Many brands have copied since then, but none had the impact that those first Target spots had on retailing. I’m a bit biased because my good friend and still creative partner Elaine Cantwell did them!

Personality trait you most admire Tactful honesty

Personality trait you wish you had, but don’t Patience

My first big break was : Getting an internship in college at the local television station. Until then, I thought my love of art and design would lead me to being a teacher, painter or interior designer. I had no idea that I could scratch the creative itch in something like television.

You have 10 minutes to kill online. What sites do you visit? houzz.com – we’ve been reinventing a MidCentury house for a couple of years, that’s where all of my spare time goes! 

Who would you like to spend “Five Minutes With”? My parents again. They’re no longer living and now that I’m all grown up, I’ve so many questions I’d love to ask them.

Job Alert – Director of Marketing WTLV/WJXX Jacksonville


Think About This:  "Reality is that which, when you stop believing in it, doesn’t go away."  ~ Phillip K. Dick

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