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Well Dunne! for June 2, 2009

Jun 2, 2009 by     Comments Off on Well Dunne! for June 2, 2009    Posted under: Agency 29, DIY, Jason Boyer, KCAL, KCBS, MLB Network, Music Choice, Opra Word of the Day, Rob Boenau

JASON BOYER had spent several years producing at WJW in Cleveland, one of the strongest Fox stations in the country. He had a great reel, a great attitude, and due to some recent shuffling and down-sizing he was working as a freelancer in Columbus, Ohio. Since his wife and 4 kids all lived in Cleveland, and he was commuting 2-3 hours down to his freelance job, his decision to be part of WOIO was an easy decision for him. Among the other perks, Jason has a mere 15 minute commute, which translates to more family time. Jason is tearin’ things up at the Raycom CBS affil and is particularly at home in the edit suite. Well Dunne! Jason. And thanks to CSD ROB BOENAU for the update (and for writing most of this graph).

Hey all you baseball fans – DIY and MLB Nets have something that might be up your alley: a baseball-themed Man Cave. That translates to transforming a room with official MLB merchandise from a favorite team, high-tech toys and deluxe furnishings. Aimed at the male demo, it’s part of a promotion the two cablers are doing together. More info here. Yeah, I asked my son to sign up and he’d, of course, pick the St. Louis Cardinals. Yea Cards!

Check out KCBS/KCAL’s new creative services site. www.agency29.com

Job Alert: Director of Marketing for Music Choice. Check it out here.

Watch reruns of Oprah for the Word of the Day. Yeah, a promotion. Details

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Thursday, July 17, 2008

Jul 17, 2008 by     Comments Off on Thursday, July 17, 2008    Posted under: Deilia Ray Williams, DIY, Gary McCormick, HGTV, Lori Asbusy, Paige Hardwick, WLKY

Neighboring states Tennessee and Kentucky (we’re talkin’ bourbon country folks) have news to share today. Perhaps a little hair of the dog is in order for the following good news. I’m sure ready.

The lovely LORI ASBURY, Senior Vice President of HGTV’s Marketing, Creative and Brand Strategy Department down in Knoxville, TN has made to changes. PAIGE HARDWICK was upped from Director, On-air Strategy and Media Planning to Vice-President. A new member of the VP club! Paige has been with HGTV since ’05 when she moved north from doing marketing for Turner Network TV in Atlanta. GARY MCCORMICK (that’s his pix there) has joined HGTV as director, partnership development, moving over from DIY Network where his biz card read director, partnership marketing. Gary’s a PR pro who handled for DIY and Fine Living and has been with some of the major PR players. Well Dunne! to you both!

From the Kentucky side of the news, Louisville is getting a very talented South Carolina lady in the form of DEILIA RAY WILLIAMS. She’s been a Senior Producer at Meredith’s WHNS FOX in Greenville, SC. For those who aren’t familiar with the South, Greenville is considered the Upstate area of SC, and it’s where Deilia was raised. She’s heading to be the Assistant Creative Services Director at Hearst’s WLKY in Derby Town. Along for the move will be her hubby and two little types, ages 3 and 1. Congrats and Well Dunne! Deilia.

Stay in touch and let me know what’s happening.

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